The Ebola outbreak is getting worse.
And Bill Gates says we are not ready, because the vaccines are too scarce and costly.

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tits or gtfo

>no source
and into the trash it goes


>GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo — The yearlong Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has hit what officials are calling a milestone: more than 3,000 confirmed and probable cases and a death toll above 2,000, according to government data released on Friday.

>no proof

Search for it, faggot.


Omg Q is IMB

Anyways, why should we care?
Another couple of nignogs will die from disease.

I thought they found a cure

Exactly, that's why it's getting worse.

>meme flaggot
>no source
>muh eberla

Call me when they have 20.000 dead people

That doesn't make sense

It’s contained in the Congo, it’s not like TRoC has major highways and airport infrastructure.

call me when they have 200.000 dead niggers

Meanwhile on 2014 pol

they did, but it was un-patentable and only cost a few dollars so they had to kick the doctor that was curing people out of Africa.

>The Ebola outbreak is getting worse.

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Do you guys wash your hands regularly?

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>Ebola Chan is coming back
Maybe she will notice me this time.

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The antichrist is growing stronger.

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It's not doing it's job (killing niggers) as well, ergo it's getting worse

Don't get so exited. The catholic church and leftie ong's are already at work saving lifes

Looks like the niggers need to be purified through the fire of hydrogen ordinance.

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I hope the Africans know the WHO and CDC are the ones who gave this disease to them, and that everything they claim will cure them is just to kill them faster.
We should tell them.

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All the tube needs is a C and we can end it.

Thank you, ebolachan!

What's the easiest way to obtain and spread ebola? Asking for a friend with black and jewish friends.

Not everyone dies from Ebola, the survivors will father a stronger generation.

lol. They've had countless generations just like everyone else. Look where they're still at. They're killing the people who are trying to help them. It's Africa at its finest.

>The Ebola outbreak is getting worse.
ill get worried when half my town is dead in the street. Until then Bill Gates can go fuck himself

Don’t let anyone out of the affected areas you retard.

What the fuck?I love the CDC now!

I mean if it gets out of Africa and decimates North America.

Doesn't matter, needs to kill 100,000 people per day just to keep Africa's population stable.

Personally I'd let it drop into central America. They have absolutely no infrastructure to deal with anything and it would give the US a good reason to close its border. Granted it would also create more of a "refugee" crisis so it would depend on the administration in charge. The public is mortified of potential threats to their lives. You think 9/11 had people scared? A central american pandemic would get a wall built very quickly.

Frankly I'm surprised biological warfare isn't used more often. It's one of those weapons that many countries have, but don't talk about. In more subtle and less lethal uses, it can decimate areas to open up foreign investment.

Wanna soften-up a Iran without going to war? Use a natural-looking strand of a local virus. China has a huge, dense population of over a billion? Perfect.

I understand there's a shit ton of collateral, but I think first world countries could mitigate and contain it.

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Fuck that, if Ebola kills all the niggers we can build a massive water park or something.

Q predicted this

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call me when they have the entire world

where's the chinese infrastructure when we need it

It would be madness, they’d be shooting people at the wall and sending fighter jets for any aircraft or boats.

Who cares. More dead niggers.

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Maybe some of those African Migrants who are coming to South America in order to make their way up here will have Ebola. Then we can really get the Apocalypse rolling

We (everyone reading this thread across every country in the world) were very lucky the last outbreak didn’t spread.
It made landfall in the USA and Europe, which is enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone who knows the incredibly contagious nature of Ebola.

This time around, we might not be so lucky. A global epidemic that spread due to our apathy around saving the poorest people on the planet even if it spreads to us eventually.

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congo population 80 million


Kek, México is basically north america ignorant gringoyim.


Salt baths cure Ebola though, keep your Jew medicine

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Even though I love Ebola-Chan, I'd still take the excruciating pain and death - to go please.

That's nurgle worship, heretic.

2,000 dead niggers

Ya know, the news was getting me down but OP you just put a smile on my face. Thank you OP

>Oy vey!
>muh niggers are infected!

wow ebola is still killing niggers I thought they had "contained the virus"
Yep the occult sure hates niggers

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Bill "Ebola oh no.. that sucks" Gates

>inflict plague on public
>deliberately short supply the cure
>markup the cost of cure as disease vectors multiply
>make mad stacks

underrated post

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Ohhhhh yeahhhhh

BILLLLYYYYY my man I'll take the $.51 dividend. I like the long term.


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David Geffen.
The church.
Barry Sherman.

Theres your Ebola outbreak.

2,000,000 OR WE RIOT


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How do they have 80 million humans?

The problem is the more people it infects the more likelihood of it mutating to some airborne strain.

Terrible key-making skills by whoever made this infographic

How is this bad? Im excited for more dead niggers

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Oooooohh bongo bongo bongo I don't wanna leave the Congo oh no no no no no!



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absolutely, check out this dog

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There she is. I

It's been a while ebola chan welcome back. Let's get the job done this time

Geographically yes. Culturally it has more in common with all the other countries below it. We overall don't really like you guys.

I would create a no-man's land in northern mexico.

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I've missed her

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The african environment cant handle that many africans. It was bound to happen eventually, were just prolonging the inevitable and making the culling disease much worse when it hits. Its gonna be glorious and i dont have to worry since i wash my damn hands.

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How bad does it have to get before we quarantine all of Africa? 100,000 deaths? 1,000,000?

someone help this poor girl and let her loose!



>airborne only costs 4 points
we're fucked
atleast madagascar will survive they always survive

That's why all those Africans are trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. If Ebola starts to march north, say to Libya, the Europeans will freak out.


We also shouldn't be TOO happy with this Ebola outbreak. I doubt that it will kill billion of niggers - what it will do however is show that the elites are ruthless and will do anything to bring a country to its heels. Think of these engineered diseases (if you believe such a thing) as a form of blackmail by the globalists to african countries. They don't actually want mass murder, just control.

Europeans practice basic hygeine(except for the british) so they have nothing to fear.

Woa so much angery. Big bork

Shoo, glownigger, shoo.

I don't the Ebola panic. Like unless it evolves then it's fine. It's about as hard to get Ebola as it is to get HIV it's not like you're going to get it by being in the same room as someone infected.

>The Ebola outbreak is getting worse.
good. ebolachan is my wife.

Gotta keep those symptoms down until you get cases into Iceland and Madagascar. When they shut the ports you lose.