You Alt Righters WRONG about Trans People

I know that most of you have already made up your minds but let me tell you that it’s easy to deny a condition that you have never experienced yourself. You have never experienced Gender Dysphoria and having to wake up every day in a body that feels alien and wrong from your childhood on and having to play the role of a character that does not reflect who you actually are inside. The medical community acknowledges this and that is why gender reassignment is so widely accepted and funded. You are delusional if you think that all of that money and time and care would go into providing healthcare that wasn’t what a person needed. Why are you so against people finally being able to live happily with themselves just because you can’t relate to what they are going through? I’ll bet you would never tell me to my face that you hate me and opposed my transition. Most of you wouldn’t even know I was trans if you walked up to me on the street anyway.

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it will suicide when it realizes it cannot win against nature

didn't read lol, join the 40%

>>Jow Forumseddit

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you only feel that way cause you are a literal cumbrain, trans people are possessed by sex demons like succubus and incubus

No one is denying the condition moron, we're denying mutilating your dick.

Bait harder faggot.

no Alt Righters here


i know you're a shit posting baiting faggot but for anyone of trans identity to admit gender dysphoria is what it really is, is a huge leap in progress since 2010. i wish more people would just fucking accept that instead of trying to argue against it.

I only read the headline and none of the rest go fuck yourself mentally ill zombie

Read this

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Go back please.

Yes, we know social conditioning and drug abuse result in confused individuals. Hate a transperson? Why would I? I want them to find inner balance and self acceptance. You aren't accepting who you are if you carve out the parts about you that you don't like. That isn't inner peace and balance. It's an entirely superficial change that on the record hasn't changed any thing for anybody except a temporary dopamine rush.

>Mouse Utopia

Gender Dysphoria isn't cured by hormones and cutting off your genitals. Prove me wrong.

Show us what you really look like, user.

Remember the 40%

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No one contends over the existence of gender dysphoria.

The contention is over the treatment.

ugh go find your mexican clinic and have your dick inverted and shoved up into your abdomen. and then spend the rest of your time "dilating"

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Jow Forums really is garbage

>"You're wrong and here's why"
... Okay, listening.
Yes I'm fully aware of
>The effect the chemicals in the water
>The effects of women's feelings of inferiority towards man
>Man's feelings of low T levels and high soi consumption.

That doesn't make it okay/legal to betray your race.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. 1488, brothers.

its monstrous and disgusting to look at like the elephant man

Bella without makeup?

alt-righters are wrong about almost anything, but they are right about the trans people

Some trans people I can tolerate..this one I even kinda like tbqh. (Pic related)

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You know, I went through a phase where I experimented with vaguely-tranny behavior like trying on high-heels and dresses when I was very young. You know what I learned? I was a spergy, autistic fucking retard. Thank GOD my parents and peers didn’t throw me on HRT like society would have them do now. I was able to overcome this admittedly short phase and reflect on it in my late teens; it, among other things, helped me in establishing upstanding character and overcoming my austistic faggot behavior in general

One time I woke up at 2 am to pee and one of my balls got stuck behind my underwear. I was so sleepy that I thought I lost my one and only testicle. ( the other testicle is story for another day)

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Red pilled and based

>we're wrong about trans people

Nope, I've adjusted the optics on all of my firearms, I'm one hundred percent true.

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ok and
i had an accident when i was younger, i have a scar next to my eyebrow and my chin is uneven. i don't like that, i wish my chin was even and my face was intact but that's reality and i have to live with it.

Either accept that you have an identity disorder and do your best to live with it, be institutionalized, kill yourself, or into the gas chamber you go. Sorry, that's just the way it has to be for the good of society

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Why refer to it as one of your balls if you only have one? I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing.

incorrect, you said trans People as if they were human to begin with

Someone who claims to be Augustus Caesar isn't coronated as the Emperor of Rome... Gender dysphoria is a mental illness and should not be encouraged and enabled

Ok I made the story up
I was just trying to cheer up OP
For gods sake he wrote us a whole fucking book about some lgbtqrstuv thing I didn’t really read

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>tl;dr - in which I provide evidence I truly have the thought processes of a woman
Convinced me.

You were probably born with autism but the tumblr and anime that convinced you to try and become a catgirl tranny didn't set in until your tweens dummy. Also, the medical community is using you to bypass human experimentation restrictions to advance surgical tech and get you hooked on hormones you ( or more likely the state ) pay out the ass for from cradle to grave.

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>I’ll bet you would never tell me to my face that you hate me and opposed my transition
I would do this, and I have done this. My brother goes to an incredibly liberal university and when I was visiting him last winter, I had the displeasure of running into a creature like yourself.
It tried to bum a dart off me and I told it to hang itself.

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How does it feel to be a waste of time?

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I dont think your "trans rights" are lowering the suicide rate anytime to

most trannies arent even like women at all they just want to look like women and get fucked like women while still really being a boy on the inside, you can always tell when they are still super attached to typically male hobbies like sports or warhammer. Thats why most "female" programmers on super niche nerdy stuff are actually trannies, real women arent into those things at all and if you find one congrats you found yourself a unicorn.

>the medical community is happy to accept $10,000 for a surgery and $100 an hour for fake head shrinking and this totally doesn't represent a conflict of interest

Absolute chad of a man

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You OP WRONG about things and stuff

>I’ll bet you would never tell me to my face that you hate me and opposed my transition. Most of you wouldn’t even know I was trans if you walked up to me on the street anyway
I would tell you though. I would tell you to look up Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Money, and how they did surgeries as an adjunct to therapy, and stopped because they found that even after surgery some patients were not "cured."
I am a male and I have worn my hair long since I was 18. I have a sensitive side - I draw and have a well-decorated place, and I cry at weddings and funerals. But the biological reality is that I am male, the XY chromosome, and I can't change that. Surgery won't change that.
If your psychological reality does not match your biological, physical reality, something is wrong, and you need to bring it into alignment. Surgery is the path of greatest resistance, and it is unchangeable. Some who go through it can't orgasm afterwards, user. Is it really worth it? Not trolling, being honest. Get help, seriously.

>Alt Righters

I wish nothing but death on degenerate scum like you.

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I have species dysphoria since I was 12 and yet I haven't mutilated my body and demanded people bend to my emotions. I have dealt with it, found peace with the body and life I have now, and moved on. Obsessing over these things is extremely mentally damaging. Making the condition a central part of your existence is a bad thing for everyone.

And then I realized I responded to a bait thread.

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They have the mannerisms of gay men

He's a memeflaggot and deserves nothing but a necktie made of rope

Seriously, trans people are the best!!!

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I'm trans and I think we all deserve to be gassed.

When I'm the last one put in the chamber I can help hold the door closed.

>a condition that you have never experienced yourself
did you just assume what we have gone through?
OP is a faggot

You don't deserve to be gassed, just find inner peace and become a productive person in society. But if you are lazy and selfish then yes, proceed with the gassing.

exactly I wouldnt have a problem if they just admitted to being gay dudes who want to look like women and be treated like them but arent actually women. Trying to tell me you're something you arent and never will be just pisses me off

Why do MtF trans hate women who only want spaces and partners to be for women born women? Its not radical feminism.

kill yourself freak

So everyone who browses here is an “alt righter”? Not everyone gives a fuck about other people’s kinks.


Gender is a Marxist construct. There is sex - a scientific term - male or female. Pick one.

>1 post by this ID

Clearly you've never met any trans "people."

That thing has a very unfortunate face.

Um no, I'm intersex because I have slightly more estrogen than the average male. Take that scientists.

Trans are not people.

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rolling 40 or below for OP to kill himself

>trans """people"""
Stopped reading

I prescribe a bullet to the head will fix that problem of yours.

Op's A Faggot

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> ywn have a qt trap fuck buddy, why even live?

That's different. You didn't think that shit up. These traps did. Whatever they were born as they can't just accept and think they can fight human physiology and win.

Eat a bullet and join the statistics, raging faggot. Good thing you won't ever reproduce.

the only thing trans "people" are the best at is killing themselves.
do the needful.

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>Reminder to trannies that 99% of you will never pass. You will always just look like an ugly man in a wig. You'll always have that voice in your head reminding you that you'll never be a real women. Nobody will ever love you and you'll probably kill yourself before you ever even lose your virginity.

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>the only thing trans "people" are the best at is killing themselves.
>do the needful.
Nah, they're good at understanding the emotional and physical needs of men, especially those who have already been rejected by women. And best of all, traps are especially good at blowjobs. 10/10. Highly recommend.

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Got to love gays. The only V problem that is steadily breeding itself away.

still a fag

Try catching a bullet with your skull fag bag.

You are clinically insane and rather than seeking treatment you demand acceptance.

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Tell us about your chromosomal make up?

I would rather fuck the most masculine man on Earth than fuck a "trap." At least he's not in denial about what he is.
And no, they're not good at understanding the physical and emotional needs of normal men, because they are deranged, mentally ill faggots. They don't understand what it's like to be a normal man.

>I get so much social support when I'm pretending to be a different gender trying to escape my self-loathing.

When your identity metamorphosis is complete, and the novelty wears off, the upcummies will cease, and you'll be an abomination with the same self-loathing that the transitional social support masked.

And then you'll eat the bullet.

Fuck off Kraut


I’d rather be wrong than Trans.

I'm ok. Just not with the surgery and I don't want to see them in women sports.

Pls post all the medical Gore and complications those abominations suffer after botching their genitals

>And no, they're not good at understanding the physical and emotional needs of normal men, because they are deranged, mentally ill faggots. They don't understand what it's like to be a normal man.
Are you even in a position to know? It's a widely observed fact that men, and especially traps, give the very best blowjobs. Is there anyone who can say that's a false statement? There's a very obvious set of reasons why it's true.

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When I see trannies the only thing I can think of is how bad they smell.
I know that the dude wearing a dress and makeup spends his freetime putting dildos up his ass so they probably smell like man ass and man sweat

I seriously cannot even think about it without feeling sick to my stomac

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