Thats right

They made me a very generous offer to frack on my land. I was on the fence about the offer i was provided given the controversy surrounding fracking effect on the environment. However after seeing this child sperg out on the news i decided to go for it. The carbon alarmists have really gone too far this time, parading this annoying kid (who clearly has some kind of neurological impairment) all over the news literally everyday. Dont get me wrong, i take heed of environmental issues but im not sold on the alarmist shit re carbon emissions creating massive climate change. Now yes i know...fracking might be a bit more damaging to the environment, but you know what, fuck it, thats what you get for winding me up with this cringeinducing swedish cunt with cerebral palsy.

There i said it

You want to worry about the environment ?

Il give you something to worry about

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Today OP was not a faggot.


OP = not a fag
Doesn't this swedish autismo have some pre-algebra homework to focus on? Let the adults who werent born in TWO-THOUSAND FUCKING THREE handle the grown up problems

i do what i can

I'll laugh my ass off when you get cancer from your drinking water.

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Enjoy the increased risk of earthquakes dumbass.

On a related issue, listen to Gemma O'Doherty
interview Christopher Monckton on a recent Irish study proving the spurious link between carbon emissions and climate change youtube.com/watch?v=k6iOOuZCE_Y&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR3dnm5-kI8DJoRU6HU2FThFXWqNjWfUVyAtAR6otrBORHU7vl9_0afbsGo&app=desktop

>implying fracking occurs anywhere near the groundwater level

Besides i gather rainwater dipshit

Why the fuck would you stay on the land?
He got his money its time to go, typical mutt cant think beyond step 1

>However after seeing this child sperg out on the news i decided to go for it.
>The carbon alarmists

This is just too retarded to be real. You will have fun with your tap water.

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Whatever you say, Paddy O'Shaunnasy Cockersmouth.

Il be in hangin back in Taipei mate

build a well beside it rq

>Wealthy people are actively destroying the world

breaking news: Sky still blue

The fracking irish retard is back and he has been triggered by the Tavistock autist. Your ancestors would be proud of you.

that water has always been flammable, its natural methane in the water table

i know its wrong to hate kids born into MK ultra cults

but shes so fucking annoying

shame on the twats using this kid as a mascot


CCP has deposited 2 cents into your account.

Why would anyone drink their own tap water? Imagine not collecting your own spring water to drink

People decided to live for decades in a place with "natural methane in the water table".Make perfect sense.

Have fun with hydrocarbons in your water.

or just buy land near a natural spring with that fat bag he got from the oil company

I sure hope you get a good % and a chance to buy shares of the company.
These faggots love to burn gasoline to travel around to tell the rest of us how to live. Then they throw wild parties where they burn as much gas as I use in two years, to keep an open beach heated.


Your ass will stay attached forever shill

Uncle Soros pay good $$$ ???

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doing what. The usual eh. Not your first rodeo.

You just fracked yourself

Do you think someone must hire a Dark Web Ninja assassin team to take her out?

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I don't think carbon and fracking are in the same ball park dude. I think youre poisoning your land, right? why would you want to live on that land?

The best ones are the hollywood faggots sailing around in enormous fucking yachts that burn more fuel in a week than my car will in its entire lifetime.

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Remember to allow them to dump on your land.

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I have energy companies on my land, don't give a single solitary fuck.

all the threads about gretas parents are being purged. so, who are her parents?

>potato nigger sells out his own nations future for money
Like poetry.

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Detracted 2 points from my SCS more like. Gotta love Taipei tho

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That city is perfect.

Wait a couple minutes and he will give you the example of a japanese garbage island, which accoding to his potatoniggerish genes is 10/10 land.

im going to frack your mother frenchboy

IIRC some actor and musician? They're literally bourgeois elites, as she runs around in antifa shirts and tells us we need to change.

I am sure she produce quiet a good amount of methane per year.

Found the roastie

We frack all over my state. You’ll be fine. It’s the waste water injection sites that can cause earthquakes.

Enjoy your flammable tap water.

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The dangers are greatly exaggerated (by the usual suspects) youtube.com/watch?v=khtEizj-s2E

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Fake and really gay. Ireland banned fracking a few years ago.

t. Irishman in leafland.

Get out.

>getting free gas from your tap
>bitching about it

You dont read the news much do you ?



With all your money, now that you are rich.I have a wondeful island to sell to you.It's in the middle of the pacific. 9/11 land with a lot of space for the kids,hoy! Only 2,999,999,999$ (One free bottle of whisky if you sign right now)

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A. Not the Republic. Fuck off
B. They'll ban it still when the locals get in uproar. You know how thick farmers are, being one yourself.
C. Can't frack what's not legal yet. See end part of A - fuck off

^^ This lad was destroyed in a debate about the ''dangers'' of fracking the other day.

He just doesnt stop

>There i said it
100% bullshit

Why do you need to lie?We even proved to you that fracking wasn't economically viable.

surveys and measurement occur all the time, as do drilling operations. Not everything gets rubberstamped. Unfortunate that this is the case but when insane laws stand in the way of opportunity. Lets get back line with international standards is what i say

TL;DR you're full of shit

you proved cerebral palsy

you proved nothing, none of your claims about the dangers stood up and your claims about economic visability are dogshit (its profitable when it is and isnt when it isnt). Depends on the estimated quantities of the individual surveyance

>when insane laws stand in the way of opportunity
Kek I remember this faggot want to legalize fishing with electricity. Why is he not allowed to fry 450kg of fish?
The whole industry use more energy than it produce.Fracking is a meme.

That looks like a science fiction utopia

>not fishing with electricity

Ok, nobody mates any money from it. All that
blue cheese is getting to your head

It does

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Gasland was commie fake hoax. Congrats Op, enjoy your new riches.

The garbage island in the pacific is a wild exaggeration. You can be swimming in it and not see it.
Your pic is probably off the coast of india or africa.

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Fucking potato nigger poisoning Irish soil for a quick buck and to win internet points.
Dumb cunt, show your fatherland some fucking respect.

get your money while you still can and buy guns. good luck and congrats on your lucrative deal, user.

lol k

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>That's what I call a...
>Based Potato.

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Good job Op... good job op.

Also... Ireland has natural resources?

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Disgusting to think that Greta is going to be on this Earth longer than me unless....

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