Nothing can stop what is coming.
You have more than you know.

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Yeah but ..... what about Greta?

literally a threat that will get you v&

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Nice larp. I'll make sure to link your thread when nothing happens.


what is suppose to happen Friday?

Here's hoping the glowniggers do their fucking job this time and prevent the loss of innocent lives!

Could’ve waited til Thursday for this post then
you won’t do shit nigger

Niggers just beat another elderly white man to death and won't be charged with murder or a hate crime

As a boomer I know that that pen and tablet are only used by certified truth-tellers.

Liddle Adam Schiff will not see the end of Trump's second term

Go away

youve been jerken my yerken for too long, buddy

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They don't van their own silly.


Go away Larper, Q is a phony. Greta is now our leader.

Q predicted this

Gay larp

Fuck off boomer

At least you can reverse image search the image. Good job user.

The Q told me trump isn't human, he's an angel sent by Jahveh to save Israel, to preserve Saudi Arabia (and their pet projects ISIS and Al Qaeda). The Q said Trump was going to nuke Iran because , well, he didn't say, he just kinda looked over at the star of david and smiled.

G_d Bless Donald J Trump and his Jewish Grandkids.

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Pls be my ai bf

Everybody knows he uses a fucking sharpie. Stop larp now.

Whether it happens or not, it was a fun ride

You heard it hear first, boys.

Q sucks nigger dicks.

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Based nigger cock

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Gotta admit. I miss reading Q posts. It was like a poorly written spy novel. Like a less believable season of 24 or something

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Q is still a thing? Kek. How long is this fucking larp going to drag on Jesus.

The Rod will be stroked
The Ring will be my muse
Nothing ever happens
Balls come in twos

[Republican Party] is finished
T. Secret Agent Man in the know

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Greta just flew over my house

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I wish she'd fly into a gas chamber



From: The Cooming Storm


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moar greta

Hey OP, what is your favorite flavor of cock to suck on?

Everything I type on Jow Forums is satire :)

DC here, not panicking. come fight me irl bitch

nothing ever happens

Excellent larp

>what is coming

Yeah pretty hard to stop the vicious cycle of nothing ever happening.

This one is actually almost believable.

can confirm. so far 3 people flying from delaware to dc. 6 DNC members have beach homes here

Shitty cheap notebook, shitty cheap stylus (both dirty) sitting on a cheap used up particle board desk. This is the cleanest part of this incel's room

I hope it’s not an asteroid you fucking larper

Its bretty good actually

The Fox is in the hen house.
The bluebird flies at midnight.

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I've tasted other larps.
This is the best.

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Q just flew over my house


is it monster trucks?
>"admittance covers the full seat but you're only going to the edge"

Shut up datefag

checking those empty didjits. Confirmed LARP.

When will Q come back? Tippy top shape!!!!!

I’m thinking about buying my wife and I tickets to monster jam this October


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oh nice i never been i was just making a joke
hope you have fun user

Trump should drop a bunker busting tactical nuke on their centrifuges. Imagine the spin ;)

Sweet. Seems redneck as hell and I need to move more in that direction and hang with them folk


Announcing the roundup of white terrorists? Good.

Cant lie, I’m only wanting to cheer for grave nigger.

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The rumble will make her wet. Don't skimp on the seats, do the pit pass thing and let her meet the token women drivers, and don’t let her talk you into ear protection (unless you have kids).

Sheeeeit fuck off and stick that pen up your dickhole

If I were restrained with 1in stainless steel chains to a machine that shoved a dick in my mouth I guess I would have to pick pineapple

I remember the time I went to monster jam. The dalmatian truck won that time but that was like a decade ago

Trump will send more aid to Israel.

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OP is a faggot
OP sucks dick
OP fucks niggers' asses
Niggers stink
Yabba dabba doo!

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Wow. Look everyone is Frankie forearms the keyboard warrior . All pumped up from sitting on your ass typing. Feeling tough behind your screen. Back to slurping cock under Brocks desk Share Blue filthy faggot. God your parents must be SO ASHAMED of YOU.
Very sad you turned out to be such a disappointment to them. Very sad.

Dear Q,
If you want to solve all of the problems of the world, destroy israel.
best Regards,

BigFoot is way better than gravnigger ...this would make a better bread ..Friday ? Nothing Happens

I know who Q is

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Are you back?

ok rebecca (((black)))

>Here's hoping the glowniggers do their fucking job this time and prevent the loss of innocent lives!
^^^ 2nd

You are going to be the absolute cringiest of the raging dolts when you finally realize that it's a political sideshow to gain votes.

Now all the dumbass boomers will invade Jow Forums

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I dunno but some other Q account in an /egg/ thread said that something was going to happen this saturday.

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>what is suppose to happen Friday?
Trump is going to resign.

Screencap this.

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Gas yourself kike

The big thing is about to happen. Check all alpha codes and digits. Things will never be the same. You have been warned user

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Vague statement.
Vague statement repeated.
Be a boomer and do nothing.
Be a boomer, sit down and watch.
Die for Israel.
Trust the plan. [The plan.]
Random number.
Another random number.
Random shit.

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How new are you nigger?

trump will declare himself dictator of earth for life screencap and check this

Thanks anons.

Pffft. The coolest boomers are nudists.

July 2018.
The world will know.
Pink Flamingos.


Nothing can stop nothing. Cause nothing ever happens

Lot of responses just to say fuck off.

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Nothing ever happens

DickAnon said something would happen 2 weeks ago.

Today 0440cst pic related

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