White House Insider

I am what you would call, "A White House insider". I have one of the closest RelatonshIps to the President that is stronger than any of his cabinet members or even wife. I have reason to believe that the world is about to witness a new age in politics in the following weeks. The Ukraine call will explain what I mean once it is dropped later this week. I will not go in to great detail on this because of the need to keep my identity secure.

You may ask me questions as you please, and know that I am in a hurry.

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#1: why are your nipples always showing?

Q a legit operation or no?

#2: is greta thunberg actually nice in person or is she an annoying little autist?

Sour cream and onion or salt and vinegar?

I am not Ivanka, although we did have a reason for her outfit today.

#3: what is going to happen, legally, to the greater and lesser of the islands purchased by epstein?

Q seems to be legit, and knows what they are talking about if you know how to read their posts. I dont happen to know who it is.

Greta is basically the equivalent of a child actor and you can tell by the way her handler acts with her. Watch clips and you will see what I mean

I am not versed on the Epstein case, but I do know that the island is still in use today.

you didn't say "i havnt met her in person".
you are a larp. gtfo this bread

You think I havent met this person?

new age?
what do you mean by this?

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I asked what she was like in person and you didn't say what she was like in person.

Why did Trump hand over to the UN, control of all religious sites with an extra $25Million to go with it?

Many big names going down, specifically Biden and his crew. Theyre on damage control since their buddies in communications got caught in our trap.

I said that she is the equivalent a child actor, in the way she acts (meaning no real intellect besides her act), and I gave you a channel to see for yourself. Everyone is looking at her, not the people surrounding her.

religion is important, and many countries will need it in the following months

Q was initially roger stone with some inside drops from people he was friends with.
he got interrogated for his actions and right before his trial passed off control of the identity to a social media firm run by a young man who has also subsequently been subpoenad.
In early 2019 the identity changed hands once more and is now believed to be run by a group associated with roger who have journalists that sometimes accompany the president and leak info along with extremely early news leaks.

regardless, it is a "breakfast cereal decoder ring" type activity being orchestrated for the president's political gain, but nearly everything they predict fails to come true or is so nebulous that it cannot come true.

one bombshell is that one of their sources is the guy that runs the realdonaldtrump twitter account.

i asked how she was in person. you fail to respond, you are a larp.

One scoop
TWO !!!!!

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Greetings, I have seen huge spaceships fly into the Earth after opening up a massive portal using whatever this blue plasma energy is in pic related is. I suspect they are upset over white genocided and that their technology is much more advanced than yours is. That's is all, have a good day.

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>religion is important, and many countries will need it in the following months

So basically Trump is the antichrist bringing in one world religion then?

He handed over all religious sites to the UN, do you not understand the implications? Same old, same old.

do you have any sources or evidence for this?

PROTIP: Never respond to tripfags.

OP can't into basic English syntax or grammar and is full of shite.

lol any retard that believes this. Yeah, it would be impossible to narrow down the suspect of someone who is 'closer' than anyone to the US president.

Fucking goyim idiots on here. OP, at least make it fun -

LARPing faggot

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does this have anything to do with bill browder?

Why are you gay?

Why post a tease? Why put us through the experience of wondering if you're legit while you tell us about something that, if true, we could just wait for?

>one of the closest RelatonshIps to the President
>writes like a high-school dropout
Please try again later.

Please explain that reason

would you really be surprised if a trump adviser had the writing skills of a middle-schooler?

Is Trump an Israeli shill or trying to subvert from within?

what kind of flowers are these?

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what's with the anti white shit?
why is DC projecting its drama again?

thanks for the update and infomation too mate :)

Also I'm not a fan of the NWO.
I understand now.

btw biden visited last month
user don't hit head on the keyboard user

watch this

Send pic of feet in white house or fake n gay

Yellow roses?

that dress looks vulgar af. is that photoshopped or something? Why is she wearing that?

DailyMail published that photo. It does look odd, though.

>one of their sources is the guy that runs the realdonaldtrump twitter account
This makes sense, as the "deltas as proofs" would seem to indicate.

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>Q seems to be legit
It's a psyop

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>Many big names going down
When do the Obama holdovers get cleaned out?

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This is the most reasonable Q theory I’ve seen

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my sources are classified. I have even spoken with people in the department of state.
Q isn't technically doing anything illegal, but it comes borderline at times. it IS a psychop- blessed with a head nod from 45, targeted at boomerbrains.

can i have gf pls

I initially posted a more extended, detailed version of this on a reddit dedicated to debunking Q and they mocked me. Never leaking intel on reddit again

Try this thought:
In person, she comes across like a child actor.

When will the straight, white, male uprising begin?

>it IS a psychop- blessed with a head nod from 45, targeted at boomerbrains.

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but that's not what i asked. I asked if she was snobbish or nice. OP has never met her, because he doesn't work in DOS, or anywhere near the white house.

Barron... what are they feeding you buddy.

Have you met Mr Tiggy.
what are your impressions of him?

Is that a shoop or was she really trying to smuggle marbles into the UN?

You asked if she was X or Y, user indicated Z. She comes across as FAKE, is the way I would take it, although I am not convinced that user is legit myself, but you seem to be jumping the gun on that one.

i just wanna bang her ok?
is that toooo much for a lowly civil servant like me to ask

Hey Insider
Tell him for me he should come up to Leafland after 2024, he'd make great PM. The position doesn't pay as much but still

Kike pedo shill confirmed

K keep me posted

How do you get sperm out of your collar?

When do we gas the kikes ?

Barron is going to be the first to surpass giga-chad and achieve the legendary Ulra-Chad.

Can you uhhhhhh do us all a favor and create a vacancy in the POTUS/VPOTUS slots before morning? Please? Pretty please?

Will they lock her up?

He’s autistic 4 real stupid fuck.

Are gold and silver going to be enough? Or are we looking at bullets, water and cigarettes?

With peanut butter.

barron X greta
rule 34 STAT

>complains of a no-evidence LARP while engaging in a no-evidence LARP
I'm not trying to be disingenuous but you gotta admit

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I bet you're literally this guy.

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The name of OPs image though...
Dad Thumbs Up.

except i'm not claiming to be a covert user leaking info from the government and volunteering questions.
Q is a non-classified subject.
A psychop run by private individuals.
I can't provide you anything about the government, user.

lol snap

>"A White House insider"
If you work for this administration, you must be a massive retard.

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Biden is still in to protect his come, right?


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Why do you lie?

Will Trump inevitably have to use the military in order to stay in power?

we all cant win, give jared his props


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but you *are* claiming to have knowledge of the handlers for Q and its inner workings, and have done nothing to attempt establish this as legitimate other than saying "user trust me." give legitimate proof of what you said previously about Q or don't bother responding to this post. if I get no proof to my satisfaction this exchange ends and you are unequivocally LARPing

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Sorry, I misjudged this thread.
This isn't a "white house insider".
this is literally donald trump.
donald trump is posting on Jow Forums, anons.

> give jared his props
Damian ...

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Missing Podesta Bros.

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Why would I bother documenting anything about a shitty boomer larp? you either believe in Q or you do not. everything else is just for your amusement, and i am not going to provide you with a detailed dossier for free user

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Hello Barron!

Still a coincidence? youtube.com/watch?v=cKR7Srh3uJI

Where are you, OP?

well then,
answer the Q question
is the Plan real?
how soon will BIG names start being rounded up?

Q is real. You disbelieving short-sighted, negative faggots need to get over it.

>and i am not going to provide you with a detailed dossier
should've just omitted the end because all of us know you're not going to provide anyone with anything, free or otherwise. have a nice day


this is probably a larp but bumping anyway.

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The tripcode was also his tip...


how about this: nothing qanon ever predicted ever came true, since he started posting in late 2015?