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A thread for discussion of Absolute Monarchies both past and present and methods for ensuring the success of a modern Absolute Monarchy. Absolute Monarchy General acknowledges that Modern Democracies, Republics and Constitutional Monarchies are Jewish constructions. We seek to escape the kosher vise altogether. Reminder that any discussion on /pol of who to vote for is keeping you soundly within the walls of the Jewish Intellectual Prison.

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We tried that...

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>What if you get a bad Monarch?

There is always the chance to get a bad monarch, this is acknowledged. However, in a democracy or Republic you are guaranteed to get shitty leaders. A.H. “ Sooner will a camel pass through a needle's eye than a great man be "discovered" by an election.” A bad monarch is easier to depose of or render ineffective than our supposed “elected leaders” who make up only the tip of our systematic control and oppression. Contrary to common belief, peasants had more control over their daily life and their immediate governance than modern day Americans do. Monarchs have much more incentive to deliver for their subjects than Presidents or Prime ministers have to deliver for their constituents. What does a president get for delivering their campaign promises? Nothing! A monarch turns over their kingdom to their heirs and has an incentive to leave it better than they found it, additionally a monarch lives under constant fear of popular revolt, advisor revolt and regicide. Much more powerful incentives.

> Don't you want to be able to vote for your government and be free?

No, we don't care because we acknowledge that we are only being given the illusion of control regardless. What voters asked for the 1965 immigration act? When was the last time you gained a freedom you didn't have already? Seldom do these things happen and seldom do voters on the Left or Right get what they want. Did Leftists get universal healthcare with Obama? Did Trump supporters get strict immigration enforcement? No! You do not have control no matter how you vote, Trump was the ultimate proof of this.

>Great, so what's the plan to institute absolute monarchy in the west?

We are not entirely sure. However, one plan after overthrow is to form a ruling council. They would form a separate selection committee and search the nation for children who could be raised and trained for the Monarchy. Once they have reached the proper age they could select from a pool of the candidates. If you have a better idea post it!

The advantage of clear leadership allows for agile and swift decision process. The down side is that you have no control of the quality of the decision.

This is a flaw however this can and has been mitigated throughout history by a strong system of advisors, mentors and proper raising and educating of the Monarch.

Restore the British North America to the Commonwealth.

The queen needs to take control of bongland.

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All the pro monarchists need to look at the logical fallacies image at the top of Jow Forums

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Which logical fallacy do you suggest absolute monarchy is falling for?

One God One King One Kingdom One People

Anything else is Jewish pilul. Monarcies have been more effective at controlling the Jewish meanace than any other system.

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An absolute monarchy is great if you have a just ruler because the wheels of change turn faster than in a Republic or Democracy.

>Dictator becomes corrupt
>The people rebel
>A new dictator government in installed composed of good men
>There is an era of peace

Heres a quick history of literally every single dictatorship that has ever existed on the face of earth across every nation.

A benevolent dictatorship is undoubtedly the best system you could ever come up with.
The problem is that benevolent dictators don't necessariyl have good kids.

The best system is probably an absolute monarchy where the monarch is chosen from the family, so part elective.

I did few monarchy general threads some time ago, glad to see you here
Gonna help you with that FAQ
> What if you get a bad Monarch?
realistically that would just mean a decade or two of semi-competent decisions
nothing drastical, just moving forward in snail speed
he will learn in time, from advisors, from international judgement and shame his weakness brings upon his name, his children will be brought up in specific circumstances of forever trying not to be as weak as pappa was.
real question should be:
>what if you get evil monarch
you fucking kill him
theoretically you could implement some impeachment procedure but the possibility of corruption and using it to influence the royal family is simply to great, so just fucking kill him

In case of monarchy you are going for uphill battle, so trying the defensive "please like me" stane is senseless
don't change but add to it a question
> When was the last time you voted in really Good guys into the office
> When was the last time voting actually changes something major for the good
> Do you see a chance for that now? I the near future? Realistically do you see it during your lifetime?

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A monarchy is not a dictatorship. It is a unification of the Spiritual, Racial, and Historical interests of a people headed by a representative for said people.

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Monarchies are not dictatorships.

Yes. They are.

Thank you based Polish. I will incorporate this wisdom into the general. It pains me to see supposed good, traditional, and conservative people here continually tricked by radical Jewish Democratic and Republic thought. Constantly swaying to one approves candidate ot ideology to another.

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is it better to live according a single person's agenda or the agenda of politically aligned media outlets?

> Don't you want to be able to vote for your government...
see the additional questions from my last post
> ... and be free?
utopian concept
in reality post agricultural revolution there was not one free generation in the history of the world
it's all just levels of opression and comparing one self with levels of opression in other countries
it also opens the debate between free and safe/secure and invites utopian blabbering, grow up from being a woman for fuck sake
keep it at sensible proportions necessary to run the state and it will be fine

only if bongland fixes itself.
why shoukd I ve detained for owning a butter knife?

I dont even think it comes down to that. A monarch has a multitude of influences other than their own agenda. They have to deal with the church, their advisors, the dukes/knights, the people and their training and education.

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> Great, so what's the plan to institute absolute monarchy in the west?
Council and long term seeking protegies is a bad idea, sorry mate. It invites. Kveching, "groups" and civil war even before future rules would get his dick hard for the first time
No. You wan't to know how to establish dynasty, look at history.
During the time of peril, charismatic or competent leader naturally arrives to safeguard ("safeguard" to be honest) against the chaos. All we really need to do is to prepare entirely new monarchy based structure of political government for that time, for him to be able to rely upon it after the time of chaos is over
is he is able to constuct it in some better way, great
is he is not and still try to rule just based on his own favourite fucked up harem anime ideas - kill him

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The real problems you are going to struggle with - given the idea of reinstating monarchy as a concept are:
> people will never vote themself out from the process of voting for gibs, therefore are you suggesting some violent revolution?
No. Realistically the illusion of "its all good senpai" is still too strong - although internet and some suspicious frogs keep digging at it, which in time may bring wider understanding among the masses (not like make an intellectuals out of them, more like we push the faggot window so far to the truth that they'll be ashamed not to align)
It's all going to shit now, after they'll take your kids and sentence you to some anal diversity, few civil wars will come
lots and lots of chaos
If by then there is a political structure ready, for a new type of monarchy related gov system
and if some offset of memsters bring this idea to the people, that not right nor left is responsible, but the system itself
then it might come naturally

for that one statement is of utmost importance:
>All current monarchy systems are outdated
"but look at this I prepared with some anons.. criticise it if you will, I'm nothing but happy for thinking of ways to improve it."

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> They have to deal with ... the dukes/knights
another concept we need to entirely reimagine
Nobility and its functions need to be made anew
There will be clases (as they are in every single form of gov, if you think democracy is free of this I suggest you try publicaly clam to have some evidence of C*intons crimes and have fun with what comes next.

1. There must be clases as it is not possible to imagine political system without them
2. There must be (limited in some sort) a way to climb, and to fall from grace in regard to them
3. Nobility should be related to the deeds one accomplished for the people of the realm
The best idea here would be some hybrid between old roman cursus honorum and civilian/citizen relationship from Starship Troppers
4. The function and allure of Nobility (beside the every day glamour of it and exegi monumentum for ones family) would be in governance and decision making of the lower administrative spheres, like counties and states in all matters that are not critical to the state (as those would naturally fall unter monarchs sphere). Some governing yourself locally. That might even be democratically decided - townhall/state parlament by people, townsenate/state senate by the nobles
For it to work monarch would need to relinquish some power on the local self govern matters, what actually would work better for all
5. Nobility would at best be until the death, and let the children think if they want, how to bring glory/profit to ones realm and to keep the family name if they want
Also there would be a coded way to strip them from this.

These are my initial thought on this at least.

A agree with most of these points. Local governance is how it was traditionally done and smaller government works better. No reason why townships cannot self govern under some basic rules from the crown. I agree that a new class system is needed as well. I like your ideas and will try to incorporate them into tomorrows thread.

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No prob
These threads are rough though..

You should have this, it is dangerous to go alone

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At least those
I won't shit up the thread with more, even if its dying

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Godspeed Brother. I will continue tomorrow.

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Who would be king tho?


Check em

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That way she can increase the amount of refugees coming in?

There are a number of ways a modern absolute could choose a king. One, the counsel is written about above.

Another idea from polishanon is that "During the time of peril, charismatic or competent leader naturally arrives to safeguard ("safeguard" to be honest) against the chaos. All we really need to do is to prepare entirely new monarchy based structure of political government for that time, for him to be able to rely upon it after the time of chaos is over"

If you have a better way please share.

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