Senator Mike Lee vows to outsource your job by September 27

> Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee will try again to pass his S.386 bill, which grants green cards to India’s college graduates if they take jobs from American graduates.

>Senator Mike Lee teams up with Kamala Harris to undermine US Worker

>Mike Lee explains why undercutting US workers is a good thing

>GOP Plans to Outsource American College Graduates

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Mike Lee needs you to get that STEM degree so you can be a janitor at Microsoft while all of Calcutta moves to Washington.

Fuck free trade.
Fuck streetshitters.
I think, if this gets through, it will cause a wave of violence targeting all streetshitter tech workers.

Didn’t you see Trump prime the pump yesterday at the Diwali festival in Texas?

You're alittle late faggotz this has been going on for months and you did nothing. Fuck you.
You were too wrapped up in shilling for Trump, you were too busy fighting thr left instead of paying attention.

>Cuckerberg cozies up trump in the Oval Office a few days ago

> Trump goes to that Poo festival in Houstoned yesterday

>Now 500ylicon Valley's favorite bought-for Senator comes out with this news

Record economy, eh? Yy-eeeaaahhhh.

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The KushnerBots on /ptg/ always forget to mention this

You know he can't wait to sign this bill.

Very quiet from the anons here tonight. They must be ok with having to compete against New Delhi for slave wages.

Seriously, fuck the wall, fuck the MIGA shit. This is really the most important issue before us. The traitorous Mormons from Utah keep trying to fuck us with open borders.

Jesus christ how many is this kosher duck sucker planing on bringing?
>Kampala harris
Of course, can’t have a clown show without that one.

The fact that any republican coauthored a my legislation with Kamala Harris, of all the vile dems in Congress, is very telling.

Why is this happening? did he made deal with his lobbyists? was a bought out?

Mormons are pluralist cucks who like to adopt every color of the rainbow from the 3rd world

Even Bernie Sanders takes a more conservative approach to H1Bs than the fucking republicans do. It’s fucking clown world on steroids.

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Surprising that Harris is capable of anything other than sucking dick, but it's not surprising she'd side with her Indian mother to fuck over America.

He is so bad he is even refusing to go on Tucker Carlson now.

I wonder what his real reasoning is. I'm sure he has all kind of rhetoric for the public, but in the privacy of his own head, what's his logic? What do you think he thinks he's accomplishing?

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Check out Based Lou Donna tonight

He appeals to “muh racism” if you don’t agree with this. He used to be one of the biggest adversaries of big tech until Google started moving offices and fiber to Utah, not to mention hosting a fundraiser for him. After that, they’ve been besties

I prefer Indians to Mormons, and I fucking hate Indians.

>until Google started moving offices and fiber to Utah, not to mention hosting a fundraiser for him
It's still mysterious to me. Does he think he's clever or smart for cashing in on this? Is he really not considering the long term?

Look at some of the Mormons who fucked us in the last few years: Mike Lee, Orin Hatch, Harry Reid, Mitch Romney.

They don’t care. Probably have super cush, multimillion dollar consulting jobs and board of directors gigs already lined up. Not to mention that sweet senate salary And healthcare benefits for life. You know, shit normal people get.

>Mormon Republican cancer Mike Lee teams up with half nigger, half Indian poo, and married to a Jew Democrat cancer Kamala Harris to flood the US tech companies with 3rd world Indian trash
Goddamn the Republicans and Democrats

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I don't remember a time when a political thread would gain traction on Jow Forums. Only coomer threads get more than 50 posts

Before there was Greta, there was Weis-Sandman

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Any sort of violence should be directed at mike lee. Dude needs a serious ass whooping.

Yeah, enough of the nofap, APOLOGIZE, incel bullshit already. Those shill slide threads are ruining this place. Sad.

>What do you think he is accomplishing?

a huge payday from big tech.