Greta Thunberg

What was she thinking about?

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Murdering him.

Calculating how much longer her fund from soros will hold and if she can bail with a nest egg of it towards the end. She is a jew after all

Arya Stark staring down at the Night King, 2019 colorized

Probably about bunnies or princesses or something. Kinda weird how they're trying to make young people more adults than adults. Wonder why that is? You see it in commercials, tv shows, movies, everything. They're making very young people seem as if they're adults and intellectually competitive with adults. Wonder why.

The last time they met at the illuminati retreat.


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about what a faggot op is


epstein's dick

Greta's thought process:
>Environment, Orange Man bad, potato, potato, potato, dead polar bears, potato, potato

"I have plenty of social media likes, I should be allowed to talk to you."

Boomers: “ aw cute, this lil girl with braids wants to help us bash climate deniers and unbelievers. She just a kid so her extreme rhetoric will be taken better and tempered by the the adults
>Greta: “ all people over 40 will be murdered as they are the largest segment of the population and pose the most risk to the climates. Zoomers revolt and kill your oppressors!

also, post the gif

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she misses her dad

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we can't stand her either

now that Ive seen more of it, I get the funny

pussy destroyed

Trump trolled her on purpose. She got that close to him

How did she get so close to the president? It's disconcerting.

>I wish Trump would notice me. They told me I was important but he doesn't even know who I am

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Trump did it on purpose to troll her


she felt wet, you could see how eager she was to see him and then mad he ignored her. remember this girl is 16

Nigger dicks like all women.

Cut scene from Home Alone 2

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money maybe?

lmao get shit on retarded little cunt puppet

Absolutely SOAKED

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>intellectually competitive

are you high that "level" of thinking doesn't exist anymore user that was close to 100 years back m8

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And autistic

except according to your own retarded dogma, trump is bringing heat to the earth while greta is the bitch bringing ice

and trump is going to casually stab her in the heart with a dagger of fire and not give a fuck HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


>implying he wouldn't slam her into the ground

really m8 she's like four feet tall,he's a giant compared to her

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probably paw patrol or something

Someone make it with smug pepe and seething wojak already

>What was she thinking about?
Most likely trying not the shit her pants. Retards to that.

I bet They told her she would have a moment to tell Trump off, then He just walked past.

Note the smile on Pence, he knew what went down.

She is just an Evil Useful Idiot.

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Dies irae

Never have I seen a child with such murderous hatred.

The cultural marxist propaganda has truly done a number on this developing mind. She's too far gone.

>When that BITCH Heidi goes to prom in the dress you saw first but couldn't afford

>she notices Trump
>she steps forward a bit hoping he'll notice her
>he doesn't even fucking look her direction
Fucking amazing.

she thinkin about spooders the ones which do the little spooder dance and jumb awound like wabbits but they are spooders

Probably all the meat she'll eat when you are stuck with your bug bread

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Not a single fuck was given.

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Notice me senpai

Big Orange Cock

When do you think she will be doing porn anons?

you can just tells by looking at a woman's eyes
she craves some dick

and if it is dick from a man she hates, all the better

>Trump walks by her cause he doesn't care
>Reporter: Are you going to speak to Greta?
>Doesn't answer and talks about being happy to be there because attention whore doesn't deserve attention

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Not even good looking enough for that ghetto shit

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>I know you can read my thoughts boy ñam ñam ñam ñam ñan ñam ñam

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Thinking about how can she remove the sex toy they forced up her ass

She looks like a little rascal now! Kek!

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George Soros' pet to promote meat tax, gas and electricity tax hikes, and zero child birth policy is really mad. Sad for that Swedish mongoloid retard.

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She is literally autistic. That damn rainman movie made everyone think retards are secretly smart

Well she is a retard so who knows lol. Whatever her parents drilled into her? Whatever thoughts that they floated into that little water head.

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> at first I was like
> but then I was like

Fuck I'm the only one who thinks that greta is one smokin hot retard? I would bang her so hard.

SHE wasn't thinking.

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the hell is going on here?

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>Wonder why.
because they have the mind of infants, which is why deferring to the "wisdom" of children is so natural for them
children will also blindly accept all the massive, unworkable contradictions and second-to-second revisions of their schizophrenic doctrine



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How do I become as alpha as Donald Trump?

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you have to become president

Did some reporter actually ask that? If so, lmao

That he is a big meanie

Can't wait for she to reach 18, sadly global warming is going to take her

his huge magnum dong

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Her NPC programming malfunctioned.

Mad he didn't grab it when he walked by.

>Greta who?
>Is she hot?
>honey. I got shit to do-take your shit over to the shitlibs

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how she has a 1/7 chance of being raped by a refugee when she gets back home

The family who sold her.

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She cant even control her body properly.
>Yu muh stahp glabal wharmin, yu stolin it, muh dreamz !

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They look nothing alike, and no one here will parrot your stupid shit.

>1960: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1970: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1980: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1990: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2000: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2010: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2019: The world will end in 12 years, and then the civilization will crumble a couple decades later in 2050!

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So much seethe going on right here

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>What was she thinking about?
Is it really shaped like a mushroom?

>this scares the potato

About how Trump's wrinkled orange cock felt balls deep in her ass, the mushroom head of it thrusting all the way past her sphincter while she was on Epstein's island last year, his aged balls pounding against her pussy as he pumped his seed so deep in her anus it entered her intestines.

>that second photo


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making Greta go viral has contributed an extra six thousand tons of co2 to the atmosphere


Adolescence TDS.

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>Save the planet, drop social media
Social media uses gigawatts of electricity to run its server farms, for no other reason than to promote narcissism.

Have you looked around? We are surrounded by a bunch of man babies and women who never left high school. Grown men are consuming comic book movies and fantasies and women think they are the new apex. It's no surprise they unleash a 13 year old to yell and scream at the west and further erode their economies. I am sure she will make a stop in China and India to show them the way. I am sure she will receive a wonderful reception.