Nigs kill 60 yr old man in broad daylight at Frederick county fair

Nigs kill an old white man in unprovoked attack. No murder charges. No hate crime charges. Not being charged as adults. Maryland States Attorney says it wasn’t the knock out game but because old man wouldn’t give niggers a dollar after they followed him around harassing him for a dollar. They don’t want to say it was the knock out game because it shows premeditated murder a.k.a. first degree murder. Their parents say they was good boys and dindu nothin. What are the parents names? I want to write my congressman but I don’t know the parents names. If they won’t charge the murderous niglets they need to charge the parents.

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that cracker deserved it. he probably provoked them or called the cops on them for smoking weed

Here is the video of them killing the old white man.

Weed is legal in Maryland subhuman

Hell ya

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Niggers are a problem, but boomers must go ASAP. These guys did a good thing.

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>t. pic

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Hang them in front of their high school for a week.

And these 71 niggers deserved it for breathing my fucking air.

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Maryland is aggressively trying to exterminate the remaining whites who live here, and to fill up the state outside of (((Chevy Chase and Potomac))) with nogs and MS-13.

State will probably give the kids an award.

This is why you americans need to bring back lynching.

Who needs lynching? Niggers chase the police out of whatever town they inhabit. Just go on a murder spree.

Fuck you all. This is my home town. This is really bothering me. I haven’t slept since it happened. We'll see

White america is dead lol. Make sure you show your friends vids from america to show them the consequences of diversity

I've been to this fair. It used to be a nice place, and was an excellent family outing--some farm animals and even border collie demonstrations. It's really too bad that it's come to this. If I wanted to go to a fair, I'd drive much further away from DC to do it now.

>Why yes, I do. How could you tell?

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>everyone video taping should be accountable too

Lol what? Sorry but im street smart and my dad always told me to only fight my own battles and mind my business. Let the dumb defend others and die.

Growing up Frederick Maryland was a country farming town. MS-13 and lots of Baltimore nigs moved in. Liberal policies have allowed them to flourish.

another weak fragile white man claimed by superior, strong, ethnocentric black men

good, whites must be dominated by stronger, cohesive, fertile races

Guys just know this isn’t going to accepted much longer and it’s going to get bad rapidly. Hope you guys are armed.

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We all have to die one day. It's not worth losing sleep over something you can't prevent.

I'm really sorry, user. As I wrote above, I went to this fair when I lived in Montgomery Co. I'm from a rural area of the Rust Belt originally, and my county there has a fair every summer, too. I'd feel sick if something like this happened there . Our government must do something to clamp down on this kind of behavior before citizens take matters into their own hands. These guys can't be allowed to destroy everything that can get to.

I didn’t write that. I screen shot it because it summed up my thoughts. If you wouldn’t help the old man you’re a coward. I would have helped

dude, shut the fuck up with larping, muh DOTR, muh MAGA, muh äccelerationism, muh "we wont stand for this much longer" bullshit, you're just a fucking cowardly stupid lonely retard on a kavkazian apple farming board
nothing will happen, no one will do anything, you will do nothing because you're worth nothing
changes happen at the top and no one here will ever reach the top of power and wealth to call the shots

And screen cap it CNN

On one hand I agree with you, but on the other, this mentality is getting whites killed. We used to band together and dole out swift justice to nigger faggots like these. We need to either start deporting niggers and spics or bring back segregation.

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As long as you remember that the "cracker" is the white master cracking the whip on the nigger slave, boi. I love it when niggers call me a cracker.

The joy that those boys felt in killing that white bitch was greater than the sorrow anyone would feel at the death of the whitey. So the total happiness in the world increased! We should be celebrating happiness!

niggers have been in america longer than you, immigrant mongrel
just don't be racist and nothing bad will happen to you, how hard is it?
you deserve having your fragile ego shattered by men better than you

That's not true. Cracker means "bullshitter" in Gaelic.

Ha you’re funny you worthless poor nigger

Dang, the Frederick County State's Attorney Charlie Smith seems to be trying as hard as possible to keep this in dindu territory. I wonder if his wife's bull threatened him prior to the news conference.

I noticed your pattern first you something then you something .... Glowing

He relaxed. Always carry a knife frens always.

Hoping for an escalation in racial violence. White Americans, do something!

>>carry a knife through security into the fair

you can just buy one there though... why search?

which has no relation to the South, slavery. Yankee.

Fucks sake look at how the hop around, like tribal savages.

god I can't wait until all of Romania gets glassed and given to Hungary and Bulgaria when the ethnostate comes
go play in an orphanage

I would rather the citizens take it into their own hands. The niggers don't respect the government, obviously, and clearly they don't remember what real racism was like. I think they need a reminder.

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What is with all those useless fucking idiots standing around doing fucking nothing to help except taking pics and recording? For fuck sake if i were that old every single fuck i had left in my body for humanity would hit zero faster than the blink of an eye bystanders that don't do shit deserve to have this happen to them

This is the minority white future goy. Enjoy your hellhole.

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The South is full of Scotch-Irish. They brought over a few Gaelic words, in particular "craic".

>Yeah just record it bunch of useless fucks humanity should just die right now

>Win fight against multiple niggers
>Arrested, charged with numerous lifetimes worth of hate crime sentences with no priors
>Put in nigger prison

Yeah but it can be prevented. They’re like dogs. They respond very well to behavioral conditioning. All it takes is a couple high score events in their neighborhoods to put them back in check. Worked in the past

A google amp link?

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Grew up 30 mins from pic related. If these kids don't face charges time to start shooting niggers without charges against us. Except we won't fucking stop till every Ape and Monkey is exterminated from the biosphere. Get Human'ed, bitch!!!

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>Guys just know this isn’t going to accepted much longer and it’s going to get bad rapidly.

Says the white man for the 20 millionth time since 1965

Sounds like they have a lot more farm animals now.

Best redpill for normietards is how the whole thing about racist police brutality is propaganda created to fuel the "anti-racist" anti-white agenda.

Those are what people would refer to as cucks.

I get it buts its a huge group of people and they could have put an end to it in a matter of seconds
If i just stood around and let someone die like this i would hate myself for all eternity no matter the laws

Excuse me? Don't be racist? Maybe niggers could, I don't know, act like human beings first. Solve that and maybe I wouldn't have to start looking at genocide as a viable solution. Kys

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This all could’ve been avoided if he had just given them his money. He deserved it. Greedy old white cocksucker.

Of course, I forgot that the african slaves were speaking gaelic on the plantation and liked to refer to the white folk as bullshitters.
One of our explanations makes alot more sense than the other.

>don't get involved
Your dad is a faggot.

>fragile ego
>defends fragile egos of niggers killing people over a word

Niggers and their defenders could not be dumber

Or just stand there and realize that you really are a coward and that all of your beliefs are just fantasy. I'd rather take an ass whooping if I had to any day.

>Frederick Maryland was a country farming town
A really nice one, too. Lots of history going back to before the Revolutionary War.

>60 year old man
He was 59 you retard. He most likely called them the N-word so he deserved it.


Always be armed is the moral of this story. Even if you dont have a permit. Your choice is death or jail. If it’s true self defense you most likely will never see jail. ALWAYS CARRY!!!

Yup. George Washington as a young man surveyed it along with Washington County to the north as that was his first job.

blow it out your ass.

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Do you have anything to live for?

>He was 59 you retard. He most likely called them the N-word so he deserved it.

I know that's a low effort troll. But it's no sweat off my nuts to mention that calling someone a Nigger is not grounds for murder, in a civilized society. What you say reflects upon who you are as a person, even on an anonymous forum. What's wrong, deep down, that causes you to say something like that? Who called you a nigger? Was it a white person?

fuck off cuck

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Impale yourself, gypsy.

>dont' do anythin goy
you're still typing, grab another cock

the torah says the jew can kill the goyim without repercussions. Ttrough blacks they kill you guys and protect the niggers. America is fucked.

Glad there's multiple videos of this. These punks need to be locked away for life. They're not fit to live in society.

>These punks need to die.
Along with every cuck that doesn't think so

I can’t answer because I know why you’re asking. You’re making me paranoid FBI. Everyone has something to live for but what is the threshold for something to die for? How do you know when you are to that point?

Kill the little shits

Pathetic. Limp wristed faggots like you are why the white race is being bred out of existence.

if you're not a white nationalist you're scum

Getting killed by niggers is part and parcel of what it means to be American.

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You deserve a horrible death. It will happen too.

We would win in a matter of minutes.

they fucking killed him dude, that's so wrong

I'm not gonna give a fuck when the anarchy sweeps thru, there is no answer to this but brutal accountability

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Nothing will happen like I said in my original post. They are being charged as juveniles. They will be out before the age of 21. Liberals ruined Maryland. That’s the law. They get away with murder

I wish I was strong enough to be complacent about murderers being protected by the media apparatuses and the state when they murder people who look like me. I wish I was strong enough to have no investment in the future society I was passing down to my children so I could brag about my epic nihilism on a Vietnamese knitting board.

>Everyone has something to live for
not really

Imagine a 15 year old White kid punching a 60 year old black man.

Ha I’m not shook. I feel free. I might even take you with me. Everything is clear

We should find these fucking niggers. We get names maybe we can get It to someone that will do something. This is seriously fucked. If we killed an old nigger it would be front page news. Goddamn niggers

>Imagine a 15 year old White kid
No, imagine a pack of 15 year old white kids jumping around like retarded monkeys murdering a 60 year old black man.

>We should find these fucking niggers. We get names
They're locked up. Names are in the article.

In the olden days their honorable death would have brought honor to the family, and thereby bring women and sex to the family.

That is why we have a sense of honor.

You lack this sense. Perhaps you have mud in your blood.

their family needs to pay
the people taking videos need to pay
the DA needs to pay for not filing hate crime charges
the newscasters need to pay for being cogs in the machine
everyone needs to pay

That’s the point of my original post. Read my first post.

>>Their parents say they was good boys and dindu nothin. What are the parents names? I want to write my congressman but I don’t know the parents names

Who are they? Where are their pictures on social media?

Do something pussy

No they are not

if you want to do something then call the governor's office and leave angry messages, even the DA's office. dont let them think people are OK with this shit
thats how you fucking win. you get loud. those who complain and make the most noise always gets the most attention