He figured it out, boys. Time to pack it up

[points to everything]

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Just google it, bro.

he's not wrong

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boy will he be surprised at Landslide 2020

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How the fuck is the election even 'rigged' i thought Hilary had won the popular vote. But trump wont the electors, so that would mean the electors are owned not trump, by their logic

Ukraine is run by Jews but so is Russia and America. What do.

How would Ukraine rig the election lol .

I'm assuming the same way this tub of lard thinks Russia rigged the 2016 election: you send a lawyer over to Trump Tower to meet with the candidates son and somehow that makes you win

> Exposing actual criminal activity by a sitting administration using their elected office for personal financial gain is now the crime

Yeah. Ukraine totally has the power to rig an American election.

>Russia Russia Russia
>Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine

>Dude trust me

lol why are you Fatrick posting on pol?

Reread it dummy.
>2020 election

>Russia hacked the election we have proof!
>Russia hacked the election we have proof!
>Russia hacked the election we have proof!
>Russia hacked the election we have proof!
>Actually... we don't have any proof.
>...But Ukraine hacked the election we have proof!

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>The media is run by jews
>Can you provide evidence to prove this?
>[Points to fucking everything?]

He always wanted a wider audience, didn't he?

>Fatrick tweets
Patrick Tomlison's wife left him for an older gentleman because he couldn't satisfy her in bed after getting drunk all day.

Where's the new subreddit?

When Obama was president and rednecks were saying how bad he was, that's the response I'd get when I asked specifically what he did wrong.
Now liberals are doing the same thing with Trump. Can't point to a single real piece of evidence, just "orange man bad".
People on all sides are retarded.
Trump is a faggot for not building a wall and deporting the illegals. The next President will be a faggot for literally being a faggot but also for being a communist.

>Patrick Tomlison's wife left him for an older gentleman

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Fatrick couldn't compete with this Bull. A cock as wide as a coke can.

It's all projection, crowdstrike based outta Ukraine.

Oh, so it was actually Ukraine, Our Greatest Ally in Central Europe, who was helping Trump, and not Russia? Interesting.

It's not his job to educate you, pissbaby.

>the post

Hey.....maybe they'll leave their "fingerprints" behind in the code, like the last time.....because that's what hackers do.....LMAO !!!!

>literally who
literally who?

he's not even a check mark fag so literally who?

also the money being withheld was BIDEN to protect his son in Ukraine.

It's like she wants this poor autist to get shot by a nigger when they break in to steal their welfare check tier TV.

>boy will he be surprised at Landslide 2020

I'm hoping everyone that threatened to bail during the 2016 election double down and actually leave in the 2020 landslide

Well he's most famous for getting bitch slapped by Ben Shapiro over an abortion thought experiment he came up with which was actually just a repackaging of the Trolley Problem (youtu.be/tAZV6chubuQ)

Outside of that he's a real life David Brent whose delusions of grandeur make just about everything he does comedy gold.

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He's a guy who thinks he's a comedian. You'll laugh, just not in the way he intends.


>[points to everything]

dude can go fuck himself

This guys a failed writer who then became a hacky unfunny comedian. Then he has the gall to say Norm Macdonald isn’t funny. I don’t wanna use coarse language but this guys a real jerk!


[points to everything]

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But Obama destroyed the health Care system and got men into women's locker rooms so the rednecks will now be known as "the wise men"

Can't stop one 70 y/o orange man. SAD