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Good idea.

Oy vey! Anti-semitism!


they'll sperg out and expose themselves. brilliant.

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Why do we need to come up with a dozen new projects now that we're just entering IOTBW season, again? Why not at any other point in the year? Why keep diluting the same delivery method?

Of course they will be able to explain why, you antisemitic fucks.


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Someone post the Goebbels quote.

>muh yiddish labels

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Shills are trying their best to derail what could be a very productive outing. That’s why.

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jews hate attention
the fact that this will increase the mindshare of jews in normis will make that flip out

goddamn that guy is one lucky son of a bitch

he should start playing the lottery or something

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Change the font, remove the period, and you have yourself a winner.

Nah the one about you can call Jews a bunch of names and they don't care. But the minute you mention they are Jewish they go into hysterics.

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ah yes, a religious mafia split into several parts so if one goes down, others remain is SO difficult for goyim to understand. Even when you tell the truth, it sounds like shit; no wonder civilized people don't like your kind.

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Getting shot in the balls with a teargas canister.


Shut up ya grubby kike

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Daily reminder the wikipedia page about kalergi has been edited to hide the quotes about europe getting rekt by niggers. Check the archive.

oy vey

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won't work, jews have the victim upper hand, ANYTHING that seems a little bit offensive, even that fucking paper with one word, and they'll get all victim defense mode.

IIRAW is so perfect that shills are going overdrive trying to derail it.

That's the entire point.
They get defensive even when you accuse them of absolutely nothing.

This is actually genius.

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the writhe never ends

The idea is to trigger the hysterical kvetching.

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>you can only say one thing

Whoever does this should invest in a fake jew nose, for disguise.

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Ive been found out


Good idea.

whoever keeps creating these is just trying to water down the good ideas so no one focuses. this one is weak. it will only gain sympathy, not make anyone question anything.

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it's pretty good imo

>muh antisemitism
its more like counter-semitism. But (((some people))) cant tell the difference.


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Do this

it's not. think about it like normies would. what would they think when they see this? it in their minds will be linked immediately to anti-semitism, and will be dismissed.
you need to create something that intrigues people, and engages them to think about it and delve deeper. while it's simple, simplicity alone is not enough for a campaign to succeed.

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finally I'm witnessing a grass roots happening

to soon.
save it for after the election.

I think we're just brainstorming.


Why not Palestine?

It has been done before

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This is cringe. "Jews." will be instantly dismissed as an ominous neo-nazi accusation.

Even "Jews are right about white people" was less stupid than this; at least that tried to get normies to consider how jews view white people (even though the notion of jews hating whites is easier to obfuscate/deny than the notion of Islam oppressing women).

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This burger gets it.

remove the period. it implies a condescending tone or accusational voice.
would be perfect.

>Mass migration produces MORE green-house gas emissions.
Climatetards get rekt'd


>comic sans


should just be a circle with an X in it desu


Why not just answer the questions instead of feminine distortion and lying?

Post link faggot

>Der Memeflagge


jews are right about goyim

Why not


I agree with avoiding dilution.
>Islam is Right about Women
would both work really well, but they need their own time. The point is to focus on a single aspect of the narrative and create a minimal trigger for cognitive dissonance. The reason IotbW works is because, taken alone, there is literally nothing wrong with the claim, but they will flip. Same goes with IiRaW, Jews, etc in a vacuum, but once they all start going up at once, you lose what makes it work. Now it is no longer minimal. It's not just
>It's ok to be White
>It's ok to be White
>Islam is Right about Women
and this goes from minimalism in a vacuum to building a picture, where everything is interconnected by context. Once there is context, people will just dismiss it, since they will just see it and go
>Whites, women, Islam, Jews
>Oh, it's just muh right wing identity politics
and dismiss it without actually thinking about the statement. It only works if they think about it, since that is the only way to trigger the cognitive dissonance. If this can be accomplished, everyone who saw and thought will feel uncomfortable watching media etc just instantly pick a side, since no matter what side they pick, it will be uncomfortable to them after having thought about it, dividing the media elite fro their drones.

If there's going to be a p2, it should have it's own season.

Why do Jews hate being called Jews? This is brilliant. But let's give the muslim one more time.

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they are not just stop with this

too hard will not be as subversive as just "juden"

have you morons not found anything better to do with your time than hating on people you don't even know ?

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I third this.

Makes it more enigmatic.

Is it anti-Semitic to object to the posting???

How do they know its not just like "Raiders", lol.


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Hahahah its so simple. So pure. So perfect.

Can I have that kind sir?

"Jews." should be Easter weekend, when everyone is primed to remember the resurrection.

Halloween is coming. Bump

The first website to expose it was shut down (sold out?) and purged from waybackmachine. It's like they're hiding something.

Hmmmmm....... I like it. I could do without the period, and capitalizing the first letter seems too respectful, but I’m no expert.


pick 1

were you dancing pn 9-11?

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are you retarded?


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Digits confirm.

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IIRAW is stupid as fuck. when people see that phrase printed on a piece of low-budget printer paper in plain black ink they're just like "uhhh...the fuck is this autistic nonsense?" and then they never think about it again. Ya'll are cringey

Just type in "jews" in any comment section for anything, and a jew will reply "nazi!". Ive been doing that for years on every social media, youtube. Same results.

You seem triggered.
What's your opinion on the message?

Huh, this is actually a really good idea