Greta will go down in the history books of changing our environment. This is so powerful

Greta will go down in the history books of changing our environment. This is so powerful.

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Can she die for the cause in India or China first?

You can spam all you want but the majority of people dont take her or her climate hoax agenda seriously. She's irrelevant.
You guys do this all the time and it never works

Your leftist media props someone up
You get all the excited and think things are finally going your way
You spam them
Literally nobody cares
Trying to force them backfires on you
You're disappointed again.

cringe and bluepilled

the only thing she changed was peoples perspective on puppets
nobody with a brain is following this AOC mini

Not enough text and labels on everything sure this is a lefty meme?

Hopefully not everyone will starve or die fighting for food during that change and there will be history.

Requesting edit of >pic related with Greta head attached.

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Imagine comparing the gayness of cole and oil to the fucking Chinese FUCKING GOVERNMENT

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Why? Is India the 2nd biggest global emitter and biggest per capita like the US?

Mein negger

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That pic never ceases to get a chuckle outta me

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Yesterday my mom and I were openly discussing about maybe moving back to Poland in the future, just in case Germany becomes a dictatorship again.

I swear, German people are so stupid and follow every bullshit because of the (((indoctrinated guilt))).

They're going to kill greta and blame climate skeptics.
Screen cap this

no but your mom is

>This week in pozzed history

>fart at the dinner table
America, youre killing us! How dare you!!!
>takes a litteral shit in Greta's mouth
China? India? What's that?

Look, I’ll give her my full support. But only when she admits the most sure way to take action on climate change is to completely glass east China and the whole of India.

So powerful. So brave.

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>dude like dude, just stop burning fuel, just stop doing things, just stop existing, like gosh

bro like just stop bro

>everything she demands goes into action
>west takes in more co2 than creates
>tempratures still rise
>Co2 going into the atmosphere hasn't changed much
>liberals all over are confused
>"Wait but didn't we stop pollution?"
>the developing world still produced 75% of the co2 pollution
>the developing world stull produced 95% of all water pollution
>In Mongolia they still burn coal in their homes to keep warm
This is what liberals will never understand, they're so stuck up their ass they fail to see the bigger picture which is we're not mostly responsible now a days, it's Asia and the developing world. Go and yell at them. Oh wait you don't wanna yell at minorites because then that would be racist and "whiteplaning" so you keep your privilage mouth shut and let them keep doing what they do and you just sit there so smug
>"heh, atleast I did the right thing"

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Does she buy her food at the Greta store?

>stop breathing to save planet. I can clearly see you are exhaling CO2.

>those plastic bags

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>Goes to China
>Tries that
>Pasted all over the road when the truck doesn't even slow down


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She would stand there if the truck signage was in Chinese

Our per capita has dropped to the lowest level in 50 years.

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HAHAHAHAHA imagine the aftermath of this

I remember when they attributed the Mandela effect to the fact old boomers remembered the dude getting ran over and younger gens saw the dude get taken away from the tanks

but they just censored the video lmao the dude got pasted

Mandela effect lmfao doesn't even real hahaha they ran his ass over with a tank nigga AHUEHUEHUEHUE

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Fun fact. Grendl wouldn't survive ONE winter in her home country, if it was completely cut from using fossil fuels.

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They are clearly hemp weave bags, infinitely reusable, yet organically decomposeable. You fucking incel bigot!

How much for tickets to china?

>with Greta head attached
on the woman, or being worked on?

On the woman for the starters

And then both, maybe.

What's in her bags?


She makes my penis powerful. I would lick her goddam brains out. Just sayin'. It's weird about her boat, though, and the fact that the crew, etc., needed 4 transatlantic flights to make it happen. Really makes you think.

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>Greta will go down in the history books of changing our environment. This is so powerful.
Did David Hogg over gun control? Same answer.

jew money for her parents

>She makes my penis powerful. I would lick her goddam brains out.
Isn't she 16?

And? Are you a buttmad old roastie?

In order for anyone to take her seriously she needs to give everything. and I mean EVERYTHING.
If she truly cares about the environment, she will die for it.

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Wtf is this lefty Ben Garrison shit???

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Exactly. So you agree then?

Fucking (((Rothchilds)))? Really?

You're thinking of the air people exhale, CO2.

Obey us goyim, start paying another hidden tax known as the carbon tax credit! You must have this, we need it for our futures goyim!

Are those plastic bags she's carrying? REEEEEEEE

You could also line up “jobs” and “civilization” behind oil and coal.

Yep. Really, really. It's the same boat, owned by the same (((people))), just with a different paint job.

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The second truck should haul MEAT not COAL.

This, if the US and EU cut their emission to 0 it would only ‘give us another year’ if the doomsdayers are right


Shitskins are the ones destroying the environment. David Szuzuki says that Canada is full and we don’t need anymore people. Why do you watermelons address this?

>emission to 0
Not possible


So much this

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I am white and Swedish also an American. I am going to name my first born child Gret- actually no, fuck children, I'm going to become an eco t- no, I mean, FUCK DRUMPFFFFFT

racewar johnny. its been a while

You need to see real time CO emissions nigga.,35.461,-172.090,3

Holy fuck Greta, I’m cold. Get the fuck out of the way so I can heat my home you daft cunt

man, I guess women really do have a higher pain tolerance.


She had down syndrome. Look at her face, poor retard

>not possible
Really? Didn't know this

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Gertie Hergberg looks like Wednesday Addams

Checked. This. Stuck in their own (((bubble)))

Same thing happened with Daisy Hogg and Emma Goblina. Who the fuck are these kids and why are they saying the same exact things our enemies have been saying for the past forty years? Oh, right, they are meatpuppets and their parents literally work for ZOG.

>Fossil Fuel Bad
These are the same people who cry when their Amazon packages don't come on time. Thinking they'll survived a peak oil event is humorous.

fas babie is a puppet of the globalist elites

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>per capita
No, but they have 1.5 billion people shitting everywhere.

>Does she subsist on a vegan diet solely?
Yes. This retards puberty by several years. Obesity in females causes early puberty.

>>>"heh, atleast I did the right thing"

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someone add a nazi outfit or atleast a armband to her in the original

You literally breathe it out.

>Niggers recording history

Are you implying that humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide?
Are you further implying that this means emissions can't reach 0 for an entire nation?
Look, I don't know if English is your first language bud but I was being sarcastic.
The original guy used the example of emissions reaching 0 to prove are futile the US and Europe reducing their emissions is.
He wasn't actually saying emissions could reach 0.

All memes aside, what rich Jewish organization is funding her? (((Open Society Foundation)))?

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I'm glad that the artist wrote "Greta" on one of those bags. I wouldn't have known who it was.

Spot on, user.

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Women are very egotistical. It is actually funny.

she looks like a downie version of the Pilsbury Dough Boy.

I understood everything since beginning. Have your (You) back, user.

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I would kill for multi-billion fossil oil companies too, brother. Dabbed on the left.


Found her

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Unrealistic. In real Germany, she would have been run down by that truck of peace.

Strange how she comes to the one country that has astride from the climate accord bullshit that isn't producing most the coal and oil consumed around the world

We really need to start institutionalizing you creatures.