How about another people’s party thread. Last one went pretty good.

>reminder that the pc party created the temporary foreign workers program.

Inb4 vote splitting cucks chime in with their irrelevant opinions.

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What does he plan on doing about the housing prices compared to the other parties?

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andrew scheer has 5 white kids i need to convince him to grow a backbone cause hes pretty based otherwise. how many white children does bernier have? I used to be a mad max guy but cant argue with 5 white kids

>irrelevant opinion

Fuck off

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Max is a globalist china shill who I'd bet money allowed Canada secrets to be exposed when biker girlfriend had them in her possession. Or do we forget about that. Shill.

"The author who created this media clip and accompanying article about “Mad Max” praising the people’s “freedoms” in Communist China in 2016 while he was still a Conservative MP is such a revelation. But it’s not all that surprising since he is still a fan of Globalist “free trade” deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (By the way, the only thing “free” about it is the free ride corporations obtain in being able to bypass Canada’s judicial system and get a hearing in a special courtroom where the public is banned.)"


Day of the rake when?

>Scheer is based

Have boomers invaded Jow Forums ?

reduce immigration (demand)

> wants to leave the UN migration compact and other key UN initiatives
CPC shill detected

Where have you been leaf?

he has 5 white kids thats based, being a cuckservative is not though if he took a hard stance against immigration he would be better. Im probably gonna vote for bernier though i live in Redmonton so I'm kind of tempted to vote scheer cause my riding could possibly swing that away from some gay lefty candidate but I want the ppc to have another vote at the same time not sure what to do.

>implying they aren't his wife's kids


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>Max is a globalist China shill.
Amazing. Every words in that sentence is wrong.

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He's fat and so is his wife. Would gas.

Nice try.
Gun laws can always be repealed; it's repealing the niggers that's bloody difficult


Blue eyes, blue tie.

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>CPC shill detected

Soros shill detected

soros wants more niggers in canada, not less you dumb chink

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OP and future OP's you should post links for ppc generals.

for example:
> Maxime Bernier says addressing Indigenous water issues a 'first priority' if elected


Bernier is the only one that has said he'd reduce immigration and protect Canadian identity. That is absolutely paramount.

Fuck off kike shill.

>We are not going to try and please the foreign affairs establishment and the United Nations, a dysfunctional organisation which for years has disproportionately focused its activities on condemning Israel as if it were the source of most conflicts in the world. Last year for example, the UN General Assembly adopted 20 resolutions targeting Israel, while passing one each about the human rights situation in North Korea, Syria, and Iran.

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>all that matters is how many white children they have
People like you need to be killed. If Trudeau had 6 white children, would you vote for him instead of Scheer?
The amount of fucking white kids a politician has shouldn't be what decides who you're going to vote for.
You would literally rather vote for Scheer, a red tory who thinks diversity is our strength and supports mass immigration, because his wife shat out 5 tubby white Jonah Hill-looking kids?
Vote for Bernier you fucking cuck. If you vote for Jonah Schill, you deserve to decorate the streetlights with other traitors and degenerates.

> bernier speaks about the general trend of third world countries like India and China increasing in wealth through freer markets (true btw)
> hosted on pressprogress, only followed by rabid communists
Now I know if you're not a cpc shill you're dirty antifa

Fuck off cuck shill.
You would hand this nation over to Trudeau or Fat-Trudeau just because Bernier thinks it's ridiculous that the UN spends all its time bitching about one tiny insignificant country which is guilty of nothing but killing Palestinians (which is akin to exterminating insects).

>People like you need to be killed.

spoken like a true sjw faggot

God I wish America had dropped a few more atom bombs on you dumb, irritating island monkeys. Mind your own business, nip. Go skewer chink babies on bayonets or rape gooks, or something.

>about one tiny insignificant country which is guilty of nothing but killing Palestinians (which is akin to exterminating insects).
You need to leave Shlomo.

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No, spoken like someone who has lost all tolerance for people who compromise right-wing values and shill for people who support mass immigration.
I am the farthest thing from an SJW. In fact, they need to be killed most of all.

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A jew would never call Israel tiny and insignificant though.
Why should I care about Israel at all? Issues in my own nation take priority over issues halfway across the world. When we take back Canada and liquidate the degenerate population, THEN we can worry about the global Zionist conspiracy or whatever.

>A jew would never call Israel tiny and insignificant though.
Sure thing Shlomo.
>Why should I care about Israel at all?
Please leave politics for the grown-ups kiddo.
>When we take back Canada and liquidate the degenerate population, THEN we can worry about the global Zionist conspiracy or whatever.
>global Zionist conspiracy or whatever.
>or whatever.
Too obvious kike.

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Attention all Nazis in this thread. Everyone hates you. Your toxic idealogy will never be mainstream. You will never leave your mother's basement or be with a woman. Fuck you.

Bernier will never win. Trudeau will get another term. Deal with it.


Maxime Bernier has two white daughters.

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Reminder that we vote for members of parliament and not party leaders. Here's the PPC slaphead milquetoast manlet I'm expected to vote for.

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Holy fuck, his wife looks like a literal Jew.

fug lads

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You still didn't give any reason why I should prioritize a foreign country over my own.
Take your reddit spacing and retarded opinions back to where you came from.

>muh kill quote
So this is the power of Jewish journalism. There’s a million scheer Jew quotes, all you have is the same solitary one you shills repeatedly post.

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That would require Bernier taking stances on things. His biggest one is that he'd like to get elected. His second is that vote splitting isn't going to be something to worry about because reasons.

For you die hard Bernier cucks,I hope you enjoy the next majority Liberal government that you're helping come into power.

The fuck? Bernier is the only party leader with any real policy ideas.

This country is fucked beyond repair

>You still didn't give any reason why I should prioritize a foreign country over my own.
You shouldn't, which is exactly why no one should vote for Bernier or Scheer because they are both Israel first.
I like how you tried to spin it around though kike.

It’s another shill
Their only talking points are muh vote split, even though their Jew party would be identical to Trudeau.

>muh "if you don't support Bernier you must be a Scheer supporter".
Kill yourself kike.

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Yeah, so suck it up and vote for your manlet

They should quit their party and join Maxime's.

I have not once ever seen a gun law repealed.

>what you doing rabbi?
>oy vey, you are the Jew here
So, your angle must be don’t vote black pill.
You cpc fags are so desperate now that blackface Trudeau accomplished nothing

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Average Chinese man saves more than 50% of his income you dumb cunt

What are you 5?
Harper repealed the long arm registry.

Bernier is coming to speak with Dave Rubin at my local college on the 29th. Antifa and other Leftist/Commie groups are already organizing on Facebook to protest and cause disruption. Shit's gonna be epic lads

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average chinese man eats fish heads

>You cpc fags

>Average Chinese man saves more than 50% of his income you dumb cunt

oh look bernier called in podesta reinforcements
get fucked

Imagine unironically being this fucking stupid


>doesn’t deny it

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And so who should we vote for, then? Trudeau? Jagmeet Singh? Elizabeth "wifi causes cancer" May?

I said "fucked beyond repair". What's is a faggot with a worthless background in Canada's gender fluid "military" and a stupid Pepsi from the most corrupt province in Canada going to do to fix it?

>community college

you go to a tard's school

Realistically speaking what would the elites have to gain from making bernier their candidate when he's polling down around the Bloc and getting pushback/silencing from all corners? Wouldn't it make more sense just to push Scheer, since they already own him?

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based bump for dedication

>black pill
So if you don’t care, why are you here?

Please, go cut yourself and express your nihilism elsewhere. The attitude of people like you is cancerous and does nothing to help the situation.

>controlled op vs controlled op
>totally epic guise
we're not in 2016 anymore user snap out of it

I already did deny it multiple times.

I'm voting NDP even though I know they're not gonna win. Whatever pisses off the jews the most.

What school do/did you go to?

Jow Forums taught me I have to vote PPC even though they are running a brown guy in my riding and it's typically swung NDP longer than I've lived here. One brown guy to stop another brown guy.

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>The fuck? Bernier is the only party leader with any real policy ideas
Have you actually gone to a Bernier event? He's completely reluctant to take any stand. He was asked what his position was going to be in abortion, he said he wasn't going to answer the question. He was asked if he would stop the pollution of our children's minds through public school. He said that's a provincial issue and dodged the question. I asked what his plan was to use new media in his campaign, and he got very excited because it was a question he could answer. His answer? The most boomer-tier shit you can think of: "Tell your friends, reach out to others through Twitter and Facebook. That's be great"

He is the meme candidate. And by that I don't mean Donald Trump, I mean Milhouse. He has no plan, his efforts at advertising are only aimed at drawing the reactionary right away from Scheer, the only legit threat that general conservatives have against the extremely cucked Liberal shithole that is this country.

You're cute. What are you planning to do when Trudeau takes another majority government? You should really start making that plan now so that you don't act shocked when the vote split ruins Canada's chances again just as it did when the reform party enabled a long-term Liberal majority by a Frenchman with a melted face.

Read up on some history you fucking shitstain.

this is a textbook shill.
attempting to co-opt a thread while presenting a false statement as fact to put off potential voters of this party

they dont hide it anymore. theyre afraid

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>I'm voting NDP even though I know they're not gonna win. Whatever pisses off the jews the most.
>he thinks voting NDP will piss off the jews
>doesn't realize that the NDP is a far-left marxist party which is literally the most jewish ideology possible
You're either a cryptojew or you just hate Jews so much that you allow that hatred to control you to such an extent that you do the exact opposite of what is in your on best interests.
In conclusion, good goy.

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>anything except Trudeau or Bernier
>please anons
Sad to see scheer so desperate

These guys are explicitly our guys. Also all members were doxxed by antifa. If theres anyone that deserves our support is the Nationalist Party.
Yeah theres room to grow but they are in it for the right reasons.
>inb4 feds
If you're going to get into politics than putting your name to it is part of the process. Nationalist Party is for people wanting to actually get involved and fix the root problems of the country.

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>or you just hate Jews so much that you allow that hatred to control you to such an extent that you do the exact opposite of what is in your on best interests.
Nah, there's only one main thing in my interests and it's to make the jews kvetch no matter the cost. It's the only thing worth it in the end.

>Still pretending that I'm a Scheer supporter

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These guys are not even running, what's the point?

I think he's going with the Canada Nationalist Party angle like they always do

>don't vote Salvini goy, vote FdI because they're BASED
>don't vote SD goy, vote SVP because they're BASED
>don't vote AfD goy, vote NPD because they're based
>don't vote Brexit goy, vote UKIP because they're marginally less pozzed!
>vote DVP goy, vote Hard Line because they're BASED!

The goal is unironic "vote splitting" in the sense that normally you'd have anti-immigration rightists uniting into a single party but instead you have them divided into the meme-nazis and the non-meme-nazis and unable to win a single seat.

The ultimate reality of this election- and the primary platform of the PPC- is that the PPC is THE party to vote for if you want to end immigration. "Compromising" and voting CPC is retarded because CPC will never reduce immigration (and doesn't even want to put that in their manifesto), while the CNP is like 0.01% of voters and will never come anywhere more than 1% of the vote due to being a meme-tier nazi larp.

The positive impact of Max becomes obvious when you see that the Libertarian Party of Canada is encouraging their members to vote PPC- indicating that he's gaining support from what would normally be irrelevant meme parties and creating a greater coalition.

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Screencapped. Meet me here after

Travis is running in his riding. The point is for anons to get behind the party, get involved. And create a better Canada.

>Nah, there's only one main thing in my interests and it's to make the jews kvetch no matter the cost. It's the only thing worth it in the end.
Yep, that's exactly what I meant. You would sell out this entire nation just to stick to the Jewish boogeyman.
People like you deserve to be sent to labor camps in the high arctic to mine uranium or asbestos.

>poo defeats poo

I met Travis a couple years ago.
Pretty cool guy.

I literally can't vote for them, though. They don't have a candidate in my riding. But the PPC does.


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You’ve done nothing except pick on Bernier.
Why are you posting your NDP anti Jew creds instead?

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Read this carefully. Thanks for reposting my infographic.

Feel free to vote PPC if you're in a riding CPC will win easily. Don't make the huge mistake of vote splitting in toss up ridings.

This election is beyond critical.

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yeah he seems like his heart is in the right place.

Thats alright, at this point its just getting the word out.

It's retards like you that are destroying the country because your don't have the fucking stones to vote for real change. Scheerdeau/Bluedeau is just more of the same bullshit UN cuck lord. Fucking morons. You should be culled from the herd.

The only irrelevant one is you. PPC will win one riding at best.

What the fuck does their platform matter if they only have one riding? You do realize you need to win an election to make anything happen?

Do not split the motherfucking vote in ridings where it counts. Feel free to vote PPC in hopelessly leftist ridings or in surefire CPC ridings.

There are two possible outcomes to this election. Either CPC win or LPC win. LPC is taking our firearms and ramping up the pozz to never before seen levels.

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in my riding the "conservative" MP made a public post about how he was saddened by area wasn't selected for the rural immigration pilot.
Out of this alone I refuse to vote for an explicit traitor to my country and people.

I understand this is not the case for everyone but it is the case for me so I just suggest people look into the local mps you are actually voting for.

Oh look, it’s muh guns rights. Government won’t take your guns, they’ll just get a swarm of Filipinos get it for them.

>andrew scheer has 5 white kids
he's jewish
imagine thinking left/right makes any difference. theyre even more similar in canada thn in the US. strategic voting invalidates the point of voting in the first place and that exactly why vote splitting is being shilled so hard. we dont care. we want Bernier to get his foot in the door.