ED BUCK - Serial killer, Democratic donor, MEMBER OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE

Ed was a member of California's Electoral College for the 2016 presidential election
West Hollywood, where Ed lives, is in CA's 28th district
Which means Ed was hand picked to be an elector by none other than Schiff

Ed Buck was arrested for 2 deaths and a 3rd attempted by OD'ing black prostitutes on meth in West Hollywood
This guy was not only hand picked by Schiff for a seat on the Electoral College. Schiff had only one pick to nominate, and he bestows this honor on Ed.
Schiff and the Standard Hotel = West Hollywood
Ed Buck also is connected to the Laurel Foundation and the Camp Laurel Foundation
Their CEO, Margot Anderson, knows Schiff
Their founder, Laure Woods, was in the top 10 donors to Hillary's campaign
Ed was born in Steubenville, OH
The Buckmelter family from Steubenville, OH has interesting connections as well

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Here's the full pdf, verify yourself


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Here's the wiki page


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How does California select its electors?

On or before October 1 of the presidential election year, each party's nominee must file a list containing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the 55 electors pledges to him/her. Each party determines its own method for selecting electors.

In the Democratic Party, each congressional nominee and each US Senate nominee (determined by the last two elections) designates one elector. Elections Code section 7100


>In other words, Ed Buck was hand picked

>Elections Code section 7100

In each year of the general election at which electors of President and Vice President of the United States are to be chosen, the candidate in each congressional district who received the largest number of votes in the primary election among the candidates who disclosed a preference for the Democratic Party shall designate one presidential elector and shall file his or her name and residence and business address with the state chairperson by a date specified by the state chairperson. The candidate for United States Senate who received the largest number of votes in the primary election among the candidates who disclosed a preference for the Democratic Party in each of the last two United States senatorial elections shall designate one presidential elector and shall file his or her name and residence and business address with the state chairperson by a date specified by the state chairperson.


In other words, Adam Schiff of the 28th District

More sources naming Buck as a presidential elector




More info on Ed Buck's background

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Ed has an @laurel-foundation.org email address
Laurel Foundation helps LGBT and HIV affected children
A part of this is the Camp Laurel Foundation, where they take these kids into the woods on special trips

Laure Woods founded the Laurel Foundation and was in the top 10 donors to Hillary's campaign - $2.34 million

According to federal election records, Bay Area philanthropist Laure Woods channeled much of the money she donated to Clinton’s super-PAC through another outside group, the Progressive Women Silicon Valley Federal PAC.

Woods, who has given more than $3.2 million to progressive groups over the past two years alone, is the president and founder of Laurel Foundation, “a private foundation focused on the education, health and welfare of children.”


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Here's their board

CEO Margot Anderson knows Adam Schiff

>Thursday, February 12, 2015
>5:30 PM - 7:30 PM ET

>Who: Director of Advanced Research Projects Agency ? Energy Dr. Ellen Williams, Representative Paul Tonko (D-NY), Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA),
Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA)
>Representative Bill Foster (D-IL), Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), Executive Director of Center for Clean Energy Innovation Matthew Stepp, Senior Vice President of U.S. Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy Christopher Guith, Executive Director of BPC’s Energy Project Margot Anderson
Executive Director of BPC’s Energy Project Margot Anderson

>What: BPC’s American Energy Innovation Council is partnering with the Center for Clean Energy Innovation (CCEI) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy for “Energy Innovation on the Hill,” an informal reception showcasing some clean tech innovators from this year’s Advanced Research Projects Agency ? Energy (ARPA-E).

>Where: Rayburn House Office Building, Room B-369

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Margot also has ties to Hollywood and insurance
Wonder what other connections she has

Insurance Administrator
Warner Bros. Studios

>Jan 1991 – Jan 1995 4 years 1 month
>Inspired and educated through speaking engagements with Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios and many other Fortune 500 companies.; Provided production insurance for all Time/Warner television and music videos. Budget insurance premiums for WB Television and WB Records, Atlantic Records, Electra Records and WEA Records. Administer of all foreign video insurance coverage.

>Administer of insurance portfolio applications. Implement removal of cast insurance restrictions for WB Television and WB Records productions. Purchase adequate insurance coverage for special effects, boats, airplanes, explosions etc.

>Founded The Laurel Foundation during this time. Warner Bros. supported my vision and was committed in the development of the charity.


Both Ed Buck and Laurel Foundation (via Ari Ruiz) made donations to Blanca Rubio

Ari Ruiz has a lot of connections in LA

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Here's the list of Electors in that pdf in case anyone is too lazy to click or wants to dig more

1. Sandra M. Aduna
2. Saundra G. Andrews
3. Janine V. Bera
4. Jance C. Block
5. Tristan Brown
6. Edward Buck
7. Francine P. Busby
8. Laphonza R. Butler
9. Benjamin Cardenas
10. Jacki M. Cisneros
11. Hilary Crosby
12.Steven D. Diebert
13. James A. Donahue
14. Patrick F. Drinan
15. Susan Eggman
16. Timothy J. Farley
17. Eileen Feinstein Mariano
18. Natalie P. Fortman
19. Faith A. Garamendi
20. Javier Gonzalez
21. Mark W. Headley
22. Eric C. Heins
23. Ana H. Huerta
24. Donna M. Ireland
25. Christine T. Kehoe
26. Vinzenz J. Koller
27. Andrew R. Krakoff
28. Katherine A. Lyon
29. John P. MacMurray
30. Sheldon Malchicoff
31. Gwen Moore
32. Stephen J. Natoli
33. Mark A. Olbert
34. Analea J. Patterson
35. Christine P. Pelosi
36. Carmen O. Perez
37. Celine G. Purcell
38. Andres Ramos
39. Dustin R. Reed
40. Olivia A. Reyes-Becerra
41. Priscilla G. Richardson
42. John M. Ryan
43. Kathleen R. Scott
44. Steve J. Spinner
45. Shawn E. Terris
46. Gail R. Teton-Landis
47. Robert S. Torres
48. Marie S. Torres
49. Dorothy N. Vann
50. David S. Warmuth
51. Shirley N. Weber
52. Denise B. Wells
53. Gregory H. Willenborg
54. Unique Wilson
55. Laurence S. Zakson

Signed by Alex Padilla
Secretary of State


In Ed's campaign donation records, he's listed as retired EXCEPT in 2009, where Shadow Machine is listed

Shadow Machine is the production company and animation studio for Robot Chicken, starring suspected pedophile SETH GREEN


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And there are several donations to Adam Schiff from


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Pencil Neck Schiff helped Buck inject drugs into niggers.

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Now remembering what Kappy said about Seth Green and Steven Spielberg
And knowing Schiff's involvement with the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood and their ties to both of those names


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Ed Buck has also donated to the campaigns of:

Shawn Bayliss
Xavier Becerra
Richard Bloom
Bob Blumenfield
Jerry Brown
Betsy Butler
Hillary Clinton
Kevin de Leon
Matt Debabnah
Jeff Ebenstein
Elizabeth Echols
Mike Feuer
Dean Florez
Barney Frank
Mike Gatto
Reggie Jones-Sawyer
Susan Jordan
Ardy Kassakhian
Paul Krekorian
Lloyd Levine
Ted Lieu
Jeff Miller
Marillyn Nava
Adrin Nazarian
Gavin Newsom
Barack Obama
Dr. Richard Pan
John A. Perez
Anthony Portantino
Jeffrey Prang
Susan Rubio
Adam Schiff
Henry Stern
Scott Svonkin
Das Williams

This is not a comprehensive list
Most of these are CA candidates
Doesn't include other states or PACS

Have some cocaine

Dig into these names

They stacked the deck with their cronies
Schiff's pick happened to be a serial killer

One of the other Electors, Jacki Cisneros, won millions in the lottery
We know Epstein won the lottery too
How coincidental

We need to cross this electoral angle over into MAINSTREAM news

The only way to make that happen is for EVERYONE to twitter this out to OAN, Posobiec, Candace Owens, Bongino, Breitbart, Redstate, Gateway Pundit, Joe Rogan and anyone else you can think of

At least one (if not more of them) will pick up the story and it will take on a whole new life.

Especially if you include the fact that he was calling all of his victims niggers before shooting them up:


>"Blake’s attitude immediately changes when he begins explaining how Ed Buck would often call him a nigger.
>Imitating Buck’s voice Blake said, “My nigger buddy. My straight nigger buddy”
>“Bitch what did you just call me? I said, ‘What’d you just say? Watch your mouth.’”
>Back in his impression of Buck, Blake said, “This is my house. I do what I want.”

Quote from when Schiff was on the Colbert Report

Colbert: “Isn’t that the equivalent of sleeping with a prostitute and then strangling her to hide your shame?”
Schiff: “Well … I wouldn’t want to say it like that.”


Inside jokes
I guess we had to be there

Elector Kevin de Leon met with Podesta

>Melanie's freaking out. Would you be able to come late? Will be in 11 small until 3:30 pm. Then we'll do Kevin De Leon in there, since it's the only available room.



This shit is getting slid hard
It's why the board is all shit up with dumbass threads
Ed Buck and Adam Schiff are they keys to opening up a huge part of government corruption


The world is run by murderers

Thanks man
This is a huge fucking deal and everyone needs to know about it
We're so close

Thanks for being awake you guys
There's a lot of names in this thread that need digging into
I bet at least one of them can be connected to Epstein

Keep bumping
Keep this thread alive

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All of this info is verifiable
Been digging all weekend
I've provided the links
If I forgot one let me know

Even if you don't post on this board
If you just come here to look
Get on Faceberg, YT, Twatter
Spread this shit like herpes

holy crap, excellent find. Colbert knows?
they'll "do" Kevin in there?
what exactly does that mean?!!?

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There's definitely more Electors names in the Podesta emails

Easy link for those who want to help

Here's an important point to consider. Schiff's district covers some very wealthy areas with thousands of wealthy and politically active people who have paid their dues for years to be nominated as an elector.

And yet... he passed up all of those thousands of people to pick a guy that everyone who knew him knew that he was fucking nuts since the early 2000s

"When De Jarnette said he could not prescribe medication, Buck “told me what a sorry human I am,” De Jarnette wrote. Buck called him back hours later and said, “You will feel my pain; I’m on my way over,” according to court records and a police report."

"Buck hung fliers all over his apartment building, telling residents to protect themselves because De Jarnette invited “dangerous people” to his home"


“It was clearly obvious after 2007 that this guy had a serious personality disorder,” Martin told WEHO TIMES, noting that after an effort that Buck helped lead to saving a local historic resource didn’t go exactly as he planned, the activist became “erratic and unpredictable.” Asked if he and his colleagues suspected drug abuse as a potential cause of Buck’s allegedly hostile behavior the former councilman was definite in his reply.

“Everyone knew it,” Martin said. “It’s bullshit if they say they didn’t. It was like a family; you know, everyone in the family knew it. There were people who embraced it and they were, frankly, members of city council. They knew Ed had a lot of problems; they knew Ed was a controversial member of the community.”



another bump


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Tariq Nasheed and all his black supremacist followers who openly wage race war on whites have an obsession with this guy.

You wouldn't happen to be one of those niggers?

>Fittingly, the chief crusader was a homosexual --Ed Buck (Edward Buckmelter at birth), a male model who was once indicted for using a forged prescription to purchase drugs at a pharmacy. During the course of his get-Ev campaign, Buck had an altercation with a black policeman, whom he called a "fascist baboon." Questioned about the remark by a reporter, Buck sought forgiveness by saying, "I've slept with more black men than you've shaken hands with."
This excerpt is from 1988. I wonder what the forged prescription was for?

Attached: Ed Buck drugs & black men.png (456x619, 244K)

When he ran for City Council, he drew donations from actors, models, lawyers, writers and at least one television executive, according to disclosure forms filed with the city of West Hollywood in 2007 and 2008."

"Lester Aponte, the president of the club, said he was surprised to hear that Mr. Buck was a generous political donor. “His car was a wreck,” he said. “It was constantly in the shop and leaving him stranded. I didn’t understand how he could give thousands of dollars to candidates for Congress and not have a car that worked.”


What the fuck
You do good work snek
Why is ANYONE in politics affiliated with Buck?
He must have had something to offer

No, don't follow that
This is about treason and Schiff

"In asking a court to set Mr. Buck’s bond at $4 million, prosecutors wrote that he was not employed and argued that if Mr. Buck does post bail, the court should order him to show that he did not secure any of the bond money illegally.

“He has no known source of income,” court documents said. “Yet he is able to fund his lifestyle of preying on vulnerable men. He is engaged in frequent narcotics activity, and he may be funding his lifestyle with narcotics trafficking.”

Oh, Percs.
>Arrested for “public sexual indecency” in an adult bookstore in 1983
>Pleaded guilty and paid a fine, and the charge was dismissed
>Tried to get a drugstore to fill a fake prescription for Percocet
>Says he had made a copy of an existing prescription and needed to fill it because of pain from a root canal
>Indicted by a Maricopa (Ariz.) County grand jury on a charge of “attempting to obtain a narcotic through fraud or deceit”
>Judge agreed to dismiss charges against Buck if he would be tested weekly for drug use for one year

Look at his apartment. This does not look like someone with money.

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So I'm looking at Buck's election contributions
He listed as having different states of residence in the same years
I see CA and AZ as his filer jurisdiction from 2006-2019
Surely this can't be legal


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The Buck doesn't stop with Adam Schiff

tell us more

>“On the morning of Dean’s death, Buck told a sheriff’s deputy that Dean “began to exhibit bizarre behavior” and used a piece of clothing to make a noose and tied it around his neck, the report states. Buck said that he removed the noose and that Dean began throwing clothes into the air.”

Nice cover for your sick twisted race play fetish, Buck.

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thanks user

Check this out, might be bad rabbit hole but
These guys are affiliated with Shadow Machine
Interesting images on that site


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Surely, this gentleman (pic related) has nothing to hide.

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I think I figured out the connection between Buck and Schiff
Buck is into these fully grown black men
Schiff, there is that photo of him in overalls with a black boy in overalls.
sick shit....
wow THAT guy was supposed to be a highly successful male model
uh huh


the theory is that maybe Buck has been preying on blacks for decades, even in Europe
like human trafficking, pedo shit. seems like he might have WORKED in that field even if it wasn't his personal fetish (he liked them fully grown)
very sick stuff

It's a long shot, but if anyone has a NAMUS account, it might be worth searching the areas where Buck lived

Just another Handsome Boy graduate.

At what point will Schiff have to answer questions?

>(he liked them fully grown)
We're talking bbc, right?

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How many bucks did he melt?

Forgot to include in this thread
Ed Buck was originally from Steubenville, OH
Joe Buckmelter and John Buckmelter are still there

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority has been awarded $250,000 in federal grant funds to enhance security and monitoring at the John F. Kennedy Apartments and Earl F. Rodgers Plaza in Steubenville.
JMHA Security Chief Joe Buckmeltelter said the grant money can be used for security systems/surveillance cameras, fencing, lighting systems, emergency alarm systems, window bars, deadbolt locks and door, adding the money will be used to replace “aging and failing” surveillance equipment already in place “and install cameras where we currently have none.”


Next holocaust, I call dibs on walking Schiff to the gas chambers.

MITT ROMNEY: Your support means everything to Ann and me. And I'm not going to let you down. I'm going to get this nomination.


SHAPIRO: Romney fought hard for Ohio's blue collar working class voters - people like retired steelworker Joe Buckmelter, who voted in Steubenville.

JOE BUCKMELTER: I actually do like all the candidates. I wish we could take a compilation of all three. Put Mitt Romney's – I think his forthrightness, Rick Santorum's genuineness, and Newt Gingrich's fire. But I think in the final analysis that Mitt's going to be the strongest.


"They called him “Dr. Kevorkian.”

"The drug rendered him immobile, the man told investigators, and he laid on the floor of Buck’s apartment for 6 to 7 hours. Buck grew frustrated and at one point wanted him to leave, the man said, but he couldn’t move.

Then Buck brought out the saw, he said.

Buck “obtained a power saw from a closet, turned it on and approached” the man, the complaint says."


John Buckmelter is mentioned in a Vietnam book called "Bury Us Upside Down" with a forward written by McCain

>John Buckmelter, a childhood friend, described how Howard had fallen in love with flying when he was just a boy hanging out at the Jefferson County airfield near Steubenville, Ohio.


And he was credited in the movie The Deer Hunter

>If you are looking for someone to speak with about the bar that was in the movie speak with John "Boom Boom"Buckmelter. He is actually in the credits of the movie. He is sitting at the bar watching the Steeler game wearing a hat when the guys first walk into the bar. He is also in the wedding scene eating a large plate of spaghetti. I had an opportunity to speak with him in 1992 in Mingo. He said that Deniro was a very quiet guy and that Deniro would come into his trailer and ask him questions about Mingo and what it was like to work in the mill.


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actually he didn't have sex with them but there are pictures of a box of nasty looking cheap dildos and cockrings and uh, supposedly he liked to take Polaroids of them and he dressed in long john underwear with black boots
it was some kind of racist roleplay because he wanted to call them the N word, but he didn't have sex with them.
also he dosed them with GHB and then shot them up with meth

This is Adam Schiff's choice for the Electoral College

Here's another elector who gave $75,000 to an organization started by David Brock

Attached: image-2019-09-23-20-26-39.png (1176x1356, 221K)

Faith A. Garamendi is another elector. Her mother Patricia was appointed to the Peace Corps by Clinton

Attached: image-2019-09-23-20-25-52.png (320x334, 260K)

>Adam Schiff : Blame it on the CIA. They haven't been fingered in years.
Quote from a character named, Adam Schiff, from a 1992 episode of Law & Order called "Conspiracy".

Attached: Adam Schiff CIA TV.png (673x391, 45K)

sodomites are unspeakably depraved, nothing in this thread is at all surprising and is par the course for life in New Gomorrah

Mark W. Headley, Berkeley
Chosen for the Electoral College by
Jerry McNerney
>McNerney served several years as a contractor to Sandia National Laboratories at Kirtland Air Force Base on national security programs. In 1985, he accepted a senior engineering position with U.S. Windpower (Kenetech). In 1994, he began working as an energy consultant for PG&E, FloWind, The Electric Power Research Institute, and other utility companies. Before being elected to Congress, Jerry served as the CEO of a 2004 start-up company manufacturing wind turbines, named HAWT Power (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Power).


Omg shut the fuck up. This is a ploy to get people to agree with getting rid of the electoral college.

"Information we received from other victims of Ed Buck that Ed Buck loves to take pictures of these young men, loves to take videos of them in their inebriated state," Cannick said.

The amended complaint alleges that Buck "regularly solicits sex from black men in exchange for temporary housing and/or monetary compensation."

"Gemmel Moore at the time was 26 years old and Ed Buck flew him here from Texas," Cannick said. "And within 24 hours, he died of a crystal meth overdose."

So, why did he fly a guy out from Texas? Seems to cast a wide net.

Nah, if we can show how fraudulent California is maybe we can get it so they're not allowed to participate in 2020. When you throw out the illegal votes in California, Trump came a lot closer than you'd think in California!

No local family to listen to Gemmel's story and run up to Edward Buck's apartment to murder his ass

>Ed Buck was arrested for 2 deaths and a 3rd attempted by OD'ing black prostitutes on meth in West Hollywood
I'm not trying to diminish the value of this thread because I think you're onto something but
>killing nigger prostitutes
kinda based

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Yes, but how does he find them? Is he surfing apps? It just seems odd for his age. Or is someone helping him? Perhaps, someone in Texas? What connections does he have through modeling I wonder?


“I met Ed Buck on Adam4Adam–yeah, Adam4Adam,” Brandon reflects.

"Every time he paid me like $1,000."

"I remember he pulled out a big ass bag of coke. It was like a regular plastic bag but it was full of coke"

"Brandon says there were possibly hundreds of photos of young Black men on Ed Buck’s computer showing them in underwear or nude in Buck’s apartment.

Imitating Ed Buck, Brandon said, “‘Bring that nigger dick over to to me.’


You guys need to start looking at Delaware if you want to see the foreign money connections through shell companies to these politicians.

One of the Electors' wives was a model through Elite Model Management
Can't remember which one
Shit, let me see if I can find it

Thanks user. And none of this surprises me, but what's so crazy is that after having two men OD relatively recently in his apartment, he was brazen enough to continue. He felt totally immune in West Hollywood.

"he goes under the name of Damar Love... he gave me an email from Ed Buck to him with Buck’s invitation to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s inauguration."


"more than a dozen protesters, including representatives from Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement, stood outside the West Hollywood library and called for the resignation of embattled mayor John Duran.

Duran has been a target of ire for weeks now—and not just for allegedly inappropriately touching a fellow member of the Gay Men’s Chorus or sexually harassing a former employee.

What protesters see in Duran, and much of West Hollywood’s city council, is an abdication of justice and moral duplicitousness.

Some find it especially suspect that Duran was Buck’s attorney for more than a decade, and that the mayor received over $11,000 in donations from Buck in his campaign for L.A. County Supervisor in 2014, more than almost any other individual that year."


>Duran was Buck’s attorney for more than a decade

How many stories like this are there...
>The next thing I know I’m waking up from taking a deep breath. My arms are immediately hurting and I’m tied down to the couch. Just my arm. My arm was hurting. And at that moment he sees me kind of enraged. So he kinda like ran back in his hallway and when he reappeared he had a long metal black flashlight. Once he turned it on I actually seen what it really was. It really was a flashlight which had a taser attached to it.

He's inviting these guys to donor parties. Everyone knew about this guy, yet they looked away, why?

Attached: IMG_1249-576x1024.png (576x1024, 305K)


One of Duran's stated concerns is alcohol and drug recovery in West Hollywood. Duran secured the site for the West Hollywood Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center. Duran also initiated a series of town hall meetings on crystal methamphetamine that has served as a model for other communities impacted.


Attached: duran.jpg (251x389, 16K)

Council assistants, known as "deputies", once served as full-time employees to the part-time West Hollywood City Council members. In 2015, Ian Owens, the deputy to Councilmember John Duran, accused John Duran of sexual harassment. The city's insurance carrier settled the case with a $500,000 payout to Owens. John Duran and Owens originally met in April 2012 via Grindr, a hook-up app for gay men, and had a sexual encounter. Duran failed to disclose this sexual encounter with Owens to human resources. The scandal became known as Deputygate.

So they were picking guys off the internet