What's the scariest conspiracy theory you've ever encountered?

What's the scariest conspiracy theory you've ever encountered?

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Europeans are being genocided in every country by demagraphic replacement. Spookiest story imo.

This one

The world is ran by satanic sadist pedophiles

This combined with genetic-level biological warfare against civilian populations.


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Fuck i cant say it. I don't wanna get suicided

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Isn't a real sport? I know user. It's ok. It's for old boring people with to much time on their hands I know.

I only feel despair

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there I said it

Jeffrey Epstein & pizzagate

Your intention is noted and representatives will be on their way shortly.

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Dunno. Pick one.
>hat tip 8ch@n /x/ R.I.P.

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I would like to know more.
Tubal Cain = Two Ball Cane?

Goddamn fucking low res bullshit. Here's the gradeschool version.

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>What's the scariest conspiracy theory you've ever encountered?
That there's this guy...me, actually...that's been raising generation after generation of bubonic plague, in increasingly hostile environments of antibiotics, with the intent of creating a strain of plague that is immune to antibiotics...

...but it's just a conspiracy theory...
...in Minecraft...

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you mean the golf rumors?

More like G O Y amirite

Don't leak the ending to 13 monkeys just yet.

Reply to this painting or your mother will die in her sleep tonight.

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That grow people as a crop and harvest them.

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There are many faint overlaid images in that pic.

That niggers and kikes rule the earth

There really are rovers on mars.
The weird artifacts are because the satanists nuked it when we got too uppity after we found out they were snacking on us.

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Wrong board fagot

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How about this. None of the black book CIA operations ever shut down.


This, and I also believe they are in charge of this I also think the 2 pizzagate jew owners are among the pedos, along with the Clintons. Hillary herself does not engage but she's been self aware Bill has been fucking kids and is happy about it.
If none of these are actually true then I'm glad :)