Black women are much worse than their male counterparts. Change my mind

Black women are much worse than their male counterparts. Change my mind.

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You're right

they are the only women that obviously and overtly hit on me :( i was buying some steel reserve the other day and a black girl wanted to run her hands through my hair and would not stop talking to me

white women are mousey and retarded with the "be slightly friendlier than normal in mundane conversation and hold gaze for 1.5x as long" mode of expressing interest

Nog wimmin are the reason that nog men are so fucked up these days. Tommy Sotomayor goes into this a lot from what I recall.

I'm sorry a black woman turned you down user, but there is no way that the men are better. Black women are women, which means they are much easier to mold and change.

Black women are the most unpleasant obnoxious humans on the planet. Unless they want the d then they’re kissing your ass. Niggers are tolerable after they get past their animalmonkey criminal 20’s and start to become semi-humans. Until then they’re practically a whole other species. Like dealing with a 6 foot toddler that wants to steal, rape, and murder while worried about looking cool.
Overall? Enslave, deport or gas, only choices.

all women are worse than all men

>Overall? Enslave, deport or gas, only choices.

I fee like all the Hitler dickriding has caused some proud traditions to fall by the wayside...

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>I n-nneed t-the woman to hit on me
>bl-bl-black woman!!
ugly mutt cuck

Why are they making the same face

This is the same face they hate white people for... The half smile while hiding lips ..
Now i get why they hate when whites do it. It triggers their reptilian cortex. It's their fighting face. And whites do it too, except they resist the urge to break down into primal fighting

DESU the problem with niggers isn't low IQ, it's low moral fiber. There is a such thing as the moral idiot. If you took them back about a century when their towns were based on family and the local churches, and staying on their own side of the tracks as the tribalism of blacks is not inherently immoral just as we see value in the tribalism of whites, you'd end up with some decent ethical niggers. It's the gibs/kikes that did this to them. Nigger women should be nigger mothers to nigger children they rear while their nigger father goes out and provides. That's really what sheboons want and why they're going batshit.

>change my mind.
Kys faggot

They're nothing that can't be dealt with a good old hefty slap across their subhuman monkey faces.
Their male counterparts however have easy access to guns and the whole cucked western society.

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I love black girls

>Niggers are tolerable after they get past their animalmonkey criminal 20’s and start to become semi-humans.
What planet do you live on?

The one where like 80% of all violent crime is caused by nigger males in their teens and twenties and then suddenly they stop murderrapemugging afterwards provided they aren’t already in prison.
Statistics back my statement. Tell me all your experiences with blacks in their 30’s and 40’s.

Black males causes the most crime in America so no.

Probably why niggers go after pale women. I wouldn't want to fuck these... things either, Tyrone.

I say we all meet up in public and bukkake my face.

Theres a webm of a 40+ nigger beating up a white woman in her home for no reason.

>80% of crime causes by negroes under 30
>Said negroes go to jail (or get deaded)
>The negroes most predisposed to crime are in jail for their 30s

Yep, they get less violent with age, you're right user!