What does Jow Forums think of the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson?

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His interactions with Ignacy Jan Paderewski were great.

A great man who laid the foundations for Israel and ridding Europe of it's archaic governmental structures.

worst president ever

We should have had Teddy

Literally Hitler, but the opposite.

That would be "president" trump.

I like how he gave aid to Poland to fight the Bolshevik Revolution and stop the Red Army incursion into Europe. It bought time for Hitler to bring the fight back to the jew.

Jews have nothing to do with communism, I'm not sure how you are tying them in?

fuck off kike

Blame fatty for that

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No, that would be holocaust denying Franklin D Roosevelt.

He is a big guy.

for jew

>created the federal reserve
>needlessly involved us into a retarded European war resulting in the Treaty of Versailles
>gay ass League of Nations
Possibly the most destructive president

This. Woodrow Wilson and FDR were some of the worst Presidents in our history and set the tone for what is currently happening in our country. Fuck these two.

don't foget Puerto Rico

>Jews have nothing to do with communism,
Jewish communism was run entirely by... Wait for it... The jews. Red Army was jewish. Spartacus uprising was jewish. Karl Marx was jewish. Lenin was jewish. Bernie Sanders is jewish.

Campaigned to keep us out of WWI, then after he got elected sent us there anyway.
Federal Reserve
19th Amendment

Fuck Woodrow Wilson

>Jews have nothing to do with communism

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cowardly commie bastard

This piece of shit allowed the Federal Reserve to establish itself.

Worst President of all time.

And the President of Princeton, and got a PhD, meaning he thought he was smarter than everybody else

He invented globalism

Worst President Ever.

>It bought time for Hitler to bring the fight back to the jew.
You mean invade Poland with the Red Army and plunge our world into eternal darkness as a result?