Are they in schism?

Thinking about joining a seminary and SSPX is very appealing to me. So is FSSP. I’m not exactly sure what separates the two besides the fact that SSPX refuses to hold a single novus ordo mass. Personally I think that’s based, and I think Jesus would agree. However I’m scared of being a schismatic or seen as an extremist in the religious community. Thomas Aquinas wrote that schism is worse than even heresy. Pope Francis is a global lefty but he is the Pope and I want to be in communion with Rome.

What do?

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Technically, no schism.
I love my FSSP parish.
Not sure if Frank is a legit Pope. Not only because they have two living Popes but because I don't think vatican II was legit.

Consider that this is sacrilege. Communist a mortal sin, yet, here is Frank being not Catholic.

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Francis is our Pope, but

I just think he’s a gullible guy who tries to please everyone. Hopefully he comes around. I’m not ready to swallow the antipope pill

AFAIK FSSP priests train to offer the Tridentine Mass exclusively

>Francis is our Pope, but
If the Pope is infallible, then how can he contradict prior Popes? One of them must be wrong.
The teachings of the Catholic Church never changes.

The Pope is a man. Papal infallibility is described in Vatican I. He is only “infallible” when issuing statements ex cathedra and if they clearly meet 4 specific requirements. It does not mean the Pope is infallible in every word and action of his ministry

They learn Novus Ordo as well. They accept all of Vatican II and have to at least know the liturgy

When I was in catechism, the nuns would bitch slap you if you had a King James Bible.
But this Francis guy is too stupid to know that Communism is a mortal sin, so this literal sacrilege is okay.
Okay, you can believe that. I guess the Pope is communist now and I'll just throw out the Catechism

Literally heresy. This is a direct contradiction of Pope Eugene IV and the Council of Florence.

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No he's right dum dum

Ex Cathedra statements are when it counts. The Pope can have wrong opinions and we don't have to follow him on it

The Roman Catholic Church is God's one True Church. Some protestants who are ignorant of this will be saved, and jews who convert to the one true Church will be saved, but no one who rejects Christ our Lord and Savior will see heaven.

I don't like Francis all that much but beware of media hitjobs that use pics and quotes to take things out of context

If he has issued blatant heretical statements I need proof and context

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A communist Pope who tells you not to "breed like rabbits" and that jews who reject Christ are saved?
Denying the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are heresy user. It is quite likely that this man is a false Pope.
And you can't just take 500 years of sacraments and declare them invalid like what happened after Vatican II. That's Absurd.
The Latin Mass must be a True mass. What they did to the SSPX was heresy. At least under Pope John Paul II they gave on the point of this error.


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what is this? The SSPX maintain pre Vatican II teachings. It still takes 7 years AFAIK.

1. How is he a communist? He gets a gift and then issues a statement rejecting communism.
2. breeding like nice but not a theological necessity
3. Show me the quote where he says Jews that reject Christ are saved
4. The Latin Mass is GOAT but it is not the only form of mass...there are other legitimate rites that do not use Latin

The modernists suck but they constantly make terrible, ugly choices...that doesn't make them just means they have awful taste and are fixated and stupid crap

The only solution is to be a better Catholic and get involved in your church to take it back...not complain about the Pope's "heresies"

I understand where you are coming from and I probably agree with you on 90% of things but I need more proof of heresy other than conjecture and misquotes

Its sarcasm, They are all 24+ years old.

>3. Show me the quote where he says Jews that reject Christ are saved

>that doesn't make them heretics.
Yes it does. Modernism was forbidden by Pope Saint Pius X.

Oh shit my man, where at? Mater Dei in Irving here

>scandalous article title are the exact words of Francis

I doubt it, thats not a quote. Don't be fooled

It wasn't forbidden he just dedicated his life to fighting it.

Popes, bishops and cardinals are men and therefore fallible. The people should rise up and demand more from them. The Vatican is filled with people with stupid opinions. Stupidity isn't heresy but its obviously not helpful

SEde Vacantism is the wrong answer to the correct problem
it uses the pride of the people to make them think they are the real catholics, while they form their own communities and basically become a new type of protestants, see what they should be doing is participating in their local parishes and evangelizing there to bring those priests back into tradition
their communities fight and splinter and then you have WE are the real catholics not those faggots over there and it continues
its just another trick by the devil and its perfect

>Pope Saint Pius X is wrong.
>Pope Comrade Francis is right
>facts don't matter.
Okay, you're done
Gonna invoke Fatima on you. I didnt want to go there, but done

This 100x

We have to fight to take back the churches. Have big families. Teach CCD. Get involved in as many ways as possible. You takeover from within and eventually the priest is confronted by a hard, organized and motivated trad right wing congregation

Most priests are softies and would never be able to stand up to a massive amount of trads that dominated every aspect of church life

SSPX should be demanding Latin Masses at all normal churches and fighting for that instead of splintering off and forming their own islands of purity spiraling

I never said Pius X was wrong and I agree with him 100%. Francis holding some stupid gift doesn't make him a communist. And you have ZERO authority to decide if a Pope is a heretic. Its almost laughable your degree of pride and self-righteousness to think you are spiritually superior to Pope Francis

>Francis holding some stupid gift doesn't make him a communist.
Francis holding an abomination that mocks the Lord Jesus' sacrifice on the cross to further a satanic power that murdered 100 million innocents in the 20th century.
>And you have ZERO authority to decide if a Pope is a heretic
Then you're not Catholic.

Francis is a typical socialist south american who thinks capitalism is bad (its not perfect btw) I can't really blame him that he has retarded economic ideas...that still doesn't make him a heretic

Im sick of random internet mega egos declaring Francis are heretic. Who are you? Do you pray the rosary everyday? Church everyday? I doubt it.

So you say Francis is a heretic. who cares. you are no one important. your opinion means nothing and it isn't even back by evidence. Francis holding some retarded gift will not be proof enough to have him declared a formal heretic

They are in Schism - but do not be deceived - Jorge Bergoglio is still a heretic and not a Pope

Are you white?

Capitalism is a non-christian system of government that was invented by the Saxon Jew Karl Marx
True Christian Governance is the Feudalism your founding fathers fought against in their betrayal of civilization together with the French

yes, I have blue eyes, dirty blonde hair

I agree. 3rd position economics is superior. What could actually work in America is if you kept the free market but eliminated usury

Capitalism is the legalization of usury as EMJ explains in Barren Metal. There is nothing inherently wrong with buying/selling things at agreed upon prices.

The key is paying men a true living wage to ensure the survival of the family

>True Christian Governance is the Feudalism your founding fathers fought against in their betrayal of civilization together with the French
Holy Roman Empire bringing the facts.

Can we just all take a moment to appreciate how based this song is?

>3rd position economics is superior
Literally a socialist.

sspx isnt schismatic, however many of their priests and seminary leaders have a strong anti-"feeneyite" position and that is very wrong doctrinally. so they are basically following the errors of the pre-1960s modernist liberal theologians.

many though not all of their priests are taught that baptism isn't necessary and that people who are separated from the faith can be saved through invincible ignorance which is contrary to the doctrinal teachings of the church

archbishop lefebvre held the same theological view and that is because of the faulty theological formation priests got in the 20th century

since FSSP is were originally sspx priests who wanted canonical recognition and created their own order, many of their views are also like the SSPX's although not as hardcore on the topic of baptism and salvation dogmas