Come home white man

Yellow fever has plagued western society and indoctrinated white men into the cult of race mixing since the late 19th century. In recent times, white women have begun to morally decline at a rapid rate and Asian women have used this as a opportunity to find white partners. By adopting the customs and traditions that so many white women are giving up today, they bewitch white men by the thousands. Anime and brain damage inducing KPOP music only exacerbates this virulent degeneracy curtaining our civilizations. Slav QTs are the answer to saving the white race from mutliating ourselves out of existence. They possess all the qualities that a woman ought to have such as cooking and cleaning and are the ideal type of women to raise children with. So what will it be user? Securing a future for the white race in times like these call for the unity of whites worldwide.

Pic related and also inb4 yellow fever faggots spamming GIFS of dancing insectoid plastic cum whores

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Girl in pic would be a lot cuter if she had slightly higher cheek bones, though she is still a cutie

Why are hapa girls so fucking God-tier?

Here's a woman i'd unironically set myself on fire for.

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If she's not a trap she's cute.

c'mon, this is Jow Forums

It's not a trap. No man would ever look like that. Her name is Katya.

True, but girls are my weakness, hoping for it not being gay.

Slavs are more insane than gooks due to unstable hapa/qapa dna
Don't fall for thotfilters

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So, should I learn Russian?

Stay mad faggot.

those kinds of Asian girls are made by filters and eyelid plastic surgeries. save your fire for something else

She is 12 you pedo.

She's 20.
More like they're made for BWC

Mad about what?

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Not a trap.
Instagram @smthnghappens

Russian women are usually of lower quality than other slavs. Very focused on extracting money from you, and being a psycho bitch. It's not true for all of them, but a majority it seems. After 70 years of communism the Russians flipped sides over to capitalism, hard. Their women want money and nice things more, than other pursuits, like being a non-crazy wife.

>"Hahaha I can't wait for the Eurasian ethnostate, roasties blown the f-"
Tbh I hope dweeby whites do find some ugly gook to shack up with, the last thing the European gene pool right now needs is weakness.

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She is a total fucking hotty.

That's obviously a tranny. Kys

Asian women are the biggest self-loathers on the fucking planet dude.
When was the last time you’ve seen or heard of a Slav complaining about an identity crisis?

Did somebody say plastic cumwhores?

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Just typed in Katya, got a tranvestite (wrong Katya i guess) but anyway, thanks.

It's not you retard. Why is Jow Forums's brains so fucking degenerate they see an attractive girl and the first thing they start hoping is
>Oh god please have a penis!!! please be a man!!!!
fucking kys.

Imagine waking up next to that demon, just imagine.

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>save the aryan race!!!
posted by pic related

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First day on Jow Forums? Nobody makes more self-hating threads than Slavs here. Russia in particular can't decide if it's a European country or nah

How long have you been here friend?

i am a chad.
westernized women don't want anything to do with me.

luckily asians and muslims and latinas are in my shit.. they approach me.
i don't have to do shit.

actually there is 1 white women that is breedable stock.
but she lives 200 miles away.
some bar tender in new hampshire named cindy from ohio.
she the only one in 100+ miles.
germanic aryan godess. lil chubby.
but that's fine, she'd make a good mother.

the rest are fucking muslims, asians etc like i said.

fuck this place.

i think im just gonna make some blonde hair blue eyed lab grown waifus..
2 of them. probably asians.
that can only procreate european dna if they shit out some kids.

I don't struggle attracting any type of woman, I just prefer asian women.

You do know that most of the Russia posters on this board are proxy LARPs right? Take off your fucking meme flag too, faggot.

I don't know what it is about Asian women, but they are so enchantingly beautiful.

>posted by pic related
Stronger jaw than you Tyrone, honestly sounds like projection to me muttboi. I never said anything about saving the 'white' race, I just don't want to be associated racially with chinlet incels like you. Enjoy your Asian roastie, no one gives a shit.

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No thanks i dont want no inbred alcoholic.

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>Stay mad faggot.
>Stay mad that I am too incel to understand make up is not real and comes off
Found the virgin.

Are you even trying today?

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Can anyone post more like OP? Not the girl specifically.

Since Korea's president who was literally being controlled by a voodoo cult started hiding statistics about their country, reminder:
>plastic surgery
Korea > China > Japan > Thailand
but remember Thailand is poor and third world as fuck, otherwise they'd all be getting it
Thailand > China > Korea > Japan

Frankly most of the Japanese girls ive met are more racist towards niggers than I am. If i could find a white women who felt that way id marry her in a second but I just can't.

Forgot the ironic pic related. Goodnight incel-chan. *Dabs*

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A college education greatly improves your rhetoric and oration, albeit being ground zero for leftist indoctrination.
Many of the fucking slide threads I see on this board daily have pretty much convinced me that most Jow Forumstards are dropouts or foreign.

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Cream pie Asian pussy

It's about 50% mentally retarded, 49% actual bots remaking threads. The board is a very useful tool to make any kind of organization among malcontents and dissidents drown in a sea of inane bullshit.
At least, that's what I imagine this place is for since its the only place that manages to not get immediately shut down for voicing such opinions in an age of tech corporation monopolies.

Slavs really are just hapas.

>y-you're not white!!!!
Every time.

>Slav QTs are the answer to saving the white race from mutliating ourselves out of existence. They possess all the qualities that a woman ought to have such as cooking and cleaning and are the ideal type of women to raise children with. So what will it be user? Securing a future for the white race in times like these call for the unity of whites worldwide.

I think russian woman were built to last
>but not under communism

You a get good idea of what this board looks like if you type in Jow Forums meetup on Google lmao

kys jealous tranny

You can find her at conventions so...

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The best Germans are born out of Slavic rape

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>kys jealous tranny
jealous of what exactly ? That a little chang like you is mad and virginal ? Sorry chang, not a tranny, women dont mistake my cock for a clit like they do your micro penis.

thanks Mbuku

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I'm not asian. Asian men do nothing but talk shit about asian women.

Lots of asian women have good clothing styles imo. Whereas more white women dress more basic or like a thot. Maybe that is why lots of more weaker white guys go for asians. sorry i probably sound autistic, haha. :^(

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I mean yeah i'm really skinny but i'm also really tall so. You are correct about the clothing style. That's 1 of the most attractive parts for me is how cute they dress usually.

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(((they))) convinced western girls to dress like niggers and whores

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>Asian men do nothing but talk shit about asian women
That's great and all but this does nothing to argue the point the of calling out the make up meme. What was your stead fast logic that you are not incel asian again ? Oh were you trying to imply whitey is automatically an asian because he doesn't want to fuck your ugly asian bitch and would rather fuck his ginger bitch ?

For some reason white women don't like long skirts...

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Long skirts look great on women in my opinion.

Wow she's really cute.

Where's she from? Can't find anything on insta.
Will a smart user give me a genetic background/rundown on this demon

>thinking I care what type of women other men like

come home, white man

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Forgot pic

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She's also fucking hot imo.

She's half Chinese and half Russian. (lives in Russia)

made for BBC

Every single Chinese mix I've ever seen has shown wayyyy predominantly the Chinese side, at least physically in appearance. You sure about that?

>Forgot pic
I know an incel like you is most likely surprised by this pic, but anyone with the experience you lack could tell what she was hiding by one major factor, I bet you don't know which one. Stay virginal chang.

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You sound severely schizophrenic, take your meds dude.
It says "Russian/Japanese" but I thought I read somewhere she's Russian/Chinese.

Impregnate Asian women

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You Subhumans are getting your Woman Fucked by Apes. Keep Whining. Asia is slowly conquering Europe. And both like how my ancestors of both Ottoman and Mongol Origin did. Your Woman will be raped. You understand that White Devils.

calm down, fag
no need to get actually mad over a thread on 4chin

Holy shit you fags have bad taste. Not a single top-tier pick in the entire thread.

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We're fucking your women anyways. Asian women were made for the white man.


>You sound severely schizophrenic, take your meds dude.
So after multiple posts of non argument, you have nothing but take ur meds ? You sound severely retarded, take 9mm of lead injection at supersonic and call ur mum in the morning chang, she'll make sure it doesn't come out of your social credit.

White Women where made to be Whores to everyone. Thats why Negros go after them.

I've been been watching alot of white male Asian female cream pie videos lately.

I think the past year white men that go to Asian countries for sex decided not to pull out or wear condoms actually have fun imoregnating the women.

Nice try satan.

Whatever ugly

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I'd fuck that ass and milk those milkers.

As would I, user... As would I.

White women would be so much more palatable if they weren’t so fat and dressed more feminine.

she looks the same in both pics. gross

I wish white women wore what Japanese women wore, and behaved more like them too instead of thoting about the place.

That person has fetal alcohol syndrome.

Pay your child support we know about your bastard children in the phillipines.


why cant i find cute gf like this? i literally never see them where i live (in NC).. they probably already have bf anyway

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Yeah come home white man, and REPENT for all your evil inventions that caused our:

Holy Global Climate Quantum Change Warming Crisis

At this point, fucking forget Asian women, even Asian boys are better than our witches!

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>I am such a weak man-baby that I can't attract women in my vicinity, leading me to cope with uninteresting and submissive asian 4/10's

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