Whatcha think

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Couldn't get money to fit properly. Maybe Usury would fit better.

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and then, for no reason at all.............

That's actually pretty good, but they'll spin it. Do something that contradicts the liberal narrative.

Ah yes, the final variable. Thanks.

It's shit but nothing anyone will say will convince you.

you can't deny those digits. troof.

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Just brainstorming.

Something about them hating truth.

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Normies won't understand usury.

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How about freedom?

I like

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Too blunt

Too direct, normies will immediately reject it due to their conditioning. The power of the previous posters was their neutrality. It actually caused the normies to think and glitch their programming. The JQ must be raised in a different way. But it must be raised.

Ah, good point.

Thank you. The cleaned up version of that post is here.

fuck outta here with your deception

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Oh, look! Another sign with a reference to Judaism! Hey ADL! This antisemitism on Jow Forums must stop! SUT-IT-DOWN!

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user, the point of that poster is for them to see how they REALLY felt about Jesus. Since these are posted in Western, dominantly Christian nations, it's not a bad thing. Especially if they can be directed to the Talmud.

Based and Redpilled

I tip my hat to you, sir.

I feel these days the urgency to wake people up to the protracted genocide plan against them is mounting, and so in that being as it is, you can begin to kind of force feed people the truth

on a related vein, yesterday's meme ops were cast upon a very blue pilled audience. these days, normies kinda just get it, even if they don't, and this can be from a mix of things that include depression from oppressive life, living in a red pilling environment, proactive research from red pill exposure, etc etc

normies are waking up, they ought to just hear it

It worked on you, it'll work on white boomer prots.

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That's not the point. Quit trying to smuggle christcuckery into this campaign.

this. outhibking the spin is key. IIRAW is great because agreeing makes you a “sexist” and disagreeing makes you a “islamophobe”. these trigger words are censorship and make the masses babble. almost like a tower of babble. free speech can snap people out of the manipulation. keep thinking. keep the memes flowing. “if we loose free speech, deaf and blind, we will be lead to our slaughter.” -George Washington


It is an understandable feeling. My concern lays in giving too much too soon and souring previous works. These simple fliers are rustling Jimmies everywhere and the endless Trump news cycle has Journos starving for anything different. Right now is the perfect time for maximum reach and what is being proposed feels like a gamble to me.

It's inferior to IIRAW in every way. People will say it's antisemitic and have no problem dismissing it. When you force them to confront IIRAW, they can't help but face their own double think and will become angry when pressed for reasons why they're offended.

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Yes yes, I get it. Trying to brainstorm out another one.

Checked. The digits have faith in you user.