Do mulattos have souls?

I can see some soul in her eyes. So are mulattos self-aware? Also her father's name is (((Stenberg)))

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If they embrace their better half and not the nigger in them.

I'm a mutt, my girlfriend is a mutt. She seems to be a human

I've been inside of her, definitely feels like a human

muh dick
not how it works always a shitskin.

Mulattos look 100% black most the time

same goes with hapas

Race mixing 99% of the time results in all the white traits being purged

JFL at people who think bleaching is possible

They're biologically synthesized, how can they embrace whiteness except for the obvious?
Try a dog's asshole, feels human too
Shitskin sure, but where is the line between soul and automatic?

Her vagina is a bit bigger than a dog's asshole

unless there are dog breeds that are specifically made to have giant assholes, then I would very much like to attempt

She is FtM now and identifies as "them"

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Aaaand Im out. Nothing worse than a lesbian. At least a fag is attracted to you, lesbians dont even give me compliments.

Too bad she got the uglyhair-gene

How can you tell? She's wearing braids.

Well, if you have beautiful straight her, and choose to make braids, you are obviously retarded. So i guess, she might actually have gotten the nicehair-gene but also the nigger-IQ


If she's half jew then no

>are mulattos self-aware?
Let the rope decide.

Even black girls with good hair will get a sew-in or braids. Black hair is not oily and dries out really quickly, causing it to break easily. One way to combat this is to protect it from the elements with a weave, especially during drier, colder seasons. Also just like some white women like having short hair, some black girls prefer braids or straight (fake) hair.

>.I like it loose as a noose

I guess there's a first for everything

you guys keep teasing the day of the rope but I haven't seen it yet, what's the hold up?

Ron Steinberg?

First the characters and now the stereotypes? Stop trying to replace gingers, damn it

Yes I do :)

Her father does look like a kike. Maybe he is a crypto-Jew.

i remember this chick from The Hunger Games. Her death made me cry its sad she didnt have any big roles after that one movie