Why are Anglo saxons so far up their asses?

Why are Anglo saxons so far up their asses?
What makes them believe they're above anyone else?

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>What makes them believe they're above anyone else?
The fact that we have been since the Victorian Age. Cope harder

It’s for the same reason they act like Jews.

a thread died for this

Jews are so bizarre in how they criticise other cultures for their own faults.

*because they are*

Master Slave Mentality. They don’t look at unconscious humans as humans but as animals. So it is not sinful to do whatever you want with “them”. Read High Level Insider and this:

what do you mean by "believe"

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They hide behind the “anti semitism” curtain. The call themselves Jews but aren’t. Jews are used as a scapegoat mostly (even though they might be involved slightly, but more red pills are in this book: wlym.com/archive/campaigner/7806.pdf )

Because they bully the irish. Then when the germans bullied them they cried like a bitch to america.

They think they're hot shit on their safe little island bullying the Irish.

Sending all their criminals to fucking Australia. Australia and the Ireland should have sided with the axis. Some Stockholm syndrome bullshit

You're welcome.

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I honestly think they are in the early stages of becoming Jews. The reformation in England was really about rejecting Christianity, their isolation.

Don't think of the British as normal humans, think of them more as kikes.

Their paranoia, their clinging to ridiculous customs, never seeing a war they don't like, their greed.

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The British are possibly the most retarded people in Europe.

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Because we earned the right to laugh at you pathetic Aryans, and made the Mediterranean empire look like a joke.

Forgot the image

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For a long time they were. Never quit an empire.

Show me a people for whom this is not a reality.

Because they are

Anglo-Saxon aristocracy and landed gentry/Scots > Germans > Russians/Scandinavians > literal whos in West Slav nations and Balkans >>>>> roach medniggers

>Because they are

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>They sent criminals here first

I thought it was funny that while HPL clearly was an Anglo supremacist, he made the English the most susceptible to going insane or passing out at seeing monsters or even hearing rumors about scary shit. Wouldn't being supreme pussies make them INferior??

Your women are as ugly as negresses on average, and we beat you with the insanely brilliant tactic of "not wearing flourescent colors and standing in a line to be shot like British retards"



Comparative behavior observation?

Which one is all the niggers ?

Airplanes, electricity and antibiotics you retarded nigger faggot.

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>"Like at those savages, Emma, fucking young Victoria in all of her holes as we look on. Pour me some tea, would you? Hold still and think of England, Victoria!"

It's not like historic privilleged class of England has to interact with those subhumans. Do you know what elite is?

Funny coming from an America. Let me guess your a imported German mongrel and not descendant of Anglo blood. You are not American because to be American is to be Anglo Saxon.

German, Irish, and Cherokee mutt here. So basically Rambo.

Inbred money changers

Reformation happened across N. Europe, Kemal. Germany/HRE was quite relevant in this. Many here are Catholics anyway... and nothing wrong with tradition if you don't self-flagellate. War is just life; the natural state outside of MAD.

Anglo-Saxon landed gentry is far far away from being inbred

What do you want to say about the British? You see the combined autism of Jow Forums could make a real difference in influencing to outcome of an election in a country the size of Sweden or even Austria for that matter. If everyone was to focus solely on one country, one election at a time Jow Forums could make a difference. Sadly this won't happen because people here take too much pleasure in laughing at the misfortune of other nations and love to point and say "look at the fucking state of X country, what a shithole. They deserve everything they get". The sad truth is that while they might be laughing now, they too will get their turn of the refugee/migrant steroid injection just like Sweden, Germany and Britain have.

Something one has to come to terms with in regards to Jow Forums is that a large section of the board are useful idiots who are practically indistinguishable in their behavior from the most ardent jew, whilst completely convinced that they are the most based and redpilled of Whites.
The sad part is that these people have convinced themselves that essentially driving out people and preventing them from forming any kind of opposition is helping the situation. It's like they've become jewish on a mental level without even realizing it.

Ironically many of these people are also convinced that all the shit happening in other nations is 100% the fault of said country's people, despite things such as in Sweden's case the media being almost entirely owned by Bonnier Publishing, but will often go through impressive mental gymnastics to shift blame away from themselves when it comes to their own nation. It's like these people have zero historical perspective on anything going on and are stuck entirely in the moment.

Actually mobilising social media forces and promoting direct action s exactly the reason why 8ch got shut down

I find it highly ironic, how you Anglo rats, are always hiding behind foreign flags.

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The British are the worst people I've ever dealt with personally. Jews are awful as well, but British are more insufferable. Kill at Brits.

The fact you are talking in our language. Following our conquering of all the savage nations while building the worlds greatest empire, saving Europe from French & or Germany tyranny. Spawning USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand as a side project at the weekend.

It is not we think we are better. It is the facts of history prove we are better. It’s just a bit embarrassing when you point it out. We are a very humble master race.

You have to be fucking kidding.

They built the planet.

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Because they're white.

Fascinating insight.

Low key troll retards like you are exactly the reason Jow Forums is not a force to be reckoned with - be it organisational efforts or ethnonationalist SMM expansion

lmao. Do you expect you people to believe you are some "neutral russian" eager to slurp Anglo ass?

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Then why are you importing sandniggers and regular niggers to destroy your country?

He's unable to process this thought. As I said, they are in the process of becoming Jews. Their superiority is unquestionale to them, even if absurd in its face.

>Then why are you importing sandniggers and regular niggers to destroy your country?
Who doesn't?

The only countries relatively untouched by nonwhite subhumans are Baltic nations, Belarus, Slovakia and Croatia because locals there actually care to create a hostile environment for racial foreigerns and more often than not beat them in a broad daylight

Conquered and settled a small island then used it as a base take over 1/3 of the world, spreading education, railways, law and decency...

You're welcome

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The humble bong isn't fundamentally wrong but it's downright embarrassing to the Peter tricolour that you don't know it should have been Russia and "French tyranny" allied together against Britain and "German tyranny"

Why they act like every other "cucked" European country tho? "Everyone is doing" is not a justified excuse for people that deem to be superior.

Why you trippin on our culture, yo?

It's really irritating that modern takes on Lovecraft's fiction are injected with leftist and 'racism bad' politics.

I can only imagine how badly Del Toro is going to fuck up At The Mountains Of Madness.

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>mutt flag

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Muh empire. Hitler literally told them they would lose their empire. Of course they didn't expect that, because they're pompous pampered elitists that think the world owes them somehting, not knowing the world doens't give a damn about the english and would devour them as well, if given the chance.

The Anglo menace reminds me of the inbred human race in Planet of the Apes.

They conquered Rome, and took up the heavy mantle of leaders of the world from the ashes of the Roman people.

>so pathetic that he has to buy a vpn to shitpost on Jow Forums
>also bought the Jow Forums pass
You're one fucking pathetic individual, achmed.

>rare fucking flag


Its probably not a coincidence Trump is not an Anglo, either.

Bush, Clinton, Romney, that is the Anglo menace in all its glory.

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Because we were the best out of the big 4.

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lmao. british do the counting. You reatize austrians are germans, right.

All other races are even more cucked to begin with. For Northwest Europeans all problems are easily solved by removing foreigners and getting rid of those obnoxious degenerates.

In shitholes like South America, Southeast Asia, India, China simply removing some ethnic group and a few degens is simply not enough.

I know it seems impossible, but we have been into the breach a thousand times before. Name for me just one nigger that ever conquered the known earth, name for me one mestizo who has ever so much as conquered a continent. I do not fear them if we are outnumbered a million to one. We were forged in the frost of mother Europe, and all down through the ages our predecesors have overcome seemingly insurmountable onjects, we crossed oceans and explored continents and we didnt even have electricity. In our genetic code burns a raging inferno. How can you watch "The triumph of will" and not understand what uncle Adolf is taking about. All this degeneracy, all this weakness, IT WILL CONSUME ITSELF. Nature despises and destroys that which is an anahema to it. Does any of it seem natural? Do you really think trannies will explore the stars? Like a steaming pile of shit (that it is) it will spontaneously combust! We dont even have to lift a finger, but we should, just to draw the line. The degeneracy will not last, it will collapse, nature despises it. The failed social policies of the late twentieth century are already being discussed openly. It either alters itself, or the world will burn, and either way, whites will come out on top. We are the only ones with the balls and the brains to pull it off.

Name just one nigger, arab, chink or mestizo who ever conquered the world. Europeans were forged in war, we grew up in it, its in our blood and our bones. Every major war in the history of this planet has been won by us. Inisde every one of us purebred son of a bitch