Why does the French Military have hoverboard troops and we don't?

Why does the French Military have hoverboard troops and we don't?
We can not allow a hoverboard gap.

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We probably had one 15 years ago at Area 51.

So they can hold the white flag high enough for the entire battlefield to see

Look up the Wasp. We tried this stuff in the 60s. It’s a great concept on paper but is RPG and machine gun bait.

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it's a great gadget that has many uses

>uses hoverboard in combat
>gets immediately shot down because you're loud and vulnerable being high up in the air

eh, you know it looks awesome
just image a company of 200 troops in a urban warfare bliz advancing in waves with these and tank supports

Just string hundreds of fishing lines or piano wires between two tall buildings and now that platoon is out of action.

Yes we can.
>above tree line to move
>crash protection is nill
>standing upright to move

There are some uses for these, they are not combat uses.

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why dont they just put fishing line on the ground then?

I can’t think of a more exposed position than floating around at 50ft and not being able to change direction quickly

also useful for search and rescue

because it would hurt the fish duh.

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At least look at the flags, of who is insulting you.

What's the French word for skeet?

US Army experimented with this in the 50s and quickly determined it was just a meme.

Unless it can outrun RPGs and outmaneuver suppressive fire, it's useless.

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Bird hunters would love to be in a war with them. They've been shooting clays for a lifetime.

Americans are too heavy to ride them

Exactly why no one uses infantry today
Bless the CIA and their droneswarms

>Why does the French Military have hoverboard troops and we don't?
Because France is a more advanced society in all respects. They even have affordable healthcare for all!

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Couldn't the ground troops just look up and kill that fuck'n guy with a bow and arrow since everyone can see him for miles?

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Seems like an expensive loss when they get dropped from the sky.

>we did everything first

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you dont know anything.
lots of little targets are harder to hit than several big ones. Thats why you storm beaches with bodies, not mechs. If A rpg did come, you could just drop to teh ground faster than the rpg coudl steer and boost back up and keep advancing faster than they could reload rockets.

> be hoversoldier.
> taking fire.
> cant see enemy in treeline.
> die.

Chad camouflage vs the virgin hoversoldier

>Why does the French Military have hoverboard troops and we don't?

we don't show our hand at all when our hand features assets that can encompass new terrain

LOL. I've got one. It's garbage.

Dismounted infantry can seek cover in terrain. Maneuvering just above the deck exposes units to everyone in LOS. We'd have issued these things to someone, anyone, if it made sense. It doesn't even make sense as an air ambulance.

We have things you wouldn't believe. I hardly believe some of the SIGNIT tech we have. No digitally encoded signals are safe.

I thought that the French flag was solid white my whole life.

loose lips sink ships; soldier,
and careless talk costs lives

Because they will never shoot while using it.

Dumb faggot leaf. That should be for urban warfare climing tall buildings n shit. Go post you beef prices now

PR stunt, the us military deemed it impractical in the 60 and 70s because it is.

Trust me, I'm not saying anymore. Pine Gap is not a prestigious placement, it's a punishment.

That dudes the equivalent of the knob who thinks he’s clever climbing up a tree in paintball.

Surround each hoverboard trooper with a cloud of drones as force multiplier and flak catchers. Use the hovertroopers as forward observers for artillery. Or misdirection. Also useful for marine boarding actions, probably.

God I have a huge fear of big cats.

hear and see floaty man
face away from Sun
shoot from below with trees for cover

>just shoot him
the guy can fly 90 miles an hour

He has to stop sometime. You can't shoot at 90 mph. Unless they have cod super suits too

I want to cuddle with a cheetah so bad.

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>never been skeet shooting
well, we could ask but we can tell you're neet.

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You are not in charge of my military.

Try to find videos that the public have posted about this. Pretty sure it's not real.

you just wire the gun to the onboard computer and it counter adjusts thurst when you fire. come on, think. Anyways its more for positioning. Like, if you are covering a building, and you dont know if the troops are going to come around the corner at ground lvl or come around at any floor hight, or come around from above the building, it becomes that much harder to hold

Big cat you say?

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>hoverboard troops and we don't?
Because we have shotguns


Because the French are gay, and like wasting money on stupid things.

>the guy can fly 90 miles an hour
So? Bullets go a lot faster than that. I know you are just being argumentative, but flyboards, jumpjets and the like have been tested over and over again and always come out wanting.
Remember the Mule? Israel had a drone air ambulance/building assault vehicle ready to roll in the '00s. It's still not in use because a regular chopper beats it in performance - direct thrust is hugely inefficient, fuel intense and at scale louder than a helicopter. Moller flying cars and all flying car concepts also suffer from these issues. Same with these things.

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>You can't shoot at 90 mph.

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Or just shoot em with birdshot and blam no more platoon

Comfy retro-futurist technology. Too bad it was neglected.

>NAP flying makes you vulnerable
Salty vatnick miserable about muh TLAMs

REDPILL-- jews call the proud french military tradition pussies because france liked natsoc and chose not to fight against it.



don't give them any ideas. they'll be hunting down the last white ppl with this.

We have Winged Jetpacks just like Gi Joe. Now you know.

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Actually seeing the speed and relative stability that it flies with is pretty impressive if not quite yet practical. I mean the moment you land your feet are cuffed together. You be useful if paired with other tech in a better form factor for S&R but it likely already operating near its weight capacity and has shit fuel efficiency.

Very cool invention, but it seems like it would be incredibly obsolete as a military aircraft. They could definitely put on some cool airshows with them though.

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Aww, the real world isn't like CoD. Cry harder.
A tracked box made of metal is always going to be the best military vehicle. This is why Mechs don't work, or hoverboards, or any other memetech, in real combat. It's not NOE flying so much as NOE puttering.

>still a salty vatnick
Tanks get pompfed by the glorious native american spirit whirwind and the might of christianity
Run, the Apache loves painting you with helfire

dropping people from helicopters works fine. anyway the technology doesn't seem too difficult to develop if needed, just adapt a quadcopter drone so that a guy can stand on it.

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Does it helps you climb buildings?

That or these autoturrets would gun the person down. Can swivel 180 deg in 1 sec


any tech that big is taken out by the heat seeking engine sig. pre attack bombing. only bomb releases about 200 cones about the size of two fists that hoim in on anything like that

>be france
>literally have hover board soldiers
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Wtf france?

The technology isn't extremely advanced

It can't fire at missiles like the ones equipped on modern tanks?

Lmao Ameritard think we ghaul fight lel now we send the nigger to fight like the good olds day the 40's

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France Superpower 2030 after defeating negroes kikes and mudslims to establish a new rigme for beautiful France l'ami

cool, now they can surrender in mid air.

it's fucking sweet
but shotguns are suuuper popular in the US

I can only see this being useful for insurgents or terrorists. Imagine someone being able to open fire, hop on your hoverboard onto a building, fire on first reaponders from an unexpected angle, then zip away and escape.

You could legit commit a mass shooting and get away with it scott free if you had one.

how fast does a skeet puck fly

its not just about relative speeds but also about aiming

We have portal guns like on Richard & Mortimer

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Yes they do everything first. If they don't have shit like that it's because it's useless. Also I'm quiet sure half of the parts this retard used for his overboard come from the US. The world don't care about France, stop believing the shit you see on (((tv))).

hover board**

So what's the advantage of putting a guy on a drone instead of just sending the drone on its own with a weapon on it?

Of course it's useless. I suspect this stunt is a way to get easy money selling this shit to the saudis. We'll fucking sell them anything.

>Flying on a hoverboard
>Still using M4 with carry handle
How very Buck Rogers of him

>selling this shit to the saudis
You mean the french gvt, right ? Those boomers would eat shit like this, it's "french tech" we aren"t irrelevant ! The world admire us !

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WOW The ultimate flying target!!
I cannot fathom how the other militaries of the world have not fathomed the tactical advantage of getting a highly trained soldier easily picked off and his expensive equipment trashed in very a short timeframe.

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Only one? Gay.

Let me know when you have a few 1000s

This thing has enough fuel for 5 mins sustained flight time at the most.

when you are standing strapped to a small plank with table.fans strapped to it you can't.

Of course the french government. The saudis will never turn out out be our enemy, right?