Reminder that the holocaust actually happened

reminder that the holocaust actually happened

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Prove that one million people died

not 6 million

Prove that one million jews were exterminated in camps

along with a nazi telegram explicitly outlining a plan to eradicate jews

then ill believe you

deniers like you made fun of the soap claim, but it happened
what credibility do you have left

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Still waiting on that proof

Yes, the WW2 Holocaust happened in cities that were firebombed

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thanks for that

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I don't believe the soap bullshit but I do believe this.

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Never forget the Five Million niggers, Poles, gypsies and Butt Cowboys.

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reminder that white genocide actually is happening

>appeal to authority
the burden of proof is on the one making the claim

The Nazis were clearly cooking ribs for their prisoners. What kind of death camp has BBQ?

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

Resources are scarce when you're losing a war. Why wouldn't they use what is there as a last resort? The implication they are trying to push was that there was some kind of industrial process, like a sausage factory where you put Jews in one end and soap comes out the other, when there is zero evidence to this. Everything that can be shown can be explained with fewer assumptions as:
>Germany is losing the war
>Germany is running out of resources
>Germany prioritizes feeding their own men over PoWs
>A bunch of PoWs die due to this
>Germany is still short on resources and so eventually resort to using the bodies for shit
The claim being made is effectively one of murder for the purpose of cannibalism, yet the evidence only points to cannibalism, not the murder. Jews lie (literally everyone would if they knew whites were as naive as they are). Look at everything they were accused of by Hitler. Look at everything they proceeded to do in the countries which defeated Hitler and granted them asylum. The holocaust is a narrative, not a collection of events.

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So what if it did? Ifgaf about dead Jews from 80 years ago

10kg to 100kg.
I find it questionable that we know for 100% sure that 10kg exactly (we have proof of that 10kg) was made, but up to 100kg and not more could have been made for which we have no evidence of.

Look at the PoW stats for WW1. They are also in the millions of deaths, and none of this is viewed through the religious lens the holocaust is. These deaths were, unsurprisingly, overwhelmingly due to starvation and disease resulting from broken supply lines, and also unsurprisingly, the losing faction killed more prisoners because the losing faction tends to suffer greater damage to their supply lines, as this is how losing factions lose wars in the first place.

The only difference with the holocaust is that it was Jews, who coincidently happened to control essentially all media worldwide in the decades following the war and have defined themselves as a people through victim complexes for as long as they have existed.

The Holocaust narrative is literally just the Exodus for the modern age:
>Egypt = Europe
>Pharaoh = Hitler
>Pharaoh's killing of Hebrew boys = Hitler's holocaust
>Plagues in Egypt = WW2, communism, diversity, etc in Europe
>Canaan = USA
>Philistines in Canaan = Straight white males in USA

I'm going to start calling them Nazi smokers for the barbecue, see how far these morons take it.