Why do righties shill for gas and oil companies for free?

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They love the taste of boot.

Stop testing and answering why you shill for big gas corporations

Well not free, we get cheaper gas when they win.


You cant win when everything is fucking underwater you mongoloid

My internals combustion engine > (you)

I like cheap gas

Why do righties like affordable gasoline?

you keep buying homes near the shore though

The only thing that should be underwater is you, pal.

lol this nigga thinks waterworld is real!
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Well water level wasn't part of the question.

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jobs and a better standard of living

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do you not use plastic?

You want a real answer?

Oil and gas companies provide dirt cheap power. Left to their own means, and properly competing with each other, these companies made energy affordable for the common man. Now, even the poorest member of society had access to heating year round for literally nothing.

Lately however, thanks to additional regulations, energy prices have skyrocketed. Now it's NOT affordable to heat your home during the winter when you're getting $500 bills every month, when, 30 years ago that game bill was probably $100 a month.

And no, solar or wind aren't cheaper. The articles you see that say they are nitpicked them out at peak hours. When factoring in year-round costs, they're significantly more expensive, and all of those costs get transferred over to the consumer, you.

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this post will be pruned for repeating and disseminating controversial facts that could change the future and influence anons to greatness. All hail the ministry of truth!

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>Climate Zealots: Government and corporations are to blame for ruining the environment!!!
>Climate Zealots: Pay a carbon tax to the government and purchase "Green" products from the corporations!!!

I don't, I want a Tesla, I just can't afford one.

Assuming you claim to not be a shill, what's your opinion on the fact that solar weather is the cause of your so called climate change?

Because eco fascism leads to depopulation (6 billion people will be killed if the green fascism is implemented). And CO2 isnt a big issue anyways

I live 1200 feet above sea level and 95% of my political adversaries live well below that. I'd be a pretty dumb hillbilly not to shill hard FOR MORE global warming.

How else am I going to get my V8 Ram and Dodge Challenger around town without gas? Hybrids and electric cars suck faggot basedboi feminine benis.

energy prices have skyrocketed due to privatization, you dumb cuckold phaggot. what? you thought privatizing the power-grid would make energy cheaper for the average person? hahahahahahhaha.

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>Save the planet, drop social media
Social media uses gigawatts of electricity to run its server farms, for no other reason than to promote narcissism.

Wtf? I was expecting onionboi and got basedboi. When the fuck did this happen?

Just get off on making seeth.

This is demonstrably false. The reason oil/gas companies go after green energy is because it would make oil/gas cheaper. These companies are also in love with war because it runs up the price of oil/gas.

Is it just me, or out of the hundreds of photos of Greta, there are zero with her & a black person except Trevor Noah & Obama?

Fucked if i know.


>posting 100th Greta shitpost in an hour

Projection much?

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because i work for one

Yeah if your "climate scientists" were right we would have been underwater 5 or more times now since the 60's


Right, because obviously it’s impossible to move inland

energy companies still need to buy natural gas, and coal, from, you know, private companies. doesn't matter who owns the electric company, but keep believing what your retard professor says

pic related. coal can be cleanly mined and burned. you're a sucker for believing otherwise and paying $500 a month on your electric bill (or your parents)

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Yeah is that what you like to concoct in your head?

You are awarebthe UN now says people like yiu are akin to rel8gious extremists/ terroists are you hot. Video very much related

Why do lefties shill for billionaire NGO frauds that want to fuck the general population up the ass and make a quick buck on the side by investing in so-called green and durable start-ups and assorted other climate scammers who will have monopolies when the new green deal finally is implemented ?

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Because if all that climate change bullshit is real, i'd try my best to destroy the planet

It can be more cleanly mined and burned, relatively. Not absolutely. Nuclear is the most efficient and clean

The greens are dumb: by politisizing pro-environment policies they made the right, that is half of the electorate, hostile to those.

>moving NYC and LA

Changing climate destroys civilizations and I hate this civilization. Learn some history.

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Why does she want to raise my taxes?

Greta-out of here!

the only mongoloid here is the one in your pic

Yeah op you’re right they should shill for other companies instead

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I drive a car and I will drive in the future also. And suck my balls cuck

It's about cost-efficiency reliability and the realities of our current infrastructure. Why are lefties so fucking stupid and short-sighted?

Why do leftists shill for taxation for free?

The worst cities on earth

Electric cars can't be turned into explosives like gas powered cars

Mainly because we need it at the moment. When green tech is more viable, I'll prefer that.

Kino movie. Waterworld was one of my earlier purple pills about the mainstream media. They kept reporting about its bloated budget and reshoots, and the critics gave it lukewarm reviews. But everyone who went to see it loved it. It wasn't until years later I wondered what happened to Kevin Costner, then I realized he continued making good movies which always got savaged by the critics because, back then, people listened. Costner was too "good old boy" white. He was charming, handsome and talented. But it was time to push the new agenda. Down with Costner, up with "white friendly" Will Smith.

you have shit for brians


>Why do righties shill for personal liberties for free

it's like having the liberty to piss into the aquifer.

Cute false equivalency

sorry, air is actually more important than water.

Oh please.
If these cunts would be interested in saving the planet, you’d think they’d go after the biggest polluters, right?

It’s just another globalist plot to weaken the west’s economy, sending all the manufacturing jobs where labor is cheap, leaving us only minimum wage warehouse jobs.

Fuck this twat...

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>doubles down on false equivalency
idk what else I expected

Because oil and gas is fucking fantastic and we use a lot of it.

yeah, that is what seems to be the problem.

Bwahahahahahahahaha. I am 825 ft above sea level. I will be long gone before I need to be concerned.
Learn to swim, low land faggots.

el climate gremlin

Then why should I care if the problem can be easily mitigated?

>the problem.
Well it's imaginary so...

ooo, which part?

The why do insurance companies in London keep giving loans?

For you maybe.

All of it.

>lack of citation


That's exactly why it's imaginary

Because we see the scams climate change shills are doing. Look at all the "green" companies that got funded by the federal government during the Obama administration, got the free federal grants and went immediately out of business after getting free millions. Remember "carbon credits"? Press F to pay respects to the Ozone layer. Why does the Ozone layer which supposedly had a hole in it, only affected by the US when India, China and Africa shit out more pollutants than every other country in the world combined? Funny how when the US decided to crack down on pollution, the Ozone layer started to heal itself, but if you do 5 minutes of research you will see China and India have 100 times more people living in them than the US, and all the old companies that used to be in the US are now polluting up the environments in those countries now, with no EPA or environmental standards now, but now the Ozone layer is fixed supposedly now? It's all a fucking scam.

i like cars and the sound of 4-stroke internal combustion engines. now cry about it while i ride around in my 90s car, i hope i get to stick your mouth to the exhaust one day.

It would have happened without us in the earth anyway, do you even know what is an interglacial period? Thays what we are in, all the icebergs are going to dissapear like happened many times in the history of the world

"Why are oil and gas companies some of the biggest promoters of so-called green initiatives?" is the real question.

>The reason oil/gas companies go after green energy is because it would make oil/gas cheaper.
By go after do you mean promote and monopolize?

why do you think a 16 yr old girl is a reasonable person to take advice from?
no, i love the taste of organic beef and the feel of affordable heating.
both of these things will disappear under your proposed envirofascism

I don't give a shit about your nigger planet

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>no, i love the taste of organic beef and the feel of affordable heating.
>both of these things will disappear under your proposed envirofascism
Under my proposed envirofascism we'd have those things still because we'd exterminate the useless shitskin third world and their environmentally destructive patterns of living.

gax taxes make gas cheaper goyim just trust us

Watch out OP the mods are censoring all discussion about this

I’ve been pushing for more nuclear power for years now.
Why do climate faggots keep pushing for solar/wind when current battery technology (with mostly unrecyclable, non-renewable finite lithium supplies) don’t lead to a solution? Are they too stupid to understand the problem they’re fear-mongering over?


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Why do leftists listen to little girls with asbergers? Sage.


What about her feet?

this line that keeps getting thrown around "You've stolen my dreams" Is that some sort of slogan? I swear I've heard it around the time of the Paris accords or something similar, it sounds so trite

They don't. Why do you?

Could be doing this

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