Heavy metal is harmless and not satani

>heavy metal is harmless and not satani...

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Lmao. Imagine worshipping a Jew.

Kys kikelover

Bruce Dickinson is too old to still be doing vocals for a metal band. I like the guy and the band, but I wouldn't see them live.

Heavy metal is about as cringe as it gets.
Shut the fuck up kike.

You obviously didn't hear about Stryper

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It's all performative, OP. The overwhelming majority of metal artists write songs with satanic imagery for shock-value and little else.

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>reeee if you think demons and shit look cool you're a satanist

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Number of the beast is about fighting off Satan and surviving an attempted pocession. Just telling a story. The most evil heavy metal song that's mainstream is probably creeping death, which is about the evil shit god did to the Egyptians during Exodus.

If you think demons and shit look cool you're probably 12 years old.

Go to bed grandpa.

When did the Icon of Sin get so fucking swole?

depends on the metal

You have been visited by the Win Worley of dead and dying spiritual kingdoms.

Satan's kingdom is coming to an end soon, but only if you take up your authority in Christ and go to war against the hosts of hell (Ephesians 6:12).

To begin, come to the Lord with the following prayer in you heart and on your lips:
>Dear Lord God, I am a believer who professes your Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. As an heir of salvation, I am aware of the tremendous power and authority which you have delegated to me through your Son and your Word. Dear Lord, I now wish to exercise this authority for the furtherment of your glory and kingdom.
>In accordance with Luke 10:17-20, I claim authority over all of the enemy spirits.
With the above, you now outrank all powers, authorities, dominions, principalities, world rulers, kings, princes, Satan and all angelic ranks.
>In accordance with Matthew 21:21-22, I claim authority over all the enemy's Earthly institutions, corporations, agents, entities, etc.
The above gives you ground to launch an offensive against, for example, Google.
>In reference to Hebrews 1:14, I request protection against the blows of the enemy.
Very important. If you start praying warfare prayers, you're going to be on Satan's hit list pretty quickly.
>I bind the above to the third heaven in accordance with Matthew 18:18.

With the above, you can now wage war in the heavenlies. How you do this is up to you; plan and strategise.
For example, suspect a member of high society is engaging in nefarious activities? Send a spirit of revelation to enter into their midst, if something is being hidden, it'll become known. When it is known, continue to pray by sending out appropriate spirits to protect the course of justice.

Couple of videos on the subject:

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This is how come I realised something was up when metal imagery kept cropping up in mainstream and kids things

>It's all performative, OP. The overwhelming majority of metal artists write songs with satanic imagery for shock-value and little else.
Of course it is.

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Some is satanic, but most afaik just utilize edgy imagery to appeal to rebellious and angsty youths. Pic related falling into the latter category. I can't think of any of there lyrics that actual endorse devil worship or committing evil. Iirc that's always portrayed negatively but remains a constant theme for the abovementioned reason.

To hell with the Devil
user knows his music

Meliora is one of the best albums of this decade.

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Thing about metal is it's often Christian despite itself. "I worship Satan and death, I'm miserable"

>same imagery for 40 years

fuck off zoomer, chains and spikes are cool

Idk I don't mind that. I always get a nasty blasphemous feeling listening to leper messiah though

>heavy metal is harmless
Whatever sells

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And you probably listened to it when you were young if you’re a degenerate fucking pants-shitting boomer.

Yep they put their mascot Eddie in many historical positions in relation to their music, tours &c

That’s just a shitty looking character design...

Yeah, I bet Moralfags have really cool music.

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its mostly for show.
only the norwegians took it seriously.

founder a higher res because op is a fag

hail satan

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Iron Madien made that sort of anti white song though, Run To The Hills.
The clansman song is great though.
The trooper of course

Why is it destroying a Spitfire?

What about Christian death metal?
It's all about how vile society is, the end of the world and the fires of hell.

king diamond is god.

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Sage and report

>Jow Forums is turning into a bunch of 1980's "Moms against x" tier moralfags

I fucking hate this timeline

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Did someone say hail satan? youtube.com/watch?v=kU4n_ajpcxU

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post somewhere in time ya lazy canuck.

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don't be shitting on my iron maiden now buddy


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>Heavy metal is about as cringe as it gets.

What do you listen to......faggot ?

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One of their best album covers.


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Heavy metal is for retards and is absolutely satanic.

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Listen to BM & NSBM exclusively, although I have to admit that first two Maiden albums are still among my faves. Paul Di'Anno all the way !

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It's from "Aces High"


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Saw them last year
Youre a faggit

Two Minutes to MIDNIGHT!

ah yes, my band about drunken pirates plundering the 7 seas is very satanic.

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Yeah.....Di'Anno !


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the x factor >>>>> every other maiden album

How old were you when you stopped thinking demons were cool and started gravitating toward Holy armor?

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Oh wow, never seen this before,listen & backup as we speak, thank you very much dear fren !!

As the diminutive songstress, intellectual heavyweight and social commentator Kylie Minouge once said, "It's better the devil you know"


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I’m pretty sure the titular song is about how terrible the brave new world is.

Sweet memories, thanks !

I go to a Catholic university and wear my tour tshirt with that beast Eddie on it lol, up the irons faggot OP


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Di'Anno and Clive......Classic !

You're welcome.


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Literally have you ever seen Satan's Temple in DC? There are far more serious problems going on than "oh no heavy metal!" fuck off and die

Diggits Check't for Yngwie

And I understand Paul is still kicking ?

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Check 'em

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I still rock one of these, about 20 years old now and falling apart.

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Heavy metal was a carefully planned psyop to make whites suicidal in response to rapid de-industrialization in USA. The thing you have to remember is music distribution is tightly controlled in burgerland, it was under total iron grip of record labels in the 80s. NOTHING that you were not supposed to hear could possibly get through. Notice how heavy metal glorifies the cult of death, heavy drug and alcohol abuse, degenerate behavior. The funny thing of course all of these "rock stars" never did any drugs, otherwise they'd all die within 3 years from this lifestyle, they certainly wouldn't live long enough to turn 50-60. All of it was done on purpose. All of it has been research in project MKULTRA 20 years prior. Just like playing girl screams over PA at Beatles concerts. The retards didn't know what hit them.

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So true !

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Did you know that he, and his son are both full patch members of the Hell's Angels ?

Partially right fren, however the roots of true heavy metal as we celebrate it was an offspring of your classic rock shit but pretty organic in it's evolution nonetheless, however , it's hard it's hard to deny that it got coopted pretty fast and that's where your story starts being totally and regrettably true... Such is life I guess..

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If you are weak minded and have no discipline and are easily swayed without questioning anything that might not seen or sound right.

I play Gtr and other instruments and love heavy music that is also melodic. NOT a slayer fan or shit like that and was never a sabbath fan to speak of. Dont ask me about rap which is terrible.

I most of the time do not hear lyrics except when fucking I hear Ghost and you talk about Satanic Mind Control!!!!????!!!!! I hate to admit I like a few of their tunes but even watching some of their live videos scares me! It’s really fucking creepy and they don’t hide shit! It’s like a weeegee board! If you play, you can’t leave!

I love the lord and completely separate my interests and am always aware and never tempted or fooled by the tricks of the industry. I end up disappointed when I find out or notice real bad shit on bands I followed and feel let down by their stupid tricks.

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it's just called Metal you boomer. at least Iron Maiden is.

No never knew , somehow makes total sense to me but man did he change over the years !