H.R.1296 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

This complete violation of the 2nd is going to the house on the 25th.
This bill will ban pretty much everything bedsides .22 tube fed rifles.


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They introduce one of these every year and they are always a violation and never pass through

wont make it past senate. will be pushed as executive order if a democrat gets into WH though

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This bill makes it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device (LCAFD).

We're going into election season and one that is looking like its going to be very tough on the Democrats. No federal gun laws are going to pass especially since they'd get btfo in the Senate and everyone knows this would only hurt them at the ballots.

H.R. 1296 readiness for dummies

>opsec. if you know/have something, stfu. You're fucked if more than 10 people know your name and can pick you out of a line up (regarding your bannable shit).
>you're not Billy Badass, or Rambo, or John Wick, or a Call of Duty character.
>tusken raider post from the woods
>fear is for animals
>be ready
>they probably know you own stuff

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wilkommen in Jow Forums Jow Forumsameraden

It's the SSRIs, stupid. We have to get the argument focused on the cause of the problem, not this ban bullshit.

Bump. Reminder that you can not talk about gun laws in Jow Forums because it is not directly monitored by the feds like Jow Forums is
>fear is for animals

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Will not comply. The liberals sure as hell don’t obey immigration law.

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With the filthy enemies of the United States ignoring immigration laws, they, themselves, have declared law in the U.S. meaningless.

So now it only matters who can push around and kill who.
Winners win, losers get buried. This is the Democrat incarnation of "law."

So pass all the fucking "laws" you want, I'll follow them just as much as Demo-traitors follow immigration laws.
I notice there are already several states and cities that have declared themselves firearm "sanctuary zones" and the local cops will not enforce Fed laws, nor aid the feds in any way.

When the traitor democrats poke their ferret-faced heads out of their holes in these regions, they'd better not keep them out long enough for anyone to draw a bead.

Filthy Democrat traitor scum.

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If this happens enjoy the new civil war. Nobody is turning in shit and I'll be watching with anticipation for the gun grabbing squads from my mountain top. Good luck... You'll need it.

>To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.






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Where do I buy this as a sticker?

Remember, buy 10 round pmags, and 3D print extensions

It’s a patch and it’s out of print.

Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker!


i found the patch. really wanted a sticker to put on my hooptie. dang

Let's hope it goes to the floor for a vote. Always good to keep an updated list of traitors to the republic.

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They do this every year, there should be a precedent in place for this kind of crap.

Imagine if they ban assault rifles and mass shootings started to drop in numbers. That shit would be so funny cause these anti-gun fags would get so fucking snarky, and the gun loving fags would just have to sit there and take it.

Any code which infringes on the ability of any citizen to gain, keep, or bear arms, is clearly in opposition to the Oath You Took.
So thanks, but you can all eat lead before I agree to those bullshit terms.
Also, SCOTUS cannot amend, so make more opinion arguments, jew, I don't owe you to lie to plain text.
You owe me your life, if you attempt to take a position in my government and use it to suppress my natural rights. Enjoy your end.

>semi-automatic assault weapon

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Have fun getting arrested by law enforcement. If you resist you will be put down. Sorry this is a nation of law and order and you will obey the hierarchy of command. If you don't like it you can leave.

Never gonny make it, they’re not gonna take it

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Wassup Swallowswell?

Found a little statist cocksucker

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>assault weapon
Gun grabber lingo detected.
Literally every weapon ever created is an assault weapon.

>nation of laws
>sanctuary cities

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>mass shootings started to drop in numbers.
>It ok if they die as long as its not by a gun
Now I understand how the emus won.

What happens when people start going after law enforcement and their families?


>they probably know you own stuff
>you have to get a background check to buy anything other than a hunting rifle or shotgun
>"probably know"
Do you huff paint or something? Read your post again.

sup retard
oh no lolbertarian boomerisms, what will i do???
"sanctuary city" is not a legal term. State and local governments are not required to enforce federal law. A law btw, for which breaking it is a mere misdemeanor so we're not really talking about equivalent issues.
yeah that's not gonna happen. red flaw laws are already popping up in the country and i've yet to see the great gun nut uprising take place.

>Jow Forums isn't monitored by the feds

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>yeah that's not gonna happen. red flaw laws are already popping up in the country and i've yet to see the great gun nut uprising take place.
You will see it soon my fren the way things are going.

The Constitution is the law of the land and to revoke the second amendment without a proper ratification or repeal of the amendment is inherently unjust and unlawful, thus not a legitimate enforceable law. They can try and take my guns, and if they succeed, I will spend whatever money I have taking them to court and making a massive national case out of it to have these unconstitutional laws removed. The NRA, GOA, and other various 2A groups would gladly support me in my case as well as many others. There would be a massive class action law suit against the federal government. The case may or may not be won swiftly, however, it would bring to the forefront the tyranny of the government thus bringing forth a revolution to denounce the establishment for treading on our God given rights and tarnishing our constitution.

simple mistake, just wanted to get it out there quickly

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can I get a 'fuck politicians' my guy?

The law is a luxury I can not afford. I will not hesitate to kill anyone who tries to disarm me for any reason.

Fair enough, I'm not going to argue against that.

Just checking. You know what kind of shills are here.

>sells you a "paperweight" that looks like a Mini-14 magazine
Work in an office, user? I got the hook-up.

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assault weapon and hate speech aren't legal terms either homoerectus

ok whatever you say pal
>inherently unjust and unlawful
no you just don't want ur hobby to be messed with.
>They can try and take my guns
no try, they will just do it.
>NRA, GOA, and other various 2A groups would gladly support me in my case
>The case may or may not be won
hmmm...i bet may NOT
>forefront the tyranny of the government
oh my god could you be more cringe and dramatic?
>God given rights
yep your magical sky daddy will surely save your compensating gun hobby just keep praying super duper hard! lol
Then law enforcement will defend themselves and uphold the law by putting you down like the anarchist criminal you are.
We're working on those.

Also, every single politician who supports or underwrites this bill is a traitor to the republic and should be thrown in Leavenworth for the rest of their days. I’m sick of this shit.


When they get a ban through, nobody surrenders anything, and the effected items get put into storage where they'll never degrade.

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>yeah that's not gonna happen. red flaw laws are already popping up in the country and i've yet to see the great gun nut uprising take place.
are you advocating for a civil war now? people like you will be the first to get put down during the inevitable war.

Good. They were pieces of shit anyway. A binary trigger is way better. (And still legal I think, but super expensive)

>red flag laws
Ha ha ha. You know that only applies if you're doing shit like buying enough guns or ammo to commit an act of terrorism or start a PMC or some dumb shit like that... don't you?

Pic related

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yeah, I know

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>State and local governments are not required to enforce federal law.
>Still have to grab guns tho...

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>no AK-47

(don't even try to compare the Galil ACE to an AK-47)

sup, FUDD?

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All of these bills passed in the house you faggot. McConnell blocked them from being heard in the Senate.
I despise the kike loving Trump and all ZOG Republicans but they're literally afraid of the NRA and that's a good thing for gun owners. Now neck yourself for being a faggot and vote for Andrew Yang.

The mass shootings are the same people pushing gun laws. Shits fucking obvious.


>red flag laws
>only happens with these stipulations i cherry picked
yeah it's a perfectly safe and logical precedent to set to take peoples guns because you feel like they shouldn't have them.

>We're working on those.

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it isn't necessarily that they're afraid of the NRA, i think they just legitimately believe in the 2A.

no you smoothbrain, i'm pointing out how the glorious uprising against the ebul goobermint hasn't happened yet despite laws that annoy retards like you. therefore this constant "ooohh just wait libtard we're gunna shoot you if you take our gunz" is the most nonthreat fairy-tale bloviating anyone could ask for
No they will enforce it. There will be significant numbers of people who will comply, enough to make a difference. Plus with the law in effect, nobody can purchase new weapons and gun manufacturers will have to say goodbye to their blood money. It will make gun culture all but nonexistant and we will live in a happier and better society.
It's about choosing the right battles. Preventing gun deaths is worth it. Concentration camps for brown people that intimidate you isn't.

>try to pass a law that directly contradicts the second amendment
>still considering it "lawful" and "constitutional"

I'm not even going to bother reading the rest of your nitpicking you commie faggot.

Remember what the prophets ordained in the holy scriptures Americans.

Always be armed always be vigilant.

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>red flag laws Ha ha ha. You know that only applies if you're doing shit like buying enough guns or ammo to commit an act of terrorism or start a PMC or some dumb shit like that... don't you?

user got red flag lawed because his gf got inspired by Beto's hell yes speech and went to the police after the police. Red flag laws is about taking the guns first and proving your innocence later.

>bump stocks
The point is republicucks keep letting rights being chipped away

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>Then law enforcement will defend themselves and uphold the law by putting you down like the anarchist criminal you are.
They can try.

Just pointing out how much you double think.

*after last debate

Come to think of it there are numerous states that have actually already put into place legislation that would refuse to acknowledge any federal law that violates second amendment rights and gives people the right to defend themselves against the tyranny of such laws.

alright then, lets see how this plays out. when you get ass fucked by the niggers you so much love. lets see how you will act about guns in general.

>we hate the police because they kill niggers when they break the law and then fight back
>we love when the police kill civilians for fighting back when the police come to steal something they have the right to own

you talk out of both sides of your mouth, obvious troll.

You made it too obvious.

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it's impossible to know if people like this are trolls because the left has gotten so ridiculous it's hard to tell what is or isn't satire anymore

>i'm gunna plug my ears and scream autistically
>anything i don't like is just b8...wew almost had to confront my bad ideas!
it's not doublethink. i know you think you're really smart for reading 1984 in 6th grade but you have a narrow understanding of how the world works and what people actually want. you're completely clueless and brainwashed by far right echo chambers that you don't even know what the point of no return looked like when you flew by it. your retarded ideology is thankfully snuffed out by anyone with two brain cells to rub together and no matter what you try spew i get to take comfort in the fact that you and everyone like you will very soon be gone from our planet for fucking good. i. cant. wait.
>i'll try strawmanning! tha'ts a good trick

Name the states please, I might be moving lol.
>Inb4 texas

nice ip mask over that Israeli flag, fag.

good luck I'm behind 7 assault rifle proxies

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Can't reply to you anymore, doctor has me on a low sodium diet and your bitch ass is salty as hell.

I guess that I am grug the caveman then.

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But the parts separate and save over $50. You can usually get complete rifles from them for 329-349 on sale. There is a completed firearm tax on guns if you buy them assembled, but if you buy the upper and lower separate, you avoid it.

same, as Texas could be bluepilled soon

the absolute cope from righties. love it.

Are you a smooth brain? Notice what all those rifles are chambered for other than the BAR.

Kek they didn’t even change the year to 2019 for the exemptions, they literally just copied and paste the bill from 2017.

You need to get the fuck out of this country.

>everyone who thinks I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth is just a middle school pea brained retard

>cops should kill people who refuse to give up their guns

>the government isn't powerful enough

Can't tell if you're a Communist, a Nazi, or just continuing that b8. Either way I hope you get red flagged and swatted. Probably some spick who climbed the fence.

Imagine hating Anarchists, but supporting unchecked Government power. Yeah, that's why Anarchists exist, actually. Specifically because the Governments in any country become tyrannical and so overbearing with their rule structure that everyday life becomes impossible. Tip-toeing around horseshit laws that don't make any sense is exactly why people start advocating for NO LAWS at all. SPECIFICALLY because FAGGOTS like you think those people should be shot for no good god damn fucking reason. Communist shit twinkletoes cocksucker faggot that you are.

>inb4 hurrdurr lay on the ad hominems hurrururururururudurrrrr
>inb4 another retarded logical fallacy talking point to try to label opposing thinkers as some kind of moron.

You're exactly why Trump won in 2016.
>inb4 nah its retards like you who voted for him
Nah, it's because of retards like you. You Communist shit twinkletoes cocksucker cunt.

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I want to formally apologize for my behavior in this thread. I've been feeling real blackpilled lately so I took advantage of the thread topic to lash out, and to practice my shitlib argumentation. This law will never ever pass and even if it did we would send any door knocking alphabet glow niggers straight to hell were they belong, in a video game. These lawmakers are an ever present cancer on our society and I'm so full of hatred and anger it's hard to not want to explode metaphorically. This whole society and system of government deserves to reduced to ash if there is ever a chance to restore some sort of normalcy and just way of life.

>practice my shitlib argumentation
you're not a good troll.

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Based outlaw Star poster

>you have to get a background check to own roagrgshjkrjgnskjnfd
Fuck you nigger. I own what I want.

man, niggers always get to kill cops when will it be europeans chance to chimp out at them?

You need more practice, because being a good opposition false-flagger allows /ourguys/ to get good practice as well as re-post screencaps of rarely used classic posts.

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Hey, everyone, this larping faggot is a larping faggot and admits to it.

Everyone, point and laugh at how much of a nigger he is.

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kek, bloomer here I suppose. Would've personally lumped the G3 and the FAL into doomer though.

I was on the verge of getting the big boog poppin but some love songs got me thinking

bro i got a ton of (you)'s I think I did ok. I think what happened here is you got triggered and were desperatley spamming b8 memes hoping I wasn't for real. Well I wasn't. You're welcome.

you fooled no one.

Missouri has a 2nd amendment preservation act

When did knot-tying become a hate crime? I wanted to learn to sail, but I'm afraid I will be arrested for tying the wrong knot.