Why aren't you out finding a woman to wife, user?

Why aren't you out finding a woman to wife, user?

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Stop chasing hot girls.

Because I'm fucking fat and lazy

You’re gay

None left.

Don’t get married, anons.

Because I'm already fucking your mom

I like banging multiple chicks, cheating, and generally switching out girls very often

I just found out im gonna be a Dad. Couldn't be happier. My gf hates niggers and her grandmother owns a chain of private christian schools.

Because I'm all ready married

cuz metoo divorce court and latent feminism

Cringe. Do something actually worthwhile.

Because my wife is in the shower at this very moment, and as soon as our youngest is asleep I'm gonna take her to bed, and she's gonna whisper in my ear "oh Daddy, I need your cummies in my tight little cunny!" And then I'm gonna creampie her, and with any luck we'll have another kid in nine months or so.

The European genocide is happening. This is not the time to raise children. Mass violence is coming whether you try to stop it or not. Europeans are being slaughtered.

Good skin rendering on that.

Congratulations man!

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It's a time for more kids, not less. Learn from the Taliban...
> lots of sons and lots of guns

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I am impotent, I can't have kids so whats the point of having a wife when I can't give her children.

I'm only 24, and iunderstood how women works. It's not that hard really.

I'm enjoying the single life right now. Women are a hassle, y'know.
I'm going to try this spirituality shit, so basically, sexual abstinence will be needed.

But i think i will be on the market again when i'll be 27 or so, i will have more money at that time, knowing how to code helps on this regard

Non of the women ive met on tinder are wife able and its pretty much the only way i meet women

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Pretty white girls seem to only date blacks, tall chads, and oddly enough heavier set dad bod guys in my area. Being a pretty 5'6 Aryan twink boy is only good for non white girls it seems.

>h-heh im gonna code and get da women


Who is she? She's stunning

There are no women here. They all went off to college to get fucked by Tyrone. I'm ugly and poor and autistic and stupid and women hate me. I hate them too. There are no "traditional women" in my generation.

Based tranny cuckposter

Thank you so much frenz

I swear to god now that i think about it you anons on Jow Forums are the first people ive told lol goddamn it Jow Forums, i love you

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Ty user. We're all very excited

because i already did and shes cooking dinner while i shitpost

itll be the best thing thats ever happened to you. congrats

3D girls arent worth it.

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Stay single, have a surrogate son, hire a loving Guatemalan nanny, and have the best of all worlds.

Two and three year olds won't be old enough to hold a weapon. Start buying guns and ammo now.

My hounds got loose and attacked by a coyote so I'm treating wounds and then fixing the fence. Dogs won't divorce you and take half your shit, they might wanna go run in the woods for a few hours but that's better than running around with Jamal.

>czech woman
I will rather stay hermit

Benjamin stop pretending you don't have a wife..

Already have a wife.

Thanks man. Whenever she showed me the test i was so ecstatic and once the high wore down it was like the primal cave man mode came out and suddenly i just felt this inner peace but this calm, fierce strength and determination to be a great father.

I found mine, will propose this Sunday on our 6 year anniversary.

I always take the time to redpills anons on this subject.
Trad women, by definition, are compatible with virtually any male and are on the market ONCE in their lives. They get hitched in their teen years by the first or second lucky male to take them serious. It behooves you to be this male, and that means either not squanding your own youth or making as concerted decision to be a desirable bachelor who shamelessly robs the cradle (taboos wont and don't matter when the honest purpose is marriage)

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I already did. Now I'm wondering why I bothered.

I'm an ugly, gymcel manlet and I am extremely anti-social. Women make a serious effort to avoid me when ever I am around them.

Love you too fren.

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Danke user

Already married.

Because I'm already married?

Too autistic I guess, social skills suck

where do you even find women who aren't obese or SJW or obvious skanks?

Because they don't exist.
I'm MGTOW. Not just for all the feminist/hypergamy shit, but I legit don't think the modern woman is that physically attractive. Women used to imitate Playboy models (who tried for the "fun, girl next door" look), but now they try to imitate instagram thots. This results insane
>ugly ombre hair where the roots are dark and the ends are light. It looks gross and lazy
>30 gallons of makeup. Wearing too much makeup used to get you ridiculed, now there is no too much. Women's faces look inhuman sometimes.
>injections all over their face. Lips, cheeks, around eyes, forehead
>huge asses. This is just nig shit right here. Women are like centaurs with their asses and thighs
>odd Kardashian tans. Literally every fucking girl wants to look Armenian
>fashion that consists of draping 9 different patterns of couch cover over them
And if you find one that isn't all of these things, she will be on her phone 24/7 taking selfies and flirting with other guys on DM.

Anywhere that isn't jew controlled territory

Name of artist and sauce please

Have 10 white children faggot.

Where do I find a sweet, thin, big brained chaste white girl, anons? I'm celtic-iberian and pretty fucking god damned white, with a deep family history that stretches back to the templar's and jerusalem.

I simply cannot find a moral white girl, anywhere. I'm even attractive, confident, moderately successful and while not particularly religious I'd love a christian girlfriend.

Where are all the good white girls at?

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2D is the masterrace.
Hello uncommon flag user.

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Have sex

They're gone, reduced to atoms

Are you volunteering?

>Where do I find a sweet, thin, big brained chaste white girl, anons?
>Where are all the good white girls at?

How do you feel about becoming a Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, or Amish

so... China?

I messed up by chasing a thot instead of going after a good girl who liked me.

I got one already, working on growing my werewolf clan.

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They don’t exist user, not in this timeline.


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Not gonna change my ideology for anyone, nor would I need to. I'm not a degenerate in any way and don't need to be "saved". The most devout people tend to be the people who need saving the most, because they're probably fuckups and keep fucking up.

i will nevr find cute gf

I'd rather be sucking cock.

You know that Tinder is owned by kikes, right?

I found mine while in HS.

Anecdotally, I could have fallen in love several times over in the 7-8 years ive been out of school. I found these prime waifu candidates while at
>engineering classmates/STEM students
>religious student club
>volunteering at cat rescue
>local library

This. Pain in the ass. Im never dealing with cunty behavior ever again.

I will not have a whore who's been on her 15th ride on the cock carousel. So I need to wait for more people to reach the age of consent, and need to set myself up to be worth that, seeing as it's a rare commodity. So I got a promotion and have been working out.

Too busy being here, escaping myself.

I dont care anymore
If it comes, it comes
If not, then not
fuck it

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Congratulations. Bless you and your family.

This. If she’s perfect, sign power of attorney to each other.

I’m ginger and dating Latina. The love of my life left me was White girl.

I’m 18 and I’m already balding. Maybe it’s best if I never pass on my shitty genes.

fucking naive cunt

Because I took finasteride and grew huge tits

>I want to find a moral white christian girlfriend!
>the devout people are total fuckups and they keep fucking up!

I don't think you can make these two things work user

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Because it is over.

I didn't say all. Obviously I'm going to vet anyone I get involved with. It's fairly obvious what types of people are serial fuckups and who is pure of heart.

I'm tryimg though filterimg trash is time consuming.

>So I need to wait for more people
>more people
faggot detected

I'm trying but its not going well.

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I have a wife and 3 boys and it feels like prison.

>so... China?

No, you'll just get a gold digger most likely, or a weirdo white fetishizing woman

I’ve been married for over 10 years. It’s great, far better than being single. You have to work very hard to pick the right person though. Sometimes I feel like some posters may not have the best interests of white people in mind when they are posting. You things like getting married and having children. Who could be?

>celtic iberian

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Does your wife have father issues?

Just shave it all off, it’ll look better.

>premarital sex
Have fun burning in hell

theres enough whites. over a billion. the problem isnt birthrates so long as we keep living in the globohomo society. a few million whites in a breakaway society is all we need.

I would prefer not to

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honestly the best attitude you can have, but don't stop putting yourself out there. I met mine when I was practically suicidal living in my parents basement at age 30. There's a large element of luck these days.

when did you admit to yourself you're too ugly to attract a mate?