>random explosions
>everything is flammable
>collapsing buildings
>malfunctioning elevators
>man-eating escalators
>organ harvesters

jesus christ Jow Forums
after seeing all the webms you guys are hoarding im absolutely terrified of any and all things chinese

what the holy hell is going on over there

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they are insectoid robots user. that's all they're ever gonna be.

Well, you know how chinks are

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fuck off CIA

> Memeflag
> Commie
You're one to talk, glowie!

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You forgot: food & medicine safety. There’s a neverending stream of scandals for food poisoning and fake vaccines.
The rest is mostly being a huge poor country, having criminal gangs that few dare touch, very little social conscience and tons and tons of scamming and grifting in construction and everything else.


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Don't buy the bullshit. We are doing 1000x better than every other country on earth. It is so relaxing to live without niggers, jews, white guilt, and degeneracy.
The CCP is worth dying for

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There’s a book called Ways That Are Dark. Very enlightening to the Chinese Question.

>random shots
>everything is flammable
>buildings blown away by wind
>malfunctioning elevators
>man-eating escalators
>child-stealers running the country
>organ harvesters running the country

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Dude women actually ate their children. My grandfather was living in Ukraine when the red army conscripted him and murdered his brothers and raped his neices. I actually will shoot you

Plenty of that on chinese streaming apps and brothels are everywhere.
Scams are also everpresent.
Not to say China is all bad but it’s definitely no white nation.

super duper turbo fucking explosions

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My grand-parents and great-grand-parents were there, commie! How do you know he's not saying that with a gun to his head, huh?

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You do realise that in a communist dystopia you'll be one of the first to get a makarov behind the ear .

Yeah yeah and Stalin personally came down and carved "faggot" into your grandfathers forehead.

dont forget the cancer inducing smog

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I genuinely hope that you die in the most painful way possible!

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Kill yourselves

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you're white as well, dude

Yeah I'm the most oppressed and censored race on the planet the muzzies are taking over and the jews are controlling the economy and and and and kill yourself.

That's not a nice thing to say at all.

We're not even talking about that!

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I swear China is like some wasteland from *insert generic post apocalyptic game*. But seriously it's kinda like mad max out there.

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Don't act like what your kind did wasn't worse!

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Japan is much better.

More like Fallout 76 since there aren't a lot of deserts

Japan is quickly becoming left wing, degenerate, and pro immigration. Japan might be better now but its not good for long term. In 10 years its going to be as pozzed as some european countries.

I was there over the summer. It’s actually a pretty great place, especially compared to being in an American city.

Umm Kissinger and Nixon did that sweaty.

>didnt go to any rural or tier 5 city

As if you give half a shit about those Jungle coons

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite Jew apologist.

Are you really Irish or are you one of those “New Irish” I keep reading about?

> Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge DINDU NOTIN'!
Yeah, keep telling yourself that, you murderous demon

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China is a National Socialist cyberpunk paradise. The kikes post webcams because they're afraid of China. If you really want to be redpilled, don't listen to the kikes.

Well, I'll still hope for the artificial wombs technology happened, befor Japan go full Canada.

False, I saw plenty. If I was forced to choose between rural US and rural China, obviously I would choose US.

Pieces of shit, both of you
The Holodomor was real

Lying sack of shit

Chinese culture is to swindle one another.

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I wouldn't call it cyberpunk but it is definitely Fascist tier comfy. October 1st is national China day and its coming up fast. Kids are walking around everywhere with Chinese flags and I hear everyone praising China with all kinds of nationalist rhetoric.
Havent seen a single lgbt flag or Jew here in the last year. And the government treats me great since I am a laowai who is very vocal with my support of the CCP on Chinese social media and irl.
Some Chinese people are falling for the western liberalism bluepill so they are adopting its faggy culture, leading them to wanting to leave China.
It feels good to be a force for good by attempting to change their minds by dropping redpills and keeping the nationalism flowing.

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Most of the people who died died as a result of US bombing and famine caused by the US.

Pol Pot did not kill millions of people he killed around 70k. And I'm not even gonna bother with your ridiculous picture.

Fuck off fucking retard
Your idols are all worst than Hitler

No, it really wasn't. There was no attempt by the soviet government to genocide Ukranians. Anyone who says otherwise is a lying piece of shit and most likely a nazi.

Nobody is worse than Hitler.

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It's a great shame that subhumans like you aren't treated worse than child molesters. I'd say you're about 10x worse. It's sad that you're still alive and not rotting in those gulags that you made.

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Jews created communism

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c'mon, dude! I laid that trap for the commie
Why'd you have to ruin it?

I think Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Jew.

oh yeah, I can kinda see it

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Nazis & capitalists always come together when it comes to lying about communism. Because they're the same fucking people, with the same basic ideology.

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Idk why this image makes me laugh so much

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All I'm glad about is that I'm not American.

>on steroids

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1kkk(!) Population
If USA had numbers like that you'd see the same picture, no, even worse probably cuz chink government is an authoritarian one, those are somewhat effective in keeping order
*stares at "civilized world"*

>the Nazis reported on the Holodomor, so it didn't happen
>sure, people died, but it wasn't that many
>oh, and I admit the free market was reintroduced by the USSR to the region's farms a year before the famines ended

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> Cringe
What a waste of Carbon

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Is that Greta?

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Peaceful Protesters vs Grumpy old men

This is before the brutal riot police came in

Chaos on Hong Kong’s MTR network as police beat people on train

And to think I used to think they were smart. Amazing application of Confucian teachings
They need to be erased

>commies dindu nuffin they good goy pol pot was ronald raegan in a mask need mo money fo dem five year plans
I wonder if tankies are aware of how cultish they sound in how they refuse to acknowledge any hint of imperfection in their glorious leaders.

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the tourists let you know what's up, too. they're part of the street-shitting epidemic in california and the west coast in general

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been there twice for work NEVER GOING BACK ITS HELL

How was the smog, fren

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100x worse than the pics make it seem, apparently its hard to photograph particles in the air
you'd go out for a walk and come home smelling like you'd been working at a gas station all day

Chinks just like to ruin everything don't they

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HK chinks are okay tho they're /ourchinks/

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agreed, they are still somewhat salvageable