Greetings Jow Forums I have recently bought a one terabyte hard-drive with the purpose of filling it with a lot of...

Greetings Jow Forums I have recently bought a one terabyte hard-drive with the purpose of filling it with a lot of red-pilled material involving politics, history, religion, biblical prophecy, the antediluvian age, Nephilim, secret societies, hidden histories, the dark nature of our society and its underbelly, etc. More or less any sort of red-pill material is nice, but the things I mentioned above are top priority.

Books, Movies, Documentaries, Documents of the political sort, whatever you have please post it. I recommend doing this as well... Who knows when we will lose our internet and thus our access to this information.

Pic related is my contribution, please give me a hand with this Jow Forums.

May God Bless you abundantly.

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Redpill #1: Americans are exaggerating when it comes to niggers, they just live in shitty neighborhoods or rednecks or incel.
There are plenty or civilised niggers out there

Not what I am looking for, got anything else with more substance?

God bless.

This book:

>Very useful threads (mostly race stuff related)

>Debunking studies and talking points (immigration)

>Alt base

>race realism and IQ

>The great replacement



>Diversity + Proximity = War


>Race mixing

>redpilled threads

>other redpills


>men and women

>other pastebin links

>book collection


>Matty's empirical index

>infographs #1!qLZSECJJ!9F9Z28qzzuTWks96_IRyQw

>infographs #2!BxEThIaK!7EThxsN2Id7VkmgeplScUA

>HBD repository

>over 2 terabytes of redpills

Now this is what I am looking for, thank you so much user, please post anything else you might find relevant.

God bless and thank you so much.

The King James Bible. Nothing else makes (((them))) froth at the mouth like the KJV. They want to suppress it because it is the true word of God.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." (Matthew 6:22 KJV only---all other translations try to hide the mystical "single eye" with other bullshit copouts)

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This is great! A lot of information to sort through here, thank you so much for this bounty user! Please keep with the information everyone.

Whatever you got, I want.

God bless you all.

pretty much all I have on fringe topics and conspiracies. Take whatever you want

Ancient History

Nazi UFOs and Hollow Earth

the occult principles behind 9/11

False Flags (9/11 included but not as detailed)
NASA being lying pieces of shit

MKUltra and other mindcontroll

Pizzagate (ctrl + f "hogg" or "paddock" dor the parkland shooting or vegas shooting)

Satanic and Occult Elite


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1tb is tiny you ape.
send it back and get a 5tb drive.
store books, documentaries, films, comedy, sitcoms, music, applications, isos, etc.

if the internet ever stops existing you'll be happy you did.

You are welcome, it actually took me more than a hundred hours of skimming through the internet to find this book and this author.

Quote from the book I showed you already:

“The cleverest way, psychologically, in which to hide a secret is to divert the investigator down a tiring trail toward a false discovery. His own effort convince him either that he has found a secret through great energy and cleverness on his own part, or, if the secret he seeks appears still but to barely elude his grasp, he values all the more his continued course of misdirection. That is the lesson which can be learned from Edgar Allan Poe’s fictional case of The Purloined Letter.”

This was me, I skimmed through all of those “occult, esoteric, freemasonry” redpill stuff and I felt really smart after all of that. My guess is actually that all of those public internet libraries full of PDFs are actually compromised with misinformation which leads you down the wrong path as the author described. So be careful, user, it might save you a lot of time and effort. That PDF above could be the most important book you have ever read in your life.

Also, you need to read High Level Insider from Jow Forums, just google him up. You really don’t gave to go through terabytes of material to find some truth like I did, just go there.

Also, if you want pretty direct info on how “Magic” works just look up Franz Bardon and connect all of that to the idea of collective consciousness and simultaneity of eternity which you might find if you google around a bit.

This is hundreds of hours of research summed up in a few sentences.

It doesnt mean that it isnt worth it to go through all of these massive amounts of material, just skim through it and be hyper critical.

I am being selective of the redpills I want, I have some extra space if I really need it, I appreciate the advice and I might go get larger hard drives.

Thank you! Misinformation is rife and thousands of paths lead to dead ends. I really appreciate this post and I will save this one specifically. My advice to you is to go check out the Genesis Six Conspiracy; I think the truth is biblical but there is more then meets the eye, likewise The Soul Travellers is a great documentary on occult and magick from magicians.

God bless you both.

You have been visited by the Win Worley of dead and dying spiritual kingdoms.

Satan's kingdom is coming to an end soon, but only if you take up your authority in Christ and go to war against the hosts of hell (Ephesians 6:12).

To begin, come to the Lord with the following prayer in you heart and on your lips:
>Dear Lord God, I am a believer who professes your Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. As an heir of salvation, I am aware of the tremendous power and authority which you have delegated to me through your Son and your Word. Dear Lord, I now wish to exercise this authority for the furtherment of your glory and kingdom.
>In accordance with Luke 10:17-20, I claim authority over all of the enemy spirits.
With the above, you now outrank all powers, authorities, dominions, principalities, world rulers, kings, princes, Satan and all angelic ranks.
>In accordance with Matthew 21:21-22, I claim authority over all the enemy's Earthly institutions, corporations, agents, entities, etc.
The above gives you ground to launch an offensive against, for example, Google.
>In reference to Hebrews 1:14, I request protection against the blows of the enemy.
Very important. If you start praying warfare prayers, you're going to be on Satan's hit list pretty quickly.
>I bind the above to the third heaven in accordance with Matthew 18:18.

With the above, you can now wage war in the heavenlies. How you do this is up to you; plan and strategise.
For example, suspect a member of high society is engaging in nefarious activities? Send a spirit of revelation to enter into their midst, if something is being hidden, it'll become known. When it is known, continue to pray by sending out appropriate spirits to protect the course of justice.

Couple of videos on the subject:

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Here's your redpill material:
1) There was no one named "Jesus". That name was invented in the 1600s. Your Jewish savior was actually named Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef.
2) Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef met Moses during the Transfiguration. Moses was not a real person and never existed.
3) Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef never once preached to non-Jews. He also avoided them his whole life and on at least two occasions told his followers to avoid them.
4) Mark was the first book written, penned three decades after Rabbi Yeshua's death. There is no command in the original text of Mark to preach to non-Jews. Mark 16:9-20 were written close to 100 CE and inserted retroactively by a different author.
5) Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef's disciples and brother preached only to Jews in Jerusalem for decades after his death. It was Saul who forced the preaching to non-Jews.
6) One would think James and the other disciples knew Rabbi Yeshua's mind better than Saul, since Saul wasn't one of the original twelve and appeared out of the blue one day.
7) Saul was an agent of the Sanhedrin.
8) The Sanhedrin was the Jewish religious authority that declared war on Rome.
9) Saul's teachings (Paulinism) directly opposed the original Jewish Christian sect, ie: the one actually founded by Rabbi Yeshua.
10) 100% of Christian beliefs are based upon Saul's teachings, and not the works of the original Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.
11) Saul's trip to preach to non-Jews happened six years before the Jewish revolt against Rome.
12) Saul was executed by the Romans for sedition, presumably because of his attempt to undermine Roman society with a new Jewish religion which told non-Jews to give material support to Jews.

>being so butthurt you go on an entirely off topic rant on how much you hate Jesus
he lives rentfree in your head
thanks for strengthening my faith user. Doing Gods work even if you think otherwise.

No sources, misinformation attempting to destroy the Truth that is Jesus Christ. May the Lord open your eyes to the truth of Jesus Christ.

God bless you.

God bless you brothers.

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God bless you too brother, May the Lord be with you forevermore and may the Truth of His Word be with you in these dark times.

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you too user

Post more of those older looking drawings that look a little cultish, like the one in your post

Send it to Mark Passio, and he will fill it with all the material you need and ship it back.


That is the only one I have. Sorry user

God bless you.

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1 terabyte isnt enough. Im already up to 3 terabytes and Ive only been actively archiving stuff for two years.

This Screen shot is good redpill material about tranies.

Also i think you should post on /x/ about this part:
>secret societies, hidden histories, the dark nature of our society and its underbelly

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>1tb is tiny you ape.
>send it back and get a 5tb drive.
>store books, documentaries, films, comedy, sitcoms, music, applications, isos, etc.
>if the internet ever stops existing you'll be happy you did.

5tb? what is this amateur hour?
OP, you need a server with a minimum of 4x4TB hard drives in a ZFS pool. At least you won't fill it for a while and if any 2 drives die you will still have access to the data

Here's my contribution

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blessing this thread

as they say, take my sword

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They say if your data is not backed up in at least 3 different places, it doesnt exist.

copy and paste this


Jesus that's wrong. The state hasn't done any of those things. The author is clearly a very paranoid and probably schizoid libertarian. The only thing that has happened is gay marriage being legalized in some places, though this was quite predictable from 1989. Otherwise, this dude is completely wrong. Why post something so wrong?

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>They say if your data is not backed up in at least 3 different places, it doesnt exist.

OP wanted only 1 drive, he probably never existed

The pelican plucks flesh off its own chest to feed it’s young.

What's the eye thing mean?

>purpose of filling it with a lot of red-pilled material

Bullshit. You'll fill it with porn and cat memes. Faggot. Intelligence Network/

Mirror on surface web of old dark web military manual and intel network site. Good luck if you can find SIN on tor or i2p. I think it’s gone but heres some good shit

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Name a single thing I said that is wrong. You can't.

>We're so brainwashed congrats bro, let me wank each other off about how brainwashed we are its so awesome bro

The family is already destroyed - no fault divorce, crippling alimony just see theredpill and mgtow movements. Homosexual marriages are being legalized. The state enforces education and gender of children. Women are discouraged to be "homemakers" and are encouraged to cuck their husbands.

Religion - is being subverted by pedo scandals and cultural marxism at schools.

The workplace - All biggest services are already giant monopolies I'm wondering how this will happen.

You're a complete flaming faggot, my God how do you mouth breathers continue to pollute this board with your utter crap threads.

Seriously, " hurr durr I went out into the light and left my parents house to buy a hard drive I'll never store anything but gay porn and furry dicks on".

You incel fucks need to get a job and contribute instead of smelling up the aisle at Walmart you shit stain nigger uteruses.

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Here's your redpill: Kill yourself

>civilized niggers
nerds and rice farmers dont count, faggot
something i learned recently:
>Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty GOY, and all the GOYIM of the earth shall be blessed in him?
is abraham a "gentile"? no and yes
GOY=NATION, but everytime you find the word GENTILE in the OT its the same word originally. "GOY"
Gen 10:5 uses gentile and nation for the same word, goy.
in the NT the word GENTILE is almost always ETHNOS, which means nation
bust out strongs concordance and youll see a totally different bible.
KJV is the best probably, but was still written in times where you could get ded for going against set church doctrines

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>Antideluvian age

You were off to such a good start too.
The only man I ever knew who believed that shit for real is a legless heroin addict.

Ah well, good luck with your Alternative History fact-file for kids.

how does this sound OP?
You ship me a 1 TB Hard Drive. I fill it with information and ship it back to you. It's that easy. Then you'll have at your fingertips ALL the information you need to understand what is happening in our world, ALL IN ONE PLACE! No need to endlessly search the Internet. How much would THAT be worth to you?

I have been online since the days before the World Wide Web became popular. Since that time, I began collecting, studying and archiving information about our world and the events that have been occurring in it. I never left it to chance that information I came across during my search would always be available online. So, whenever I found something that I thought was worthwhile, I downloaded it and backed it up offline. As you can imagine, this much data archiving would result in an enormous amount of material. Quite frankly, it would be hard for me even to describe the amount of information I have pulled from this repository of knowledge and experience that we call the Internet.

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Please upload a mega

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This is the most redpilled video on YouTube

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there is none. There used to be a partial but it got scrubbed from

Mega image on Jews.

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Argument against Mexican immigration not having anywhere to go to safely apply for asylum in Mexico.

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Mega image on thread investigating adrenochrome.

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Blacks and average penis size/iq

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Mega image of thread on the Waco incident.

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Jews covering up the race of criminals in Sweden.

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Support for banning speech based on race.

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Truth about race mega image

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Your statement is inconsistent with crime stats but whatever makes you happy.

Terrorism and religion.

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Lots of free, downloadable content, including his audiobook "My Awakening".

Mega image idk what it is.

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Fuck jews & fuck the jesuits.

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God Bless!

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encore, 9/11 mega?

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Good idea leaf. Other anons should do this as well. Books like Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique and Jared Taylor's books have been removed from amazon. A 'digital book burning'. These people that control the media and narrative are cowards and fear the spread of knowledge. Cant have the masses be informed on these sorts of issues! Must control all information! Oy vey! Ive been doing something different but quite important too. Ive been scouring my local goodwills for informative books on certain 'banned' topics. I try to look for books written before 1970. I have found a 1941 copy of Mein Kampf and a 1940 book called The Jewish Contribution to Civilization. I havent read it yet but it seems to be propaganda written by a jew to convince other jews that they have done other good things beside subvert, scheme and steal.
>pic related

We are heading toward a time when books like this will be nearly impossible to find. At least for the goyim.

Good luck to you all. And keep up the good fight. It's worth it.

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Property of Beth El Synagogue

>not anymore it's not

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The letters on the ladder lead me down an interesting rabbit hole.

Who can tell me what "F. H. C. I. N. R. I" means?

I've found mention of I.N.R.I meaning "Iustitia Nunc Regit Imperia"

but nothing of FHCI. Another, deeper meaning is also alluded to in some of the books I've found that mention it.

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This pope is a jesuit... And the worst part is, he's an argentinian.

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Walter Veith - Total Onslaught. Download all 20 or so videos on YouTube.

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1tb is not enough, and 4tb drives are cheap now
get those

also its going to be really hard to find all the good videos and documentaries on youtube now that they hide them all in search results

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You are truly lost

5tb drives aren't very reliable, dont get drives with odd number of storage, even is better

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Lmao why are you this mad dude? Holy shit.

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