Don Jr. and Ivanka are fighting

It's about guns. Ivanka wants to take our guns because they're dangerous and Don Jr. wants to let us keep them.

Who do you side with Jow Forums?

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i reject your hypothesis

pack it up boys. we're done here.

Women should be beaten and strangled to death legally and with due process in minecraft.

Looks like her Jewish master told her to. Don't let anybody take your guns, burgers.

Ivanka :3

I hate to go against my sexual fantasy Ivanka but she needs to be in the kitchen anyways. She shouldn't even be sharing her opinion. She is out of line.

Over my dead body, Hans.

>Thinking the jews are the ones who want the guns taken

>not realizing the jews already have a perfect system in place to make sure the poor can't defend themselves and they can

Its fucking impossible that this two specimen came from the same DNA mix

I refuse to fucking belive that bullshit

Both are stupid:

>current year + 4
>considering the opinion of a cumdumpster
"The only time a whore should open her mouth is when she's giving head." -John 3:16

Ivanka has had lots of plastic surgery.

she should shut her cake horn

If that's true, then all her babies should be fugly as well

why is trump such a kike lads? he promised everyone bannon but gives us jared kusher

>We need MORE Mexicans actually. Legally, to take jobs!
>Black people dindunuffin. Let em out of prison whitey
>Iran better be careful before we put those filthy goyim back into their places!

this shit is neverending.

Trump is fine

the problem is society, there is too much of it
we just need to cull the flock down

Both of these fucks look nonwhite.

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>neither are elected officials
Why do people care what they want?

I'll just fuck the stupid out of Ivanka.

Fuck off. Ivanka is / our girl/

Fuck off shill!

more plastic surgery than most koreans at that.

>let us keep them

Well how nice of him to do that!

oh my god she is so fucking sexy though
and i've already cum 4 times today, sigh

Ivanka just lay on your back with your legs behind your head and stfu.

"muh guns killin' muh children"

dumb bitch

>jewess our girl
>fuck off shill
youre not even trying

Marrying off your favorite daughter to a Soros henchman cartoon character and allowing the rest of your kids to literally convert to Judiasm is hardly "fine"

>black eyes
Not white

Kushner said the goyim can't have guns!!! We need to take the guns away from the goyim daddyyyyyy!!!!!!

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Well I barely side with Ivanka on anything and I don't think women need to be politicians.
Even the daughter of Donald Trump cannot keep her liberal tenancies in check and the unchecked liberal women the the DNC are a complete disaster.

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Trump 2020 baby

I like taking the guns first and going through due process second.

One will get you reelected, the other will get your ass thrown out on the street. Choose wisely.


Fuck you filthy goyim

I don't let spoiled whores dictate what I have.

You can't even post in a hypothetical thread without spilling your diarrhea vomit shill garbage all over everyone's screens?
You fool no one.

Yes, and I'm sure they ran to this liberal faggot media outlet to let them know.

ivanka is the god-queen in training, I side with her


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Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker!

Poor Argentina

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