Why does Jow Forums worship Japan so much as an example of a successful ethnostate...

Why does Jow Forums worship Japan so much as an example of a successful ethnostate? Their population is dying out and their amount of virgins and herbivore men is raising rapidly. Soon no one will be able to support the welfare state and older population.

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Atleast they aren't overrun by niggers
Their country has a better chance of righting itself than ours
We're going straight OFF the rails
Atleast they're just declining population will make things more manageable.
We're full on soulless niggers who just want to fuck and fight everything

It's better for the population to shrink and then bounce bank later than water down your gene pool beyond saving. Once you let subhumans in there's no getting rid of them and they will outbred you.

Being overrun by niggers might have actually given the Japanese some purpose in life
Japanese men are world champions in escapism and nihilism

They will have to open borders unless they want economic crash

Can you name a better example?

The techniques to destroy Japan are just different. Work culture is one of them. The effect is the same. They just haven't had as much success with population replacement as there are in the US.

Their birthrate went up a little, still 1.44 but an upward trend. Remember this is a land a little bigger than California so they genuinely don't need to increase their population.

Why don't they just take women's rights instead?

>They will have to open borders unless they want economic crash
>muh skekels
Sad times for russian proxy states

Economies work in waves. It's better for your standards of living to drop than lose your own country to subhumans which will also fuck up the standards of living for everyone.

I live in London I see it everyday.

What's the alternative?

No point talking to some so brain dead they only have one solution.

Migration is clearly not the solution, but how do they then raise the birth rates?

Oh no, higher wages, lower real estate prices and more space for everyone. How terrible.

Declining populations can potentially rebound in the future. Like what the bong said earlier, once you let sub-humans in you can’t get them out and they will outbreed you. It’s better to have a half empty clean swimming pool than a full one with shit in it.

Fuck off kike.

Try to come up with something other than arguing about sexual things it shows a lack of maturity.

Japs are the only US vassal state that is as successful, as prosperous, as innovative, and free as US itself. No other vassal state that come close as Japan since they combine both best aspects from Japan tradition and Western innovation and adapt to US values while retaining original Japanese civilization. No fucking way US will look other ethnostate that is inferior than them other than Japan.
>Koreans? Never ever. SK is worst ethnostate that combines gook mentality and american degeneracy while tryhard to surpass Japan. NK? US will never ever admire them because Communism
>China? Hell fucking no. Die Commies, bugman race, locust language, evil incarnate, Tiananmen copypasta(Jow Forumsacks absolutely hate Chinks so much that they will suddenly forget jews when a word chink mentioned)
>UK? Lel, you mean Pakistan
>Germany? Lol, slav rapebabies
>France? Lmao, France only based during thr founding of US as best allies. Now, cucked like rest of europe.
>Norway, Sweden, Denmark? North pole niggers.
>Poland? Ethnostate but white niggers.
>Russia? Putin is evil, death to communism.
>Canada? >A >FUCKING >LEAF
>Australia? >traumatic due to their shitposts.
However, Japan have some edge that US can only dream of to have.
>Ethnostate that pro US (true ethnostate is NK)
>leaders on Vidya technology
>ancient History, proud tradition, harmonious society.
>and most importantly, anime and manga that dwarfs american cartoons
>also superior social media which is anonymous called 2ch which is all superior than reddit that even some irrelevant courier inspired to create Jow Forums

If every population contraction even in history were "dying out" then the earth would be a lifeless ball of ice 883,393,164,613,323,134,904,886,991,322,414,393,002,300,102 times over.

Germany has next to no Slav ancestry. The Japanese being American rape babies would make as much sense as your claim.

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>how do they raise birth rates
You see a general trend as representative of all parts of the whole but it's just a generalization
A significant portion of the Japanese population is dying off without children but this is only 1 demographic
The demographic of depressed adherers of the post-modern nihilistic ideals that have been destroying our nations
This is nothing more than a natural purging of dead branches to make room for living branches
Growth will come when they're gone, from a more hopeful demographic that will bring positive change.

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no niggers, so no you there

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Its a utopia thats why, the violent crime is so low that you can leave your wallet on the ground for days and still find it.

>checks national suicide rate statistics

Is japan the country north of South Korea?
With all the screaming and Ching Chong thingy ?
Did they invent THE formula for the velvet cake or was that Napoleon the great?

Your mad becuz slavs arent white

Weeaboos basing their entire perception of a nation on their media. The equivalent of you or I basing our view of America on what Hollywood puts out.
It's a sad state of affairs when people resort to xenophilia to counter another form of xenophilia, when they should be looking to their own nation's past and tradition.

Chinks are insect people and inferior to whites, so Japan can suck a dick too.

Based brat muj

theyre population is trending towards appropriate post-industrial levels