Dylann Roofs sister

Hey yo if Dylan Roofs sister is on here and she wanna smash or get married to a solid 9/10, with a good career, and can lay mad pipe hmu in the comments.

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Whyd you post a picture of emma watson?


hands off. no one touches my daughter except me

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do you think people harass and threaten her at school because her brother was a murderous piece of shit? its not her fault but id imagine that people harass and threaten her because of who her brother is

God, she's beautiful

I want shadman to draw her licking daisy hogg's butthole.


isnt she that bitch people always post here? the picture of a reddish hair girl outside on the driveway with a confederate flag in the background?

Don’t insult roof’s sister

Qt pi

>covered in tattoos
>pierced nipples
>shaved legs and chest
>FDR lookalike

What's up, it's me, Dylyinna Roof, post your sick pls

Would impregnate


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I'd shoot up her any day with the sperms.

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bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

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OP here. This is pretty much what I look like but better looking. I’m kinda out of your league but it’s all cool I’m pretty chill.

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twitter.com/_morganroof_ her twitter

might be an old one tho idk