Commissioner Gordon will be black in the newest Batman movie

Here we go again.

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Do you like niggers now? No? How about now? No? How about now? No? How about now? No? How about now? No? How about now? No? Hmmm... How about now?

Don't worry, they'll make Batman black soon. And Superman and Spiderman (live action).

He's good in Westworld.

No one cares

The sooner, the better.
Let's kick this shit off in to hyper drive.
I'm tired of capeshit, tired of niggers not just creating their own brand and running with it
No instead we get nigger reboot garbage, followed up with more nigger reboot garbage... that gets a shit tier nigger reboot sequel.
It's all filth and shit anyway. Let it all burn.

Next thing you know, BATMAN will be fucking Mexican, aren't there enough nigger characters that they can use? why go after established ones ffs.

comics are just jewish run psyop since their inception and always have been when america used to be a decent nice white place congress actually had a committee hearing about comic books back when they were 1000% times more "innocent" and they were still considered degenerate because people were actually smart and not high on HFCS and feminism

He is helping a criminal

At least we know they can't ever make Batman black. He knew his father.


Nerdy white people built the brands, they won't lure niggers in long with that shit cause they don't buy anything, who cares, let it burn.

Why go after established countries?
I dunno

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Because it was a strategic area.

Too easy but I still kek'd

honestly batman makes a lot of sense as a nig hero.
1) both of his parents gunned down by a criminal
2) practices karate in his room and puts on a ski mask
3) drives around in a flash car
4) thinks he's helping police but police hate him
5) nemesis is a clown man who realizes society is jewish nigtopia
6) keeps around a little white sissy in tights but pretends he's straight but you never see him with a girl just alone or at his house
7) pretends he's not a nigger during the day
8) rich fantasy (nigs love to imagine they are rich)
9) the state somehow continues to let him operate even though its obvious his niggardly ways are destroying society

batman is the perfect nigger fantasy for nigs


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It's because he's a ginger, isn't it?