Baby being born. Trying to stop the Circumcision

Got some red pills handy for me?
Would be nice to have that empty baby tie down apparatus pic with the blood stain. Saw it earlier today but boink.

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>trying to stop circumcision
>trying to stop
Why is this even a question?
Is your wife perhaps lying about her origins?
Just tell her no.

Not my baby. In the community.

John Q it if you have to I’ll see on the news bro

Just don't do it.

Just say no and dont let them fuck with your son's dick skin.

Tell your wife she can get her clit hood cut off if she likes the idea so much.

Thing is he can always get circumcised later if he just has to.

Literally no reason to do it as a baby other than aesthetics or fears of smegma or other dumb shit.

My son is the same age as his cousin. My kid didn't get cut, my sister had her kid get cut. Guess which kid has a dick that doesn't try to hide in their body all the time to protect itself. Makes potty training a breeze as the kid doesnt have to fish his dick out of himself to pee and doesn't dribble on his balls. But hey cut means a cleaner dick right???

Fucking clown world.

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It's not even your kid? Then just shut the fuck up and stop worrying about it.

Oh okay.

Sharp metal instruments, your sons cock, YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK!!!!!!

My mom paid for the last one for a friend/family.

Ah Goyim falling for the "circumcision is SOOOO PAINFUL! My little baby dick can't handle fucking women for longer without cumming like a little pussy" AHHAHAHAHAHAHA ITS SO FUN WATCHING YOU GUYS FALL FOR THE SAME SHIT TO KEEP YOU OUT OF THE CLUB TIME AND TIME AGAIN LMAO

Should have already talked to your OBGYN breh. Literally just tell them no if they ask. I'm assuming your wife is also on board. The stories of them pestering you and trying to trick you are basically the equivalent of "then everybody started clapping." If for some reason the doctor tries to pressure you then remember that you have a fucking back bone and tell him no because your son is more important than years of conditioning to obey authority.

Fish his dick....nigger what? What kind of micropenis do you non jews have? WHAT? Like this is actual hilarious. No jews "fish their dick out of themselves" unless they are some obese, moronic, white nazi lmao.

Have fun cumming within 2 minutes average un-cut fag.

Of course she did, middle aged women have a sick fixation on circumcision.

>not wanting to save every kids dick
youre a monster user. every white penis should be protected like a sea turtle
you boys remember when we watched this jew rage over his cut dick? good times

People don't "shut the fuck up and stop worrying about it" regarding female circumcision, why should he "shut the fuck up and stop worrying about it" regarding male circumcision?

Lol they cut his dick off. Like almost all of the skin. That kids got a buried penis because they removed so much of it

Tell them that women like it better and you get more intense orgasms. If the dad is that much of a cuck after telling him that, he deserves a son who hates him for cutting off the fuckin thing.

I mean are you a moron intentionally, or accidentally? Jews don't have micropenises. This isn't an issue. We have the largest dicks outside of Africa. Literally don't get why you people have issue cutting off a few micro meters.

If they cut off "A lot of his skin" its cause he didn't have ANY TO BEGIN WITH. You're just an inferior bloodline to Jews lmao. This is why you can't join our tribe. You LITERALLY CUT YOUR DICK AND CANT PROCREATE AFTEr. HOW UNMANLY IS THAT? LITERALLY THE EPITOME OF BETA ENERGY LMAO

Couldn't find the pic you mentioned, but here's some gore instead.

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Based kike

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Depends on where you are. We got bombarded by 8 different people, 2 ob's and 6 nurses within a couple minutes of getting back to our room from the c-section despite having NO-CIRC written on the dry erase board in our room, emailing a copy of our birth plan ahead of time, and handing them a printed copy on arrival.

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Here's a normie one.

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i have schizophrenia, and, this one time, i went to the ER cuz i was freaking out that I had necrosis on my dick; but when the doctor saw me he knew: It was only the scar from my circumcision.


Literally causes hygiene issues if you get your dick skin chopped off.

CUT DICKS ARE CLEANER GUYS ZOMG!!! - fucking retards.

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Or he could have killed himself. Why should we feel bad? Is this supposed to make us NOT want to circumsize? Seems like only loser faggots fail circumcision, and all real men throughout history can handle it. Hence why, 100% of my family have had it, and continued their genetics. On average circumcised individuals have a higher chance of passing on their genetics. So you're just wrong.

there's nothing wrong with circumcision, you fucking edgelords
it's healthy, safe, and normal. your sons' uncircumcised dicks will cause women to vomit from the smell of their dick cheese and then they'll end up as incels just like all of you

>Trying to stop the Circumcision
don't consent to it

or tell the wife to wait till he's a teen so he can consent to it and the doctors have more to work with, show her botched circumcisions

>shut the fuck up and stop worrying about it

If you have schizophrenia you shouldn't be here. People like you are the problem. Go to twitter or reddit, and at least be useful. Here you are just reinforcing stereotypes. At least dissociate into a lefty ffs.

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Link because I fucked up copy and paste on a phone.

>i'm a real man because my dick was mutilated


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>based circle bro
i miss my chanpass
>same tired shit
go away not based circle bro

Every single person with this wasn't meant ot be born in the first place, and in Judaism this would never happen because 0% of Jews have genetics where this is EVEN POSSIBLE. If it was inside your genetics, it would have statistically already happened in the last 3000 years.

It didn't.

Unlike you inferior, micro dicked buried dick genetic losers, we aren't afraid to join god's clan. Fuck tard. That's the point. DONT JOIN. YOu'REA FUCKING WIMP. Only Jews should have cut dicks so women know who has the superior dick. That way, Niggers will lose the race war and no women will like ngiger dicks anymore. They will only begin to prefer huge jewish dicks.

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i'm a jew and I think circumsizion should be done at 13

what do my fellow jews think?

>Thinking being a real man isn't passing on your genetics superiority to others

Cope harder over the fact you orgasm before your woman, Charles.

Literally told my wife we’re not circumcising our son and she said okay. be a man

Imagine WANTING to feel more in sex so you orgasm prematurely.

Imagine being THIS STUPID to still buy nazi propaganda against circumcision cause your convinced your micro dick is caused by it lmao.

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Circumcision should be performed at any age on any male as soon as they are found out to have a blasphemous penis

You're a hero and a legend.

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Ex....actly O_O Dude quite spam posting like a schizo. You clearly don't even get it. That's THE POINT. It's not for you, you selfish microdicked loser. It's FOR THE WOMAN.

Cutfag here, my wife says it feels better than uncut.

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You faggots need to copy harder over the fact women more easily prefer to have sex with a clean dick than an unclean one. Keep wasting all your time while Jews just keep having the largest average number of sexual partners of any group. Keep losing the race war to Jews who on average have 10 kids per family. You're all fucked.

>uncircumcised dicks will cause women to vomit from the smell of their dick cheese
Yeah showering and cleaning my dick is so much hard work, i will apparently never get a girl. since my parents didn't savagely mutilate me.

And you get to fuck her for loner. Imagine if it felt better? You would barely last

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You don't have to thrust like a piston if you're not circumcised. You get far more out of less effort. The loss of sensitivity means you lose information-- circumcision greatly increases the problem of premature ejaculation.

Imagine GIVING A SHIT about how the woman feels during sex.

It actually is a lot of work lmao. Keep having to shower before sex like a faggot. I literally can on the spot impregnate any bitch, and you have to take yourself to the restroom to prepare like a FUCKING WOMAN DOES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HOLY FUCK COPE HARDER BETA

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>227548397 {you denied}
>12 posts by this ID
Trying too hard

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Imagine not giving a shit how women feel during sex, and losing to the Jews because they figured out matriachies defeat patriachies every time. Keep trying to rape our women and giving us more Jewish offspring. The race always follows the mother.

Find me a single child whose absentee father gave them their values.


Women are ALL that matter. You keep losing this war to us Jews like the pussy beta you are, I really don't care if you wake up. Because I'll just move on to the Indians and Chinese if you whities can't pull your race together and raise real families again.

let your kid get his dick snipped or he won’t get a girl to blow him before he turns 21

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>gods clan
how fucking diluted are you? youre a perverted mongrel and it shows in your posting. your blood feast is almost over, hyim

No one has yet come with a single response, try harder to cope with your 2 minute orgasms lmao.

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3000 years but keep trying when your family have contributed nothing to society for the entirety of human history HAHHAHAHAHAH HOLY FUCK. It hurts listening to goys with like 105 IQs speak.

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>muh dick
Not only statistically untrue but also why are you trying to cope so hard? Pretty sad.

Your genetics involve having a foreskin, which you leisurely removed, so that part of your argument of passing on anything is moot because you were altered/altered your son.

Citation on that statistic you mentioned aside; intact males had a stigma attached to them thanks to brainwashing with the constant
>"eww cheesedick"
>"It's not clean"
>"It looks weird"
So it's a no-brainer that they might be less often picked as mates considering the low regards they were held to. Social ostracization has that sort of affect.

Let's get that citation by the way so we know you weren't talking out your ass.

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You do know it retracts completely, everting all the skin around it, right? It's extremely easy to clean, it rolls down with a single motion and all the inside skin is exposed for however much you want to scrub. It takes literally no time-- saying that uncircumcised dicks are hard to clean is like saying it's hard to wash the palm of your hand unless your fingers have been cut off.

kRaeF/UI is here to bait, and not to have a respectful discussion, don't respond to him

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>give a man money to mutilate your child unnecessarily
>child is mutilated horridly
>man sells your child’s foreskin for $350
>some crusty old hag on the other side of the world is walking around with your sons foreskin on her crusty old face
Don’t do it lmao, you are insanely stupid if you do.

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El abominacion mutilado...

The foreskin is actually, for lack of a better way to describe it, an elegant mechanism. If your primary concern is how easy it is to clean, PLEASE take some time to learn how it works before you get your kids cut.

youre a mixed race mongrel from esau. youve dont nothing but rob and kill. kikes are not israelites and your 1000s of years of (((my fellow whites))) is coming to an end as well
your hooked nose kike face tells us who you are, as the bible says

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Israeli bro you still here? Do you want to debate? What's healthy about circumcision? And why do you think it is ok to sexually cripple men for life?

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Dude, you do realize I never clean my dick ever right? What planet are you un-cut homos actually on? My girl literally pulls my dick out of my jeans after a day of work, sweaty and stinky and fucking loves it. I don't have to clean the gross build up off it EVER. EVER HOMO. What do you not get? I don't cum in 2 minutes like you, I literally have to sit for 30 minutes or I can't cum. Like a real man. I actually control my orgasms pussy boy, I don't cumwhen she squeezes m8. This is what you don't get lmao.

They did this to me as soon as I was born. Monsters.

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Honestly, Id prefer that. Fuck pleasing women. Hope ill not get circumcised in my next life..

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