McCabe memo indicates Rosenstein was serious about wearing White House wire

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This seems to be getting buried.

Nothing wrong with it. He was colluding with Russia and now with Ukraine


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Checks out.


Bump. Was Rosenstein part of a coup or working on behalf of the President?

I thought rod was a good guy now because of his gushing send off from the justice department. sessions seems to love that guy. Plus barr made a joke about who can do the most solemn face.

I heard hes playing dumb so he can testify that he was lied to to sign the FISA warrant but idk


dogs of the AMS. time they made a move.

Rosenstein wasnt just part of the coup, he was the one who signed off on it.

LITERALLY NOTHING would have happened on the DOJ side (mueller appointment, selective leaks, selective enforcement of law, unnecessary redactions) if Rosenstein didn't allow it.

Rosenstein is every bit as evil as Mueller, and WAY more evil than McCabe or Comey (who are all Class A assholes)

>I thought rod was good
He was never ever good, and anyone who told you he was good was either lying to you or has no understanding of what went on.

>I heard he might testify
Yeah, there's been lots of retarded rumors, and notice how there hasn't even been a single arrest for him to testify about? Nothing.

The DOJ has been absolutely 100% deepstate, and Rosenstein was the head

>This seems to be getting buried.
Of course it is.


Seems like it's time to oil up.

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Bump. Keep this at the top, boys.

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Like we didn’t know that?!!!

Fucking course he wore one or was going to wear it!
There is no speculating, we already uncovered this shit by anons here about6 gorillion ago!!!!

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hes jewish user. trying to expose them for punishment is futile. normies dont care. normies have no idea or even a care about jews

>implying a jew is ever not serious about being a rat

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