Heart of darkness

does anybody remember how this game was crawling with pizzapedo symbolism and other weird uncomfortable shit?
like the game starts with a teacher shoving him into a closet kicking and screaming. and the whole cutscene after that is just constant weirdly sexual shots of the protagonist. theres way too much to name

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the logo of the french company that made it

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Great game, had it when I was a kid, gave me so nightmares.
Can you show the screenshots of that cutscene?

Bump for interest. Never heard of this before. Seems pretty blatant.

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the whole cutscene is just constant shots of the kids ass

please don't ruin my childhood OP, i loved that game as a kid

>constant shots of the kids ass

The cutting of shots is really fast, but shit, you were not kidding.

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i can't be the first person to notice this, this is driving me up a wall

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It also shows Saturn for 10 seconds...
Gave it more screen time than the other planets...

Maybe we are just scratching the surface and there is more to be found out...

yeah, theres probably way more to this than we think. maybe we should check the backgrounds of the developers and designers

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I reacted to that they also gave the planet Saturn more attention than the other celestial objects in the intro, is this a coincidence?

well the only thing we really really have right now is speculation and research


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>intro flies through Saturn's rings
We've got the live one.

Everybody shut the FUCK up this is now a Pajama Sam thread

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chatbot detected

Running away from the professor across a checkerboard floor...

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well that escalated quickly

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What in the fuck.

keep thread bumped

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I can't actually find this in the opening cutscene.
Maybe I'm watching a re-release version.

call me a chatbot again and see what happens to your precious lunchbox

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either that was some sort of region thing or the people i was watching the gameplay of edited that in

Notice Earth in the intro.
Nearly all of the clouds are boy lover spirals.

Yeah this guy fondles kids

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thats not even boy lover, those are rounded. those are little boy lover symbols

Even lets players know about the pedo spiral triangle. Then the rest of the LP they talk about how the camera focuses on the boys bum as much as it can. Take a watch.


This was the spiritual sequel to Another World I believe Steven Spielberg was somehow connected to this game.

i knew it would be oney before i clicked the video

>no one has mentioned the black slime monsters humping the boy in several death scenes yet

Alright my first collage is done.
This isn't looking so good.

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in what way, does it seem non credible or not looking good for the game itself?

I think these guys added it as a joke.

yeah spielberg wanted to make a movie of it because of the games success

That game scared the shit out of me as a kid

It's looking like day of the rope for whoever was responsible for the art of this game.

Maybe better variant.

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No cause I don’t play bullshit games.
Keep this shit on /v/

My parents bought me this game but I never played it, I'm pretty sure it's still wrapped in the plastic. Should I dig it out of storage?

Red pilled Chad Funny boy Oney vs blue pilled cuck arin game grump

If you have an old version you see alien titties from the games equivalent of jar jar binks.

>The game was supervised by game developer Éric Chahi, known for Another World, this time with a team of artists and developers.


It was the PSX version, I don't know if that is the original.

>After leaving Delphine, Chahi founded Amazing Studio
Confirmed, he's the reason for the symbols.

>has an accent over the 'E' in Eric
Yeah this pedo gets the rope

Everyone who played this game is fucked.

Lots of this ginger kid in the game getting Vore'd also.

To summon a spirit in the new Disney show 'Legend of the Three Caballeros', a trio of Duck Lolis conduct a "Super Seance" using PIZZA. Skip to 13:00 and 13:36.

This is a universe where souls / ghosts / life energy can be destroyed and/or eaten for power.


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Man I was playing this a year or so ago and I took note of the UFO being in a game about time travel.
These pedo fuckers are REALLY into UFOs, aliens, time travel, and interdimensional travel.

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Not letting me play.

In-show, that is... I'm not sure how all this "Spirit Cooking" shit's supposed to work irl.

rutube.ru/video/f5fa8741ba30db81f96bc167d8816ea5/ [embed]

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Shit shit shit

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Shit, try this one.



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This developer made Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

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i asked my dad to buy this game for me as a kid, he balked at the name of a game. didnt understand why back then, i get it now

Uh, yes. Take a pic and let us see. Don't open it if it's sealed, maybe you can sell it?

mutt fren

It's really trying to be a Spielberg movie. I think many of these kids shows were advertising pizza gate type networks.

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1:27 Saturn

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Man you gotta be shitting me!
Every time I have doubts, there's more.

>"suitable replacement parts will not be invented until 1947"
>Another spielberg-zemeckis film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, involves entities from another dimension and takes place in 1947
>Roswell happened in 1947

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Explains a lot.

The kids is wearing a blue shirt with a red ascot, and shoes. Blue and red occult scheme. I think the red ascot symbolizes a military college. At 2:30 the teachers talks about an eclipse of the Sun just as they show a checkerboard floor.

His hat is blue, and yellow. Blue, and yellow was the original Freemason outfit color scheme. The yellow emblem kind of looks like a square.

The Sun, and Moon focus is very Masonic. His dog is black, and white. 3:55 point in a circle symbolism with the eclipse in his Iris reflection. Also looks like Horus eye symbolism.

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All the Disney cartoons focus on butts. Lots of focus on bouncing butts. The characters are always pushing, and pulling at each other's butt. It's conditioning you for sodomy rituals.

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Might be reaching but idk at this point.

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There were a lot of people talking about how little grey men in abduction dreams are actually demons and that the nightmare will end if you say Jesus Christ's name...

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His eyes are green, and he has orange hair. Cell in Dragon ball Z, and Reptar in Rugrats have this same color scheme. I think it symbolizes the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Orange adds up to 33 in Pythagorean Geomatria.

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whats a demon then? and why does saying a guys name do anything?

So this is the power of weaponized schizophrenic autism.

>"Oh Master!"

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(((They))) fear the schizo.

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>aliens are just demons
gee I only said this like 3 years ago.. talk about slow
keep digging anons and red pill the masses

At 8:45 he hands him a kidnapped earth boy. This is after a bunch of talk praising the supreme master.

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if you look where the two circles intertwine you get the all seeing eye of ..... (you know who)

lightnig bolt
fire balls shot up a tthe kid's butt

This looks just like the first Mighty Max episode. A lava monster chases him during a sodomy looking scene. The fire symbolizes Vulcan, and Tubal Cain.

Mighty Max = MM = 33
Cosmic Cap(red Master Mason cap) = CC = 33 in Pythagorean Gematria
1:37 volcano = Tubal Cain/Vulcan
2:45 "third volcanic island" pyramid of volcano TVs
3:45 Egyptian Hieroglyphics
4:14 Cosmic Cap from Egyptian artifact
5:34 baseball(Freemason invention), 5 point stars
5:45 Max is chased by the lava bad guy(Tubal Cain)
6:24 Max is visually sodomized by his bike seat
6:43 point in a circle portal
6:58 "I see you received my package" Fowl = owl

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Volcanoes, and fire are often Masonic references to the god of fire.

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his game "from dust" is Kabbalah nonsense.

11:40 floating island
12:00 palms, rainbow, "this is better than Hawaii"(pic related), the villagers start feeling the kid up
12:53 apple on a pillar

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yeah its real. listen to fr. ripperger sometime

I had a nightmare not to long ago where I was in a terrifying dark house filled with undead-ish people. Wasn't scared at first but shit started getting intense and the souls started to come towards me before I started to say Jesus over and over. They shriveled in fear and agony and looked away. I felt incredibly empowered. I then woke in that moment still whispering Jesus into my pillow.

Lol the little boy fucker symbol on the planet

Retarded schizo bitch blaming us for the doings of that other disgusting slob ass nigger roommate. The truth is still the truth no matter who lies it's still the truth and the truest highest gods see the truth objectively. This has happened repeatedly in our life and we are pretty sure we've been placed under a curse of some sort. To be blamed again and again for things we have not done, akin to the scapegoat or Azazel.
The appointed time draws closer, and the smoldering darkness within grows thicker...

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