The Piss Tape

It's real as hell

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Kewl deep fake, bro.
No one gives a shit.



me on the right

This is the gayest thread I've EVER seen.

based. Didn't think I could like him any more than what I already did


Liveleak as it says in the corner, and then posted here less than a week later in January

>not a still spy camera an irl cameraman
>cameraman is zooming in and out with shaky cam
yeah bro you got him

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It's offscreen footage

How did it feel to stick your dick in Roseanne Barr? Pretty bad, I'd imagine.

What the fuck? I LOVE TRUMP NOW.

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ok bud whatever you say

Same hands

Obvious real fake tech is obvious

who's filming and where's the "secret" camera located?

it looks too cinematic to be real lol

He doesn't even look like Trump.

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cool. whats the problem?

If it's an actor they get the way Trump points down pat

Camera would be located in the television set, which the layout bears out.

Why does the camera shakes and zooms in and out? Faggot.

Gawd, I wish that was me.

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the side break in his hair is 100% wrong... looks like a wig using remy hair. whoever made this poor video focused on the peeing to try to complete the narrative. also remy hair is stripped of color and then the blonde is dyed into it.... leaves red tones as the blonde dye oxidizes. to be honest? this is a very poor fake.

It's offscreen footage. Somebody filming a video.

Has that face been photoshopped on to the head of a penis yet? If not, go ahead and do it now.

holy fuck its real

Doesn’t even look like Trump. Body is way too small. Trump is a giant among even Americans

Face looks nothing like Trump either

Can't you feel the desperation and anger from the shills today
Its over and they kow it and still they continue to shill as they have nothing else in their life

Nice, a well thought out criticism. I've definitely thought the hair doesn't look right.

Do you think that a real video of Trump watching hooker pissing on a bed Obama slept in will somehow damage him? If he got hookers to piss on Obama's white House basketball court it would make my dick hard as fuck.

Nice. The President is based and pisspilled.


Love how Jow Forums will see a grainy screen shot of a cctv security cam and attribute it to Hillary Clinton's secret pedophile ring but this is totally fake no way you guize.

This is proof of Trump being a weirdo and brainwashed trumptards are still crying about Hilary
They truely are incel freaks

Too bad the pee pee didn't turn to doo doo.

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>ITT: Assmad lefty/pol/ faggots who still do not understand that Trump can literally shoot a person in the middle of the street and not lose votes

How in the fuck can you all live with yourselves trying to convince people to switch over? How can you do it? I'd put a bullet in my brain after the first week.

>Jow Forums is one person

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You do know this isn't Trump right? Any middle aged fat guy with blonde hair isn't Trump.

who cares? he sucks enough jew jew cum it wont matter even if real

>It's offscreen footage. Somebody filming a video.
>because the original doesn't exist...

Wow, that's such a fancy hotel room. I bet the Obama's loved the view

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Q was right

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>>cameraman is zooming in and out with shaky cam
That's the easiest way to notice a fake video. Literally every video with special/practical effects uses that technique to give it an element of "realism", but the biggest benefit, is that the shaking breaks up the picture and makes it hard to see the low quality effects. If you ever see a video with unreasonable shaking, panning, and zooming, it's fake.

Good point. I’m sure the moose was really pleased staying there during her/his trip.

It's footage for a Vice style Trump biopic from MGM. They got Dave Madden to play Trump, and Jenna James and Lexi Belle to play the Bush twins there on the bed.

>that HBO tier handicam action
>awful unrealistic lighting
>Trump's face looks like some sort of wax figure
>we don't even see the faces of the girls conveniently enough

This is such a production it brings me pain.


fake and gay, trump isnt that thin

>This is proof of Trump being a weirdo and brainwashed trumptards are still crying about Hilary
>They truely are incel freaks

Yes! Cry moar!

Tom Arnold

this is staged. the fact alone that the camera is moving proves this (Except russia has access to invisible cams and invisible agents who sit in the corner of a room and film everything that happens)
he doesn't even look like (((trump)))

Even if it is real who cares. Y'all wanna legalize pedophilia, getting pissed on by consenting adults well that's pretty progressive for a President, if he was wearing a dog suit and was pissing on 14 year olds y'all would love him.

Fake post. It's real.

well it's what they based the entire russia gate on, the piss dossier.

it doesn't even look like trump

about as real as pic related

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had a good kek, underrated

But at least he isn't in blackface

>tfw the democrats just lost all their piss fetishist votes to Drumpf
It's over hilldawgs

that"s not trump nigger, this is trump.

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Lol this looks like Alex Baldwin's impersonation of Trump.

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This is from like 2 years ago. Its fake.

Why does anyone care? I'd like him more if he dropped his drawers and took a shit on the bed or anything that the nigger obama touched.

You don't love me now...

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>Haha look mom it is so secret we have only 6000 members and I'm spreading information all over the internet.

Try harder gov.

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>peepee tape
Weren't they supposed to be black transsexuals?

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I dunno man I’ve seen threads where dudes were banging each other. That was pretty gay.

0/10 bait

This is FAKE you fucking crater-brained morons

You sure it's not Boris Johnson? Face is all wrong for Trump.

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