How fucked is Tesla's stock?

How fucked is Tesla's stock?

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Elon here. Fuck you.

all stocks are inflated.
quantitative easing money has to go somewhere.
inflation will catch up on stock prices

it wasn't fucked since he started dating a spider monkey who needs a bath

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Grimes is going to chop Elon's dick and will probably eat it with spaghetti

Where’s the hand?

Fan of your work
fuck you too

It's pretty obvious Musk is a handler.

The company is a stock market fraud since day one and nothing happened, so...

That's it, Ivanka Trump is the sexist woman in the world.

People tend to forget how rich and connected he is.
He's basically getting subsidized/paid with our tax dollars.. but the average tax payer can't afford to buy his shit, none of it.

>the average tax payer can't afford to buy his shit
Teslas are more common than Honda Accords these days.

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They're not even that expensive. You can get a decent one for 50k, and then get a 7500 dollar tax credit. And while 42k is a lot for a car, it has basically no maintenance costs other than tires.

>lithium batteries don't wear out
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Give me a free Tesla

Yeah and when those batteries run out, you can pay almost the price of a new car for new ones

Also, gas is $8 a gallon here and many people still don't have electric cars

Is your Boring shit working or what?

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People who buy luxury cars seldom keep them long enough for the lithium batteries to die.

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Every day Elon is looking more like George Takei.

Release your truck already oldfag

>Also, gas is $8 a gallon here and many people still don't have electric cars

Yeah, we call those people retarded. You can get the same out of $1 of electricity from what you get for a gallon of gas in NYC ($2.7). I can’t even begin to imagine paying $8/gal gas. You guys are fucking idiots. I’d run to the nearest Tesla store and beg for one.

His hair is receding again, i wonder if he will get another transplant soon

he's a smart guy, never invented or built anything himself but latches on to things at the right time and carefully ties himself up with the various companies so he, in the current system, gets all the profits and can side step the losses

When a national socialist government is finally formed he will be in the jeff bezos, bill gates group - ie their money gets confiscated to give to poor whites but they can be allowed to keep maybe $100k or even $150k, enough to buy a small house somewhere

zuckervberg for example is in the kardashian group, he gets to keep nothing

>two liberals taking pictures

Solar City is also having problems - random installations are catching fire.

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>happily pay taxes while bending over for feminism and brown basedboys
>couldnt be happier

I love your enthusiasm and great britbong boasting on how much higher your gas rate is.

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What the actual fuck are you even on about, you retarded freak?

very based and redpilled

Women have always been his downfall. You realize he was cucked by his previous wife way before Grimes, right? It was over a long time ago for him. His dicks like 2 inches, this has been proven.

The battery will last longer than an ice drivetrain will, even after the mandatory thousands it costs to service all of those parts.

That's the Iceland flag dumbass. You make me physically sick.

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Fixing them to your house always seemed stupid

Yeah but they sell them, I guess enough idiots will still buy second hand ones without thinking it's got 5 years life in it and then you can't sell it

>Let’s meet in public and...
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Build a base on the dark side of the moon, THEN go to Mars!

Who cares? Spacex is currently worth over $50 billion and will skyrocket to over 100 bil+ if starlink works. Musk will probably use that to prop up Tesla.

Imagine not waiting for the new lithium-ion battery that should last 1 million miles over 4,000 charges and depletion's. Original buyers are gonna freak.

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If it's anything like chic-fil-a they'll be fine.

eat shit.

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>"Teslas are more common than Honda Accords these days."
>being this clinically retarded

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Elon, if you ever need help figuring out why you can't go to mars, or get neurolink to work, I have the answer. Very simple.
Make a public appearance asking for the master of the universe and I will come see you.

Fuckin a right

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Why does your Starship resemble a fucking SEPTIC TANK?

You're the retart, buddeh.


Surely, that's not a hint of moustache.

hovering off camera

More Honda Accords have been sold this year than the total Tesla automobiles that have ever existed.



Why is there a pedo symbol on the curtains behind him?

Got these from the other thread

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Much more than a hint, my friend

Should I sell im currently making like 25% on my investment. I was hoping to make more.

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