Eugene Gu has endorsed Andrew Yang

Eugene Gu has endorsed Andrew Yang

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Dog eaters got to stick together.

Now his poll numbers will go from 2.00% to 2.01%

At the end of the day, race is what really matters.

Imagine my shock at everybody but white retards displaying in group preference

So now you know definitively Yang is the candidate of tards

Asian for Asians.
Blacks for blacks.
Spics for spic.
White dick belongs to everyone, but white pussy reserved for BBC


Literally who?

Wow a propped up Twitter celeb!


>Hee rook rike mee,so i gib boat

Asian displaying an in-group preference, what a shocker.

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Is he going to cry about white nationalism now that he has decided to vote for his fellow dog eater simply because that is the candidate who shares the most ethnic characteristics as him?

>Shill endorses most shilled candidate
Imagine my shock collar

They both need to go back.

With him

Eugene Gu more like Eugene literally Who kek sage

>A chink backs the chink
Imagine my shock. Eugene is the kind of nigger that would happily call any white person who backs a white person because they are white a "white supremacist propagating white supremacist ideology" but it is ok when a chink does it

>believing in the poll meme that msm uses as a bludgeon to build their narrative on how x establishment candidate is the best.

Anti white asian doctor.

Pretty much a literal who.

But this Gu acts like a jew and wants to eliminate (You).

Not that the DNC won't keep his dumb ass around for the lulz anyway, but you're a dumb ass if you support Yang for any reason.

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More like Eugene Gook lmao

Wow very surprise much like Tim Pool

>feeling thermometers

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But you dont get it, user. The chart said so.

You could have 1000 dollars a month for free racist nazis, all you have to do is give up your racism.

>East Asian wants East Asian to win
What a shocker, thanks user

Fake as Dr. I'm one, and there's no fucking way an active duty, practicing Dr can fo what "Dr" Gu does. Impossible.

He's in 4th place at 7% anyways. the shills repeat the 2% meme because they're scared of the bag.

>fascist meme fag.
>Decidedly not fascist and anti-white post.

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>Is he going to cry
One can only hope.

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Even if you are in a shit place if you manage to gobble up some delegates you can use them as a bargening chip to get a position in the cabanent or policy push for something.

andy has 2020 in the bag, screen cap this. you
guys ready for 1k a month??????SHHHAWWEEEET!

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>claim that whites should stick together
>bitch when other races stick together


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Why does this pretend doc who got kicked out of residency for creeping on women think anyone gives half a shit about his take

Two literally who chinks, neat

Literally Who?

Yang Gang

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I knew it, this faggot chink doctor loves to be butt fucked by the dems. Fucking imbecile. I hope he gets lynched by a mob of chinks.

Yang is somewhat of a faggot but I support him for one reason and one reason only: ranked choice voting. If that gets passed, democracy will be so much more effective at expressing the will of the people and will probably reduce the number of extreme leftists in the government.