That moment when you realize that the USA is the most in debt country in the World

... then you realize we give Israel 10 million dollars a day.
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>we give people paper and they give us stuff.
>this is bad somehow

Debt is the chains by which the Zionists shackle their slaves.

Other than hormone pills for trannies, what does Israel manufacture?

>stealing from your own citizens to give to others
you know if you did this to your family your wife would kill you
i honestly dont see the difference here

Who is stealing from American citizens?

their israeli pedo blackmailed "representatives"

like whut

this statistic doesnt effectively represent the american economy, however. it's like the story about the man who owed the bank- if you owe the bank $100, thats your problem. if you owe the bank half a trillion dollars, that's the bank's problem.

on a large enough economic scale, to be in a position where your country owes other countries money, the only way for them to claim that money is to buy goods and services produced by the united states. and the only way for them to deflate the value of our currency/maximize their bang for their buck is to not spend their debt/invade america, which is not an option.

as a result, we are literally the richest country. we have handed out the most IOU's and have the most business opportunities possible.
OTOH, germany, which is at the TOP of this scale you represent, has the least economic strength and must continually produce exports for their economy to survive.

the world bank and the imf will shave off whatever % of all americans financial accounts when the US defaults on its debt.
you people keep suggesting that having this amount of debt is fine, you are insane.
historically they send in debt countries to war or are warred against to get their money back.
all signs point to were fucked

i'm suggesting that debt at a personal level is debt.
debt at a trade level is not debt.
it is a trade imbalance- it suggests we are buying more goods and services than we are selling.
if your country is weak or small it would a bad situation because it means your currency might collapse. if your country is large, on the other hand, it gives you an advantage.

the only way for the us to get out of this net debt is for either the debt to be forgiven or for america to produce and export more.
both of these things are good for america.

>debt forgiven
yeah right
>america export more
here come the immigrants... yay!!!
its usually measured by debt to GDP ratio

what part of you owe the fed 230k+ do you not understand schlomo?
they will kill you to get that money
they will send us all to die to get that money

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Let's flip this picture over. Let's say america had a century of pure conservative, balanced budget leadership and no bank was allowed to maintain such a high budget sheet.

Let's say america had 400 trillion dollars in SURPLUS.
now let's say the rest of the world economy collapses.
Where are we going to spend this surplus?
remember, it's not something you can spend INSIDE the usa, it's only in our relationship to other countries that this inequality exists.
So what would wind up happening is that a lot of it gets written off or severely depreciated, ie, we'd spend more and it would be worth less. We would lose, bigtime, and it would hurt us and nobody else.

as far as labor, capital is always looking to lower the cost of labor. they've never stopped trying to bring in more people and they complain there is a shortage where there is no shortage of candidates, only a shortage of people willing to accept the wages they offer.
Are you blind to this? did you not take economics 101?

our federal debt isn't the same thing as our net international debt. you've shifted the subject and the reality is that this entire thread is to promote antisemitism, not address the actual elephants in the room.

>blah blah blah more immigrants and genocide is good because cheap plastic shit and GDP
falling on deaf ears kike
debt based monetary systems need to be eliminated along with rationalizing traitors like you

you are a stupid ignorant white hick, and while i absolutely loathe the hispanics, semetics, blacks and asians invading my world with foreign, hostile mentalities and culture, i honestly dont see you as any different. you are not america- you're a whiteoid and i loathe you.

are you implying that the american people are not on the hook for both?
why do you people think ANY DEBT is a good thing?
what 4 year jewish economics school did you go to?

Owe the bank a million dollars, the bank owns you. Owe the bank a billion dollars and you own the bank.

youre gonna fucking hang kike

you're gonna hang too whiteoid

>hurr durr my nation is in debt to powerful bankers
>they will just forgive me!
>surely they wont send my nation to war
>surely every war in history wasnt fought over economics
usurious rationalizing fucking kikes
you know you will just fuck off to israel when the shit hits the fan

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why dont you go smoke some more meth and bitch some more boomerbrain

My sister is disabled and needed a stand for a device she uses. The only place who make the stands is Israel.

Cost 2000$ and its just made of cheap steel and it has broken numerous times in the past year of ownership. I wouldn't have payed anymore then 500$ for it.

>That moment when you realize the entire US economy relies on its credit rating
Color me shocked

lol just buy some more from the federal reserve.

I want to erase them from the planet

... i find it more disturbing that a country not even 1/3 of the usa has half of ther debts -> germany! funny thing is, almost every day, almost every day in the news you get some articles which propagate how rich we germans are and how well everything is, but when you look at the economic data, its frightening. the people are so fucking sheeps!

It's weird how the more debt your country has, the more your country's policies support Jews and Israel.

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Body bags for Americans

More like we give them tanks and aircraft and tech

Buy it once, get dimensions, get local welder to make one for you out of quality materials, probably for a few hundred bucks.


$10 million isn't really that much in the context of a country's entire budget
Israel are our allies, and they need our support to survive. Would you really prefer to give that land to brown people who live in dirt houses instead?


for what reason?

>brown people

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because we don't want to pay for welfare leeching kikes to fuck our assholes you dumb fucking retard

they're not welfare leeching, though. we helped to create their country and it's our duty to make sure it survives

who cares dude importing the entire third fucking world so they can get welfare and free everything can only make it better right

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>we helped to create their country

Gas yourself

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no, YOU get the debt
the jews and their pets get the stuff

you need to take it from them
you need to get even
you need to stop at NOTHING

Is that sign a list of pedos and criminal institutions?