What kind of people are these? Are they white or brown?

Armenia is a small country next to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia. They have one of the largest diasporas in the world. They themselves claim to be European and are proud of how they were the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity.

Thoughts? Anyone have experience with them? There's like a million of them in Los Angeles and probably several million in Russia.

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they look british

They need to go back.

kek based stavros

Who's the tranny on the left? Not fooling anybody sir


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the predator-alien looking thing on the left wasn't the daughter of that armenian lawyer though

in fairness to him he was red pilled and totally broken that his daughters were all coal burners

soething went very wrong with them - considering the same happened to kylie and kendall it must be the mother - she's now burning coal too

just think of the glorious justice of a national socialist nation - all their money taken off them and given to poor white people, really try to find the best, most decent types who work in charities, clean parks, look after injured animals and old people

the kardashians get nothing, they can be sent to a labor camp and work to pay for their sins

god we need some revolution

I have no problem with them. They’re solid business people here in the states tend to be a-political and keep everything in the family. Not white but better than any other non-white imo.

>What kind of people are these?
I have met a few before, and from experience they don't seem like bad people per se.
>Are they white or brown?
This is one of the groups that fits under the grey area of whether they are white or not, similar to Tatars.
I would say it depends on the admixture of European and/or other blood per individual to determine if they're white or not.

100% based and redpilled. first Christian nation, first country to form a national socialist party, and claim to be the first Aryan nation as well (located in the Caucasus mountains)

>Dome of the Rock

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Replica of jews. They are scattered all around they globe, prefer the same fields, have their own small genocide.

These whores are satan
The kikes pushed these devils to brainwash the population
The population will suffer for 50 years cuz of these whores

They should be force marched into the Syrian desert.

Grew up in a mostly Armenian neighborhood in California. My read of them was they came off more like Middle Easterners or Arabs; but get highly offended when you point it out. Definitely not white though.

Like a direct copy of kikes, but wrong religion. I mean it. They have the same nose structure and sense of money as Jews do. Same sense of avoiding physical labor in favor of jobs like accounting and money-trading.

It's not just a meme. Look at Armenian history. Every time there was a Jew, there was an Armenian nearby. They comprised the main bulk of all slave traders, jewelers, bankers, etc.

I don't understand why people say that they are not white because my great grandmother (who was armenian) was white with blue eyes and brunette hair.

They are boundary line people. Are Armenians and Iranians white? Yes and no. Grew up in an Armenian community in CA. They're generally shit people. Scammers to the max. Basically Caucasus mountain Jews.

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Bunch of illiterate retards here spewing nonsense. Armenians, like Persians, are descendants of original Aryan tribes inhibiting Iranian plateau and caucus. Their Aryan-ness is not in their being white with blue eyes (i.e., the vulgarization of this idea by Nazis), but in their identity. They are geographically and culturally close to Persians.

>Yes and no
How can you be white and not white?

checked and accuratepilled

They’re brown. Clearly


It’s their father

>Armenia is a country
stopped reading there

that armenian chick from westworld is hot though

They hate the turk roaches, and that's good enough for me.

t. roachoid.

Their congressman is Adam Schiff
They should run Kanye against him

>Are they white or brown?

They're enemies of the T*rk so that makes them okay in my books, European or not

100% nigger trash, should be killed on sight.


those subhumans are literally bleached somali-iranian mongrels that were raped by arabs and turks

table of nations has them listed under japheth
along with all the rest of the real jews.

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half caucasian, half middle eastern, the hotter ones are more white obviously. I say allow female armenians into the ethnostate, cuz they are fine af

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>Are they white or brown?
They're brown but they're Christian.
Can't speak to their Western diaspora. Some here are ok, They have a reputation for being sneaky and duplicitous but I've had some great Armenian friends in my life.

Look here faggots. Ive been on Jow Forums for ~8 years, and as a half Armenian half German, I naturally looked into the background of us pretty intensely.

So as said, some of us have ayan phenotype. My mother would often say "True Armenians are blond haired blue eyed, its the Persian and Turk mixing over the years that is responsible for >insert brown feature"

Truth of the matter is though, we're a complex mixture of the ancients of the middle east (Hittite, Sumerian, Uraturian, etc.) and are an have never been a homogenous group excluding language and culture (though this differs by region much in the sense there many types of Germans).

There are huge differences between us regarding background such as being Tashnag (natsoc) or Ramgavar (democratic) and communist, and additionally with region of origin. A good example of the latter would be how western Armenians in LA are embarrassed by easter (Hayastani = from where the country is now) because after fleeing the USSR, they couldn't integrate into American culture, and would literally put whole chickens under their hats to shop lift cause they never saw food in abundance before.

Honestly, like any nationality, its all about the family culture/genetics. My family is almost all PhDs, tip well, etc. compared to the valid observation that a good portion of us are very jewie and set up jewelry shops and used car dealerships and make their buck screwing people over.

We are sometimes white, and sometimes not, just like literally any ethnicity as admixture happens over time. But we do take pride that if you go to our mountains, you will find groups of descendants of the original aryans, because we have managed to survive after 5000 years of being invaded.

>Who's the tranny on the left? Not fooling anybody sir
OJ's daughter.

Good people on average but like Jews are blinded by money. Claim they love their country but can't wait to move away from there for a better life somewhere else. People go hungry while they tell them to go work when there are no jobs and yet continue to burn away more money on churches.

Is that the young turd chick?

armos are just another type of kike. lazy shekel grubbing scammers with the same antowhite hate as kikes. they have infested parts of Los Angeles by the millions. i tire of seeing them. they have to go back. too bad Ataturk didnt finish the job.


You're probably a roach mouth breather nigger faggot, but who's counting

>t*rk projection
not even close (not indigenous anyway)

? retard alert?

Armenians aren't Black LOL sOmeOne's a retard

hyem aper chikidem. ara what am i?

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the women are white, the men are brown


Imagine living in Russia and acting like anything you say whatsoever matters LOOOOOOl

I was told by an Assyrian once they're like the Irish of the the UK, dumb as fuck and the butt of jokes.

as an armenian, yall are bein faggots for real

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>Armenians aren't Black LOL sOmeOne's a retard
The one of the left is black though.

Ara looks like you are Hayastani to me. My shit came back as Anatolian, yev im mayreh es Tashnag from Lebanon.

Oodes tun aysor achper?

>Are they white or brown
They're native to the Levant, so brown like everyone else native to that area?
Think of them as an artifact of the first Christians converted from the population Jesus was native too, before Europe became the dominating core of the global christian identity and Islam took over the middle east.

Achper, ays daghanes shad bagaseh yev abush. Its fucking Jow Forums ara hahah

gross X 3

>having to surgically redo your nose to feel attractive

Yeah, but pure Armenians are whites

Education level 0

Wouldn't know.
We don't get many down South.
Thank God.


They're Armenian.

Ye, I've known Armenians before I learned their based history especially how Hitler admired them as concise Aryan blooded people apart from their Muzzy neighbors. Original caucasians.

Have you tried the beta results? Mine changed big time. I don't get the japanese results. Im tashnag like you from gorgor land if you know what i mean.

Here's a (you) well kek'd


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yes geetumem

armenians are cancer. wish the turks finished what they started.

planning to run an op and spread turkish flags all around near armo genicide day to remind them they are garbage


these fuckers are as arab as any other, kys scum

Turk alert LOL

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>5000+ years resisting and fighting Muzzy influence
>First Christian nation and oldest
>First and original Caucasians
>Bavarian Germans were Armenian migrants

Did you get less uncle dick last night than youd have liked nigga?

i wish you and your people were exterminated

Subhumans, I wish the Armenian Genocide was real. They mix with the Turkic people to make them more mutted up. If the Armenian Genocide happened then there would have been less mixed Turks.

Is she really a giantess or is it Lowerrider at it again?

Attention: User 3Ml48CUH of the pol board on the Jow website via cellular device is a very strong and masculine man. Please respect him and do not mess with!

Turks are already part chink.

>They're Armenian.

Kim and Kourtney are half Armenian on their father's side. Kong has no Armenian ancestry whatsoever. Her biological father was likely an Anglo white.

I just checked the sight, but cant find anything about the beta. Shad lav unger, pidz yes chem haser gorgor? I'll ask im mayreh haha.

Also for the longest time it said I was only 20% Hay and 30% Italian, but the update fixed that shit quick.

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protip, take a shower once a month please

I know. I am a Turk. It is not Chink also it is Mongoloid. And I am more on the Mongoloid Side then the Arabic or Greek Side. And its a good thing. Being Mongoloid is one of the best things I can imagine being racially.

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They usually sell watermelons, work as dentists or do some retarded stand up shows.

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I say chink because han chinese are mongols and Turkics weren't too genetically far from Mongolians.
You're part steppe gook, part medi, part dune coon.


no, you first faggot

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Dude they're all dentists here in LA too wtf. Or shady car dealers.

>They're brown but they're Christian.

Lmao, my grandfather was a dentist, can confirm. RIP Khachig

Imagine recognizing observable information and being called a belonging agent to them LOL
Are you having a hard time tonight? I'm not Armenian, I'm Swiss and proud. Quite descriptive headass stuff you've got there, and in my 5 years of pol, only you could be remotely in that situation. Have sex user

White Europeans with some Asian DNA mixed in, according to White nationalists.

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Han Chinese are not Worthy to be Mongol. As for me being mixed between Central Asian Turks, Medditerrainians (Albanians, Greeks, Probably even Bulgarians too), and being Arabic, yeah thats about right.

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I already saw this movie!

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>they fight turks
>they are turks?
Some of you guys have some mental disabilities LOL

lol do white people whine and cry about some holohoax that never happened waving a fucking foreign flag in another country?

face it, armenians are the second biggest whiny pussy cry baby race second only to kikes.

lol rip armenia blown the fuck out.

if armenia is so great, why the fuck are you all here??

Sometimes you fuck the people you fight

The Kipchaks, Anatolians, and Khawarzzirjemanas where not Turks. They where Arabs LARPing as Turks.