I know you fags hate tattoos. 20+ years professional tattooist here. AMA

I know you fags hate tattoos. 20+ years professional tattooist here. AMA.

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Why are you so lame?

Are you actually good or one of the thousands of shitty ones that only people with no eye for technical skill and spend less than 10 minutes on deciding on a tattoo go to?

How can I get rid of mine? they have been there for more than 30 years. Do the lasers really work on old stuff?

Lame enough to make tattooing a career? Or lame enough to hang out here with you?

theres a business who makes tattoo guns etc. you've heard of them i'm sure.
in my area.

some guy traveled all the way from france to buy direct.
he made the mistake of thinking you could take a train anywhere in america.
he was sadly mistaken.

my old boss was driving down the road and found the frenchman in a ditch. He brought him home.
His daughter spoke french.
he was lost. mind you this was february and 2 ft of snow.

I work in a street shop. We get a mix of all kinds of clients.

The lasers work on everything

Lazers work....sometimes. Sometimes they create scars which looks worse.

>Lame enough to make tattooing a career
That's the one I was talking about. Anytime I see someone all tatted up I just assume they a stupid NPCs. It really is a good way to tell who the retards are.

Do you have any regerts?

This is what I’m afraid of but I want them off


Fair enough. I understand why people feel that way about tattoos. They are not for everyone.

no one fucking cares you dirty ink rat faggot

Regerts....I have a few.

i got a sleeve done years ago and a bruise formed around the are that was inked near my armpit. years later, that bruise is still there. It won't go away but the bruise does not hurt or is swollen.
Whats up with that?

Tattoos are for freaks and betas that need confirmation from other people.
But it takes a huge beta onions faggot to actually tattoo other males.
Also, this isn't Reddit you cocksucker. Saged.

You clicked in the thread friend. Do you feel better calling me that?

Do you actually think mutilated bodies are more perfect, beautiful, and ideal than non-mutilated, natural ones? Do you always only eat processed foods, and consumer monsters all day?

Tattoos are for retarted thots and dick sucking faggots.

No, I mean how are your technical skills? Usually the ones already with an art background become good tattoo artists. Obviously you’re not going to show an example of your work due to trolling or dox, but there’s far too many mediocre artists and far too many clients who spend hundreds of dollars for their work that will be with them for life.

Why are you gay?

yes I do because you need to be called out for creating a self centered thread that has nothing to do with the board topic

On a non serious note, do you get a lot of requests for “the bird of freedom” on the chest? Do they end up with sparrows on their elbows?

why are you so aggressive and biggoted?
you know nothing about me

It might not be a bruise. It could be what is called a “blowout”. The ink gets too far down in the pores and poof....blows out.

Has anyone asked you to tattoo a portrait of their mongoloid child's deformed head?

>I know you fags hate tattoos

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A penis tattoo; is it feasible and/or logical? Have you or will you ever do a genital tat?

could i make it as a tattoo artist with no tattoos of my own?

Can you refuse to tattoo if someone discloses they have Hepatitis or some other blood bourne disease?

can i bleed it out?

Looks like a fucking burn victim in the thumbnail

I've heard that green ink is a cnut to laser as well.

you're a fucking retard

Please stop putting sailor tats on white girls who have never sailed a day in their life.
It's like if I put on a USMC hat or a Hell's angles MC vest.

Hard to answer a question like that about myself. Not the type that brags about what a stud I am. I have been doing it for 20+ years and have a large clientele of repeat customers. 20 years in the same town. They haven’t run me out yet.

What’s the demographic and political preference of your clients? Whenever I think of tattoos I think of niggers, wetbacks, neo-Nazis, and brain dead liberals (of all races). Not denying that I’m a neo-Nazi but I personally find tattoos degenerate.
What state?

How many times do you hear a customer say "I want to be unique"?

How do you stop yourself from nuzzling in nose first, like a pig sniffing out truffles when one of the many hot women who get tattoos asks for an ass or inner thigh piece?

I’m not. I’m just not a starving artist.

Don't you feel bad making money from stupid animals? Why hasn't peta shut you down?

Fair enough.

I have a lot of scars on my torso from one of my family members putting cigarettes and whipping me across the back and chest. Can you recommend a good place to look up art that could cover some of these?

Whats the deal w heavy metals and srsenic accumulation in the brain from the ink? Is it dangerous?

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A friend is the same. 20 years, well nearly, in bumtown Uk, got a 6 month book backed up and people travelling in from miles. It took him easy ten years to get to rep level though. In fairness its a fukin steep old skill to master.

hot chick?

Just kill your epidermis goy

Had someone do a portrait of their grandma on her death bed

Have done those a few times in 20 years

I have one. It’s possible.

The only fag here is you.

Scars are way cooler than tats user.

Why cover them? Those scars have a story to tell and are a part of your body. Tattoos are just superficial.

OP what’s your opinion on “cultural appropriation” trough tattoos? I

That's fucked up. Did she squirm much?

I like tattoos, or at least some of them anyway.

What are my options for covering up black? Just more black and/or partially lasering it out first? It's nearly 20 years old if that makes any difference. I'm sure you'll recall tribal was quite the rage back then.

Have you ever had to tattoo someones penis?

Do you mean "ask for"....is this a larp

Fucking BASED

No dude she was on her deathbed




No thanks.

By state law we have to

Done any forklift-related designs?

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Not a very cool story

No it’s permanent

So she just wanted a tat before she died? What did you tattoo on her a tramp stamp?

What does this picture mean exactly?

Do you feel stupid now that science has confirmed what every rational being already knew? Injecting foreign substances, ordered from China no less, is extremely harmful for your health.

Ha. I hear ya

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Soft hearted Frenchie

What's the split between political affiliation of tattoo customers?
Do you find any correlation between the number of tattoos a person has and their political affiliation?

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I’ve tattooed people from all walks of life. Niggers to white trash to doctors teachers lawyers and 1 priest.

thanks man

What's the capitol of North Dakota?

You have a tattoo on your penis? Why? Does it actually get you laid? Sounds like it could be a good pick up line.

Every white bitch says I want something unique then shows me a pic from Pinterest.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cool. I grew up with an abusive parent and I have scars on my legs and arms from my mother beating me at a young age. Don’t try to cover up marks on your body with superficial art. You’ll regret it later.

How many STD’s have you had?

Do you have any experience tattooing people with psoriasis? I've only ever had one very minor outbreak and it's slowly going away. Do you think it's safe for me to get ink?

>1 priest.
He didn't get a cherub on his ass cheek did he? Asking for a friend.

Trust me, you don’t want to be down there on most of these bitches. Even the hot ones surprise you with how nasty their snatch smells

Don't you get tired of dealing with narcissistic retards that only get tattoos so they'll get noticed?

It’s my job. Just like a roofer or a truck driver or a lawyer. It’s just a job

>I have scars on my legs and arms from my mother beating me at a young age. Don’t try to cover up marks on your body with superficial art. You’ll regret it later.
I'd regret pissing off my mom enough to whip me and me being such a pussy to just take it.

Go talk to an artist in person

Trick question. There are two. The N and the D

I don’t know the answer to that

Get out you disgusting degenerate

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>on white girls
ANYONE who is not a sailor

get a reptile tat

I agree

Ufucking niggers it was the grandchild wanted a tat "of their grandma on her deathbed" i.e. a fucking pic of granny in the hospitalbed hooked up to IV and shit

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