Why do millennials vote left so dam often?

Serious replies only please, it doesn't make sense, didn't gen x teach them anything!?!?

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Because intelligence comes from experience and hence children are stupid and gullible

>public education

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While outside the big cities and in some suburbs have people that lean Left (including some college towns), you/me/we are being overexposed to this via the media/internet loud mouths (that are overwhelming cityfags). all that poz is really contained there.

t.CDL driver, that has traveled across 27 states and notices how the big cities differ from the rest of America. Oh yeah, fuck the Bay Area.

>22 44

20% sheep
80% conformists afraid to upset their sheep peers

White male millennials don't vote, non-whites do and voting patterns are based on the fact that boomers objectively destroyed the economy in 2008 and it never recovered.

You'd have to be pretty fucking retarded not to understand why Millennials don't buy into boomer-tier cuckpitalism when it gives them literally no benefits, at least socialism has the potential to steal back some of the money boomers pocketed into their pensions.

Millennials are nearly 40

Gen X are not the parents of Millennials, the oldest Gen Xers were just graduating highschool around the time the youngest millennials were being born. The idea that the preceding generation are the parents of the next one is bafflingly retarded when most of English and American history the average age a woman had her first birth was around the age of 26, nearly a decade after reaching legal adulthood.


it has to do with nurture
but dont feel like writing it out

Nobody votes, politics is just a soap opera for boomers.

I realize it's not going to get better. We never stood a chance. My life was basically shit and it's all I got. I'm ready for death.

They want what boomer parents have and have not seen Uncle Sam rake 40% of their paycheck and then give it to Shaniqua

I dont understand this logic. Communism will only give you the bare essentials to live and a minimum paycheck. You dont work for yourself or a company, you work for the government.

Hooked to Hollywood

>young people are retarded


>I don't understand why people who can't even get the bare essentials and work meme-tier "jobs" like "uber driver" while trying and failing to get a real job because all the real jobs never hire americans don't buy into the idea capitalism will ever benefit them

Protip if you're part of the >10% that the current economy benefits then you're basically a bourgeois who will be up against the wall. Either figure out a way to make it work for the other 90%+ or you're going to die when it hits peak shit and the revolution goes hot.

because fascism rises from failed socialism

vote left you faggot

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Voting is a selfish endeavour. I.e. vote for the candidate that can do the most for ME. Leftist candidates are very good at exploiting people’s narcissism.

Millennials are the last White Majority generation. They grew up believing we were all equal and that if you treat minorities as equals that it will all work out. It won't.

Honestly I'm just going to go to Asia and see if I can live a semblance of a decent life for a year or two. At least in Asia there aren't literal hiring barriers designed to discourage business from putting any white male millennial/zoomer in a job while favoring literal off-the-boat kenyans and shit.

>Gamers rise up
lmao. If you can't make it in this economy, you don't deserve to make it at all

Because of this man.

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See If a 38 year old is voting for socialism it's the system that's retarded not the 38 year old.

What economy is that, the one where jews are raking in the shekels from the government printing funbucks?

The one with really low unemployment numbers

>I don't have stuff because someone else stole it
Yep, you get the gas

They want their college debt to be forgiven and higher minimum wages and more diversity

The Bush years had a big impact on our minds

It's simple you just print more money, forever, how could it go wrong?

>Be young
>Vote left
How is this surprising? That's literally all there is to it. Young voters have always skewed left.

As a millenial, I know.

> Be millenial kid
> Go to school
> Leftist propaganda everywhere
> Go home
> Parents divorced, failed fathers or mothers
> Watch tv, leftist propaganda
> State replaces parents
> More leftist propaganda

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Most young people are naive, that's all there is to it. Takes some bad experiences before they pick up on the fact that this world isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

I voted for Obama back to back. Sorry guys. I learned my lesson.

Because Bush.
And the failure that was Obama is causing Gen Zyklon to vot more rightwing

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