Jow Forums told me this was fine

Jow Forums told me this was fine.

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Pol is satire dummy

No, posting rando twatter propaganda is never okay.

Imagine still making predictions after 50 years of making predictions and being wrong.

Yes, and? A hoax is a hoax. Saying it over and over again changes nothing.

Dont you know that Amsterdam and Miami are underwater already as predicted 30 year a ago!

Man, they must be running out of the Alarmism money fast.

Do they realize there is no solution? All they do is scream more taxes. As if that would solve anything.

Species will continue to go extinct, distributions will change. Making everyone go vegan, give up their cars and inviting more brown people into western nations won't change anything.

Fuck the world!

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>the sky could fall as early as 2021
Weather nigs can barely make an accurate forecast a few days in the future.

Nothing ever happens

Would touch

how's the campaign going Joe?

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Good. Make it quicker. This is a self adjusting system. The sooner we fuck things up, the sooner it will kill off several million of us and things will be better. Thanos did nothing wrong.

I mean, I'm a science guy. But do they really expect me to believe they can measure a millimeter rise in sea levels.

We do not wish to rock the boat, we intend to SINK IT!

>5mm per year
>25.4mm in an inch
So, over 5 years for sea levels to rise one inch. That means over 60 years to have sea level rise one foot.

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Retarded Boomer joke neck yourself you faggot

Warmer oceans mean more water vapor - clouds - which reflect sunlight back into space. Quit worrying about something that isn't a problem.

>since 1993
>on record
>since 1850

why such a short window?

At least the grifters in the 70s knew to make their predictions about 30 years in the future, short enough to scare, long enough to be swept away when it doesn’t bear out.
These retards actually believe this crap, they’re ruining the entire scam.

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what's the point worrying about global temps in 2030 if we only have
>[checks Social Media]
7 years left?

Why couldn't they? Just take a ruler to the water and there you go


yeah, sure.

Nobody mentions how CO2 is plant food, the more c02 the more oxygen is created. Its a self correcting equilibrium.

Watch Joe Rogan's interview with Graham and the other guy... the other guy is actually smart

Why would I worry about climate change when I can just turn up the air conditioner?

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They can hide their intentions in their words, but they can't hide their intentions in their actions. Does Al Gore still own waterfront property in Florida? Does Obama own property close to the coast in California? Answer to both: Yes. So do they believe their own shit? No. So why do you?

If there's no solution why to you buy into their alarmist bullshit to begin with?

Climate change is the Christian death cult of the 21st century.


>Subvert nations
>Encourage the urbanisation of man
>Tear down the homes of the previous generations, develop land and place apartment complexes in their place
>Tell the goy they will love it, this is the future, it's cosmopolitan
>Cosmo goy gets sad and kills himself en masse
>Remove all trees and native wildlife so that you can make way for the next step
>Continue to propagate the urbanisation of goydom, encourage a frenzy through false stimulation of the real estate market
>Investment goy continues to purchase property in a market that has been (((stimulated))) so that he can make a quick buck
>More and more radical urbanisation takes place, people "yearn" for fake lawn now so they can watch more sports
>Tar roads connect all the micro caves that the cosmo/investment goy is buying up
>Cities continue to expand outwards, thermal conductors of steel and concrete get taller and taller
>Establish just enough parks and recreation area so the nature goy still feels connected to muh mother earth
>Suicide rates go through the roof and the masses are being prescribed SSRI's, boom. Profit from profit.
>Merchant hand rubbing intensifies
>Then tell the goy that climate change is because of their 95 Honda Civic and its rusted exhaust
>Goy to pay taxes for global warming, children of future sweat profusely in the sun, next to all the hotels
>Jew sells mojito to sweaty goy at hotel bar, slight hand rubbing ensues
>Jew convinces goy to pay more taxes for (((climate change)))
>Hand rubbing so intense, lubrication is needed to avoid chafing
>Jew slaps sweaty goy in head for said lubrication

Oh gee willy gosh goy, I wonder why the fuck the earth is warmer now than it was a short while ago.

Pic related.

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Coastal US cities are about to sink, we need to speed it up.

Nigger infested Earth BTFO!!!

Rationally speaking, it's better for any country to let a few coastal cities sink than put radical communists in power. Any 'damage' supposedly caused by climate change will be far, far less than the damage of letting the radical leftists have complete control over our economy and society.

>I mean, I'm a science guy

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false dichotomy. why is it so hard for average people to think in terms of anything other than extremes?

Yeah climate might be changing, but not buying into the humans are the only reason bullshit until someone can logically and scientifically explain to me why more CO2 would lead to more warming, given that the current amount already does absorb 99,97% of the radiation. Why would any more have any impact, you literally cannot go over 100%.

Whole climate debate in one sentence summarized. Just a giant hype to earn quick bucks.