Why do humans value looks so much over things like intelligence and kindness?

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Intelligence and kindness are valued by men, not women.

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Looks reveal reproductive fitness.
Your genes don't care if you happy, they just want you to reproduce.

Stop lying Most men will rather date the girl I posted than some fat ugly women who is intelligent and kind.

Because ugly people are also dumb

they don't, that's a retarded assumption.
everyone values all of those things, in varying degrees because we are all different people, in different places from different cultures. stop being a dingus.

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It's a holdover from the days, millennia gone by, when humans were pre-verbal animals who could only mate select by physical fitness. Give it another 100,000 years and we may change, but it's not going away in your lifetime.

Well yeah. You date a woman to fuck her, not listen to her compliment your eyes or whatever. Wtf?!

>intelligence, kindness
incel COPE - you're just a spineless, resentful beta

Because it’s a proxy for health, which is an indicator of good odds of reproductive success.

It's a verifiable statistic that prettier people are smarter and kinder than their uglier counterparts.
Pointing to exceptions to the ro6le does not negate the rule.

sorry I forgot most americans are degenerate

because you're not thinking how intelligent a woman is when you're eating her ass

>It's a verifiable statistic that prettier people are smarter and kinder than their uglier counterparts

Which society doesn't value good looks again?

this, sadly

beauty is a sign of youngness and therefore an indicator that they are fertile

Because they are statistically related.


Isn't "Greek sex" a term for anal?

looks are an indication of genetic worth. you don't want to fuck a retard because you know on a very primitive level that you want to mate with a human that has a symmetrical face with a specific ratio describing their features.

that is not degenerate dating someone for just fucking is.

This is bullshit ugly people claim. The truth is, good looks, intelligence, and kindness all tend to go together, thanks to assortive mating. A beautiful woman is more likely to attract an intelligent man, so they have good-looking, smart people, leaving the ugly woman to settle for a stupid man, and have dumb, ugly children. A kind man is more likely to woo the beautiful woman, and produce kind, pretty children, leaving the cruel man to settle for the plain woman, making children ugly on the inside and outside.

People value intelligence and kindness very highly in mates, and beauty is the most obvious evidence that a person will have the other good traits they want, on top if it being appealing in and of itself.

Most famous inventor looked nothing special in terms of looks and some can even be considered ugly.

Genetic fitness dumb dumb

Health, fertility, good genes

the society where your retarded illiterate ass can read.
"in varying degrees" kill yourself nigger

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so if you are good looking you are automatically intelligent and kind? and if you are bad looking you are automatically stupid and evil?.

Beauty is only skin deep.
Ugly goes right to the bone.

the point is almost all societies worships look you fucking Mongrel.

Because looks signal strong genes. It's totally a collective self-preservation thing.

Not automatically just usually

your source for that?

do you not understand that fundamental
physiological cues are directly linked to successful special habits of mating and longevity in humans? of course, it's not always a 1:1 correlation, but across the aggregate, these signs are found among all species of humans. this is Biology 101 shit. git gud fetanigger

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Do you have a source for what you believe beyond the repeated character trope in fiction and tv programming of the kind yet ugly souls being victimized by the evil beauty? I'll bet you also think that the physically strong must be stupid while those that are physically weak are invariably always high IQ. Because that's what you think is fair and therefore the universe is also fair and even in its cause and effect.

Logically, it's reasonable to assume that the opposite is actually the truth. An ugly body is usually home to an ugly mind and a rotten soul.

So you just can't grasp the concept of statistical correlation?

No,I think it varies by individual

Ah, yes, because only the kindest and ugliest chicks let guys fuck them up the ass. Get real.

If you value kindness that you're part of the problem, and you don't deserve to live.

you should post a source for what you said

Intelligence and kindness wont get your dick hard if shes fat and/or ugly

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we value beauty in women. it's an indicator of health and fertility.

we value intelligence and strength in men. we create societies that foster prosperity and health

This isn't wikipedia, you stupid shit. I'm not going to "source" things I've explained for a dimwit who asked the question and is making every possible excuse to reject the answer.

Most men will fuck a fat ugly bitch, a skinny ugly bitch, a gorgeous slut, and the girl next door. It is in our genetic makeup to spread our seed as far and widely as possible.

Women, on the other hand, are genetically predisposed to seek out the most “qualified” mate. This is due to a prolonged gestation period that limits their reproductive ability much more so than with males.

This is reflected in the animal world by male sea elephants fighting for the right to mate, with male birds (peacocks are noteworthy) possessing colorful plumes, and with male deer rutting for dominance and the right to mate.

Humans today actually resist their innate predisposition to use physical appearance as the basis of mating decisions much more so than any other animal. Mating decisions today are often based on considerations such as emotional compatibility and financial stability.

That doesn’t mean we have discarded the instinctual predispositions completely, however.

okay dude,you might as well wouldn't have responded.

kindness is one of the least jewish things a human can demonstrate, fuck you. the key is knowing when extend a hand and when to extend a fist.

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Nobody expects anything intelligent to come out of the mouth of a woman anyhow, might as well have a good looking babysitter.

In a new relationship I'm attracted to looks.
I don't want to fuck an english degree.
Looks fade and personality has to carry the day though.

Our primary sense is sight. You see someone before you talk to them or interact with them in any way. Someone might be smart, or they might be dumb. They might be kind or they might be mean. You will have to expend time and resources to find this out. Meanwhile you'll know before you interact with them if they're good looking or not. Why wouldn't you put more emphasis on a piece of information that you can get for basically free?

If some girl is letting you fuck her up the ass, you're really in it for the emotions?! Ha!

>Most men will fuck a fat ugly bitch

Damn, that's actually where I draw the line. I'd almost prefer a skinny ugly one then a 'pretty' fat one, but ugly AND fat? Nope. Not touching it with Joe Biden's dick

Genuine kindness is rare and it's disincentivized, save for charity tax write offs. Most so called kindness is a quid pro quo.

Fat and ugly people are usually dumber, lazy and/or emotionally damaged. The truth is you can't always judge a book by its cover, but you usually can.

Actually, because of Jewish television programming, people are less superficial than they used to be. Jews have convinced women to mate with men with good personalities (Adam Sandler, Billy Crystal, Ben Stiller, etc.) instead of selfish, arrogant handsome men with stoic Aryan personalities.

Men certainly value intelligence and kindness. Honor and loyalty too.

Women however don't have time for that, they have a few years of top beauty and fertility so have to play whatever games are needed to snare the best genes for their baby.

It's why women think that truth is a subjective thing that can be changed through pressure, nagging, moaning etc. It's also why should NEVER have been allowed to vote.

Looks equal genetics

We don't just answer questions on a public forum to please the person who asked them, you ridiculous garbage.

Ivanka girl with that body

Humanity is surviving on lust, greed, and selfishness. Everyone else will bring up evolution as though it's fact even though it isn't, conflate intelligence with beauty, say they understand love, and blah blah blah, but selfish lust is the trait most seek out in others, because they're infected with it themselves.

Make up, hair dye, plastic surgery, jewelry, fancy clothes, sporty cars, a large house, money, etc... That's what humans are attracted to. True beauty is lost in a sewer covered in all that shit. Most of you can't even explain what "beauty" even means, and those same idiots have never even heard of the golden ratio.

Have a good "1"...

You can see things in a few miliseconds

Takes years to get to know a person

In a few milliseconds some brown subhuman can decide to knock your block off

That’s patently false. In all studies on dating and attractiveness I’ve ever read men value visual attractiveness as the most important characteristic of their partner. Even their marital satisfaction is skewed by how attractive they find their partners

looks = fitness = increased chance of survival and better genes

Because you healthy people "looks" are better fro breeding purposes. Stop lying that being fat and smart is better and realize the truth you have to be fit and smart.

Why are you so narcissistic?

Are you a woman?


A smart person wouldn't be fat.

Try not smelling like shit

You speak as if your father is alive.