G'day lads

>Morrison takes a swipe at China, urging the Asian superpower to do more

>Chinese state media threatens Australia after ScoMo-Trump meeting

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Eric butler from the Australian league of rights. Watch him here warning us of everything that is happening now.

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Fuck Chine.

G'dy cobbers
Changs day is done fellas
Hong Kong woke up the normies to the evil nature of the bugman

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Holy fuck that pussy looks good, especially when you're as much in need of pussy as I am. Moar!

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Here, fren

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That looks so fun. Have you ever fucked a trap? Where can I find one in Sydney? And would you recommend boipussy only or all holes?

If you're in the Sydney area, I highly suggest you kys

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whats for lunch lads?

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There will be some sort of tariff placed on China by Australia. I think Trump is trying to get other countries involved. I think we should cut the Chinese visas in half

chicken salad wraps

>think we should cut the Chinese visas in half
White Australia policy when?

rip down all gook signage that you see fellas
Tell gpok real estate agents to fuck off and any cunt that sells them a house a traitor

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>most of us have nogunz

>Antipodean resistance

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>digits from hell

Go glow somewhere else.

What happens when chyna takes over australia?

>gross spic food
what ARE you doing user?

What you having for lunch user?

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well thanks cunt
now ya gone and ruined my plans for the afternoon
I am that toey I cold give old hanson youngs tonsils a tickle with me tossil

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Death to OP

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leftover stir fry I made last night, it turned out OK I guess.

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We have the best trannies.

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Get your athletes off dopes

Wow I was just thinking about how it had been too long since I've seen Chris chan's infected tainthole.

Imagine the smell

Entrapment isn't cool, glowies

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that is the wrong .303 for it to be an Aussie rifle, wtf ASIO

Why are glowniggers using .png?

Who can blame you, user.

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back in the day pigs like that LOVED to suck cock, and were great for the odd headjob now and then, now feminism has really taken off there is litterally no point to their whole existence

Remember when the AFP ran the world's largest child porn website, allowing access to hundreds of terabytes of content, which had at least 500,000 unique users, and all they achieved was arresting one school teacher in Sydney?

Jow Forums will never forget your colossal fuckups

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Not-chinese you mean, instead you'll get blacks and indians. (((Australia))), remember.

>now feminism has really taken off there is litterally no point to their whole existence
I'm sure maccas appreciates their patronage.

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>litterally no point to their whole existence
Onshore, Landwhale Harpooning; a new Commonwealth sport.

Not likely, two million fifth columnists on the country with the Labor Party in the pocket of the CCP, refer to the link below:

It's not removing them from the gene pool fast enough though.


are kikes responsible for our hoon laws and cűcked car modification rules?
I tried looking it up but didn't find the names of who is responsible.

Second wave feminism never applied to pretty girls, and along with those lardballs also goes the hardworking cucks that slaved for them

Not an effective twofer

>are kikes responsible
Do you even have to ask user?

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I have to, It could just be boomer women at fault for this.

Pissed as fuck, diagnosed schizo, haven't slept in 2 days. Still no disability benefits wtf. This is honestly fucked. I've been in the hospital 4 times in the last year for non violent psychotic episodes, if I don't deserve disability then a cunt that has a sore back doesn't either.

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Stop drinking and go outside.

I do. I drive when I get visual and auditory hallucinations. Last time they tempted me to do a Mark Gagaspulus or whatever his name is. Laughed for days.

Almost smeared in shit, p.s. from Walt Disney on the psychiatrists room walls.

anyone elses Xberg One not connecting to Live?

Protein shake and some cheese

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Abo poon

capcha is being a fucking retard

bump for more on this

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Have an episode in centrelink and they'll give ya a handout


>This is the second time Scomo has raised the topic of internet control at a summit of international leaders
Its horrible to see Australia leading the charge in digital authoritarianism

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What can be done about the greta problem?

china threatens australia if they strengthen military ties with the US?

what are they going to do? stop sending their plastic $2 dollar store junk.

scomo is a faggot

fuck up you attention seeking faggot, the sane man thinks he is insane and the insane man thinks he is sane. get a job fuckwit people see through your facade you deserve jail for being a con-merchant not a disability pension.

No more ramen special price. You pay full.

it is kind of fair considering the social unrest in ukraine,usa,britain,germany and france that has been cause by bored Aussie shitposters who like watching retards react violently.

Is being an aged carer worth doing? How's the pay? I googled and some were saying it's minimum wage? Is that true?
I can probably get a trainiship.

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Is this bait?

what an absolute unit

Trainee ship. Sory

the clip you're looking for is black jews shouting in the middle of new york
i have it but 4ch has a thing about webms with sound

He was such a chad. Press F

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He coulda banged that qt

best we can do is hope he sees sense lad
it's a shame watching someone flush their bloodline down a toilet especially when they have blue eyes like that

plus he could create a super-aryan with the help of that ubermensch clean-teeth frau behind him. go Germans!

I can't wait for 2020 olympics are trannies allowed?

going to be a spectacle watching a tranny propel a shot put with the same energy as a cannon

>clean-teeth frau
it's a mouthguard you absolute retard

Roast pumpkin and garlic, steamed asparagus and green beans.

I would.
Did he chop his dick off?

it's funnier my way. she's smiling at his demise.
because we let females vote.

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No and he prefers girls.

no way he slays both rugball and puss

aussies welcome

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Remember to report

I am a woman, that's why dick is required.
Didn't want to say it because of the usual tits or gtfo antics.

this is Jow Forums it's Bible or gtfo sinning devil whore

I've seen him IRL at a mall in Canberra. He looks like a big guy wearing a dress.

you know the drill though?

We have a girl in aus/pol/. post yfw

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Yes, very.....
pic related.

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My wife browses occasionally. She's mainly on Jow Forums laughing at fat people these days.

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