Teen Masturbated 56 Times Straight Before Dying of Heart Attack

PORTLAND – Teenager allegedly masturbated a jaw-dropping 56 times non-stop before dying of a heart attack, in the proccess even breaking the world record and was awarded a world record certificate by a Guinness representative who later arrived at the home


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the BLACK man is the epitome of dominance and masculinity

Wtff my dick hurts after 2

he wacked himself wacking himself

>Jerome was the kind of boy to steal food off your plate when you were not looking

Yeah i bet

And stupidly. I'd beat the fuck out of any nigger.

>the ultimate coomer is black
didn't see that coming

Based coomer black man, my record in a day is only 11.

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His hoody says "Tosa" like... a tosser.

He broke the primary rule. NEVER whack it more than 55 times a day. NEVER. Fucking stupid nigger.

who was counting his cooms?



so was there someone counting or what
reminds me of that brazilian dude who died after 41
lokenhow do they know?



He died for our cooms.

And i thought i was a big boy at six, dayum.

Should have listened to God.

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Funny that the supposed “facts over feelings” crowd believe a website called Huzlers hahaha anything to be racist I guess

So was he on some kind of boner pill or what

is it like
>ok bro im going for it
>world record niggersjerkin it
>count my cums and start to call guiness after 50
>no its not gay bro

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Fake and gay

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He's a good nigger now.


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haha yeah when people come here to shill it really makes me hate white people haha

turns out as hard as you'd beat him, he'd beat his meat harder. checkmate atheists

Another good reason why we should be sucking each other's cocks. Many health benefits. Fapping too much hurts your cocks. A mouth doesn't. Suck a cock today, save your buddies life tomorrow.

Suck some fucking cock.

>someone had to sit and watch some dude jerk off 56 times and record it.

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I once jerked off 10 times in a day to see how much I could and after 5 times my balls were in searing pain. How did this guy get that far?

Who is keeping count?

Dis shit is fishy af

This is fake, unless someone was actually there to prove each orgasm. I'm assuming that's what they mean by masturbating- actual ejaculation.

never underestimate the nog's ability to fuck up something.

My record is fourteen, and I'm too old to try to break it now.


>Teenager allegedly masturbated..,
>his pen*s was detached from his body,
>it must have been so intense it just came off his body,
>we found his pen*s gripped in his left hand so tightly we couldn’t get it out


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He must have been cumming straight blood at that point

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So this is what Guinness is up to these days. Thats Irish for you

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>He's a good nigger now.
A good nigger is a dead nigger but even in death; he ain't no good.


why? Even when I was 18 I'd only do it once or twice a day... 56 times... sounds like over kill. O wait.

imagine not being smart enough to recognize a satire website

what a fucking legend


Making memes reality
more than ever Nixon Now
For you and me

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What a fucken hero.

Wait, was 56 his lifetime total?

once you're empty you just have dry orgasms.

56 is a karmic American number. This coomer was brought down by the invisible meme hand.

We should stop using the term 'redpill' as effective as it's been. Why? Because the brothers who made that movie are literally JEWISH trannies who BOTH became transexual faggots. How do 2 brothers become trannies wtf? Like if your brother became a tranny would you magically be like "oh ok i want to be one too". I know "seperate the art from the artist" blah blah, but thats very strange isnt it?
So with that understood, what terms can we add to our vocab to replace 'redpill' or 'repilled'?

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finally someone COOOOOMED himself to death

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The redpill was the same as the bluepill, Neo was still stuck in Clown World.


How often you cunts use theonion style sites and think its real?

i just cant take the movie seriously after both the briothers became trannies

>ghettolord of coomers
What's his gang named Jow Forums?

I also came here to post COOMER memes

they were turned into trannies after redpilling the masses

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The problem is that now that we've entered clownworld, it's unbelievably difficult to distinguish satire from actual news.

This makes sense. This was their punishment.

I came 20 times last saturday. Would be interesting to see what global percentile I reach.

And then everybody clapped.

Don't you see it though, those circumstances are very redpilling.

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Real coomers don't even keep track. Each coom transitions seamlessly into the next.

>that article
>those related articles

is Huzlers a black The Onion?

lol i did it longer an many times 3 times a day and i'm still alive.

He was cumming ectoplasm from his soul after the the 30th time.

You mean he did a bunch of meth or crack and had a heart attack

It really does feel like that most days. I am a real coomer.

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fucking retard

probably. I want nu-Jow Forums to leave. summer is over.

>tfw you'll never coom yourself to death till your penis detaches it self from your body

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Seems to be the best suicide method so far

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How did they know he fapped 56 times?

What to Do if Your Partner Dies During Sex

A legal expert explains how you should handle it if your lover croaks vice.com/en_us/article/ezxene/what-to-do-if-your-partner-dies-during-sex

Just in case you need to know

proof that niggers on on a genetic level produce more testosterone and hgh

I never went past 3 times

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I don't understand the desire to coom this many times in a single day. After a few faps I don't even feel like looking for more porn worth cooming too.

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you're broken.


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The fleshlight is inaccurate because it doesn't grip hard enough to stimulate a coomer


>Police arrived at the home about an hour after Ms. Carpenter called them. Officer Dean Marrow told Huzler reporters what they saw when they opened Jerome’s bedroom door. “The young man was on his bed… his pen*s was detached from his body, it must have been so intense it just came off his body, we found his pen*s gripped in his left hand so tightly we couldn’t get it out, it was tragic”.

Fuck. The most I ever done was twice. Now I only fap once a month.

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It's hard not to be a coomer these days when such beauty as anime girls exist.

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Wh*toid detected

how many times you coom a day?

Most I got was 5. Idk how it wouldn't hurt.

If it's a busy day, three. If I'm free, seven or eight.

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>“1 hour passed since I had called him down for lunch, Jerome was the kind of boy to steal food off your plate when you were not looking, i knew something was wrong when he didn’t come down to eat, he was a great kid”
>“The young man was on his bed… his pen*s was detached from his body, it must have been so intense it just came off his body, we found his pen*s gripped in his left hand so tightly we couldn’t get it out, it was tragic”
How do they know how many times he nutted? Was he recording it or something? I don't know which meme to post, so I'm just gonna post all of them.

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I agree Greta thornberg is arousing I'm going for 60 times.

Funny how commies are always calling us 'cumbrains' and whatnot, but they will defend this stupid nigger who literally masturbated himself to death.

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