Can someone please explain the “wooden doors” meme to me? Seriously asking I’m here to get information not judge

Can someone please explain the “wooden doors” meme to me? Seriously asking I’m here to get information not judge.

I assume it means wooden doors on concentration camp gas chambers doors and that the gas would leak escape thru of something? Is that it? Or something else? Thank you and

Mods I’m asking for clarity this isn’t a anti holocaust thread just looking for info don’t ban me

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6 million jews died and everyone knows this

crazy hyper genocidal (tm) gas chambers (c) have leaky as all fuck shitty wood panel doors, not even a sane one panel style, but multiple distinct panels to allow ventilation to occur through them.
If at any point that bullshit were to be used with enough concentration to kill people inside the chamber of death(c)(tm)(r) the operators outside would die from the gas venting in sufficient quantities.

>wooden doors
>on a fucking gas chamber
>in the year where we can have hermetically sealed chambers
yeah fucking doubt

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How'd that tally come to be, specifically?

First off this ain't Reddit, mods won't ban you unless you spam or post off topic. Wooden doors aren't hermetically sealed, just like the (((gas Chambers))) so the flammable hydrogen cyanide gas would've exploded upon contact with the ovens parallel to the chamber.

>mods won't ban you for being off topic or spam
>he's never replied to a supremely ass mad mod calling them out on their shit and getting banned for it

Anyone ever done cfd on this?

Deniers/revisionists are implying that gas chambers would not have used wooden doors.

same vpn kike in every thread

he might get banned for an extremely low quality post though ;)

assuming you believe the holocaust happened...

it wasn't a gas. it was zyklon B, a pesticide.
you don't need wooden doors.

7 million Jews died and everyone knows this.

>burgers in charge of understanding sarcasm

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Based toothpaste

I assume it wasn't 6 million sharp. What was the exact number? Was it rounded up or down to get to 6 million?

How about this, imagine youre in shoved in a room with (supposedly) roughly 200 other of your people. They close the old, weak and well worn wooden behind you. Then a strange substance starts to pump in the room and people start choking on it and falling over. Do you think a wooden door like in the pics will stop all of you from escaping? Or will you just sit there and perish like they claim to have?

There is a metal door behind the wooden door in the lower right.

Also people die all the time due to smoke inhalation during fires with only homocidal wooden doors containing the smoke, or commit suicide with only a shitty garage door holding it in.

To be as stupid as a holocaust denier, jesus it must be amazing.

obviously rounded up, who wins a 65 million-casualty war and low balls their own guilt-stat? in reality it was probably 3 to 4 million jews who died total, across all theatres of the conflicft.

op here I’ve been banned on pol and all over Jow Forums for ridiculous bullshit mods are touchy libs now don’t bullshit me


The wooden doors, babies being born in the gas chamber allegedly, holocoaster, being so long ago who could care...
>But if it's a lie?

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>op here I’ve been banned on pol and all over Jow Forums for ridiculous bullshit mods are touchy libs now don’t bullshit me
>op here
very believable post

Not 5,999,684 or 6,000,042 but exactly 6 million, you've got to admire German precision here,

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So what was the exact number? How was it calculated and by whom? I assume no one played "count the Jew skeletons".

It's because they were spraying...IMEAN """gassing""" for Typhus.

aight, imma head out

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Holocaust deniers claim that wooden gas chamber doors wouldn't be gas tight without realising that you just need a single piece door with rubber seals around the edge to create a door the is sufficiently gas tight to keep the gas at a high enough concentration to kill people. Its like this place is filled with retardes or something.

>1 person dies and no one happened to be standing near by
sure that's not surprising, I'm sure the other person had some symptoms
>kill muh 4 gorillion in 1 camp with only a handful of officers
>zero adverse effects for any of the officers ever noticed.
thats ignoring that you, and every other kike will never give sufficient proof to any amount of bodies, a fucking count of the bodies even, or a way of rectifying the vast differences between how many supposeded corpses were incinerated/removed and what the actual capacity of the facilities could do assuming running at beyond max for the entire fucking duration of the war.

in short: kill yourself try to actually prove it happened for once in your sorry life. You're not the only person that wants it to have been real.

A good carpenter can make a wooden door seal tighter than your butthole.

Not only wooden doors but doors with single pane windows that locked from the inside.

Fucking retardes!


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Your only hope of salvation? Be Jew #201.

Because the Nazis were big on capacity limits, didn't want to get in trouble with the fire marshal.

P. S. Or walk backwards out of the chamber.

P. P. S. Or have a stomach ache, then you'll be taken to the hospital to recover rather than being executed.

Statistical analysis of Jewish population in Europe before and after and also lots of records kept by the Nazis. It's not an exact number. Many holocaust historians have reservations about it. I have heard one put the number closer to 3-4 million, but the 6 million is what Spielberg / pop culture says so it gets repeated. Obviously never questioned loudly because 1) there are autistic braindead Nazi fuck retards always claiming some historiographical argument as proof that it didn't happen, 2) whether it was 1 million or 3 or 6 is not what makes the Holocaust the Holocaust. It's the harnessing of industrialized machinery for the mass production of death that makes the Holocaust important, not the fucking number.

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>I assume no one played "count the Jew skeletons".

exactly, so how can you expect an exact number? there isn't one, it is all estimates. quit acting like a retard.

>The numbers in every "death camp" has gotten slashed by as much as 95% yet the total remains the same.

The total numbers of all deaths is closer 500k. The majority being Typhus (what zyklonb was used against) and starvation which most German civilians were suffering from the last few years of the war.

Ppps or just survive it because reasons

those germans were real sickos

they even had maternity wards so they could gas babies after they were born!

it didn't happen, it's a jewish canard

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I think the holocaust is extremely overly exaggerated but wooden doors could probably hold in gas in the gas chamber they’re not gonna make a propaganda picture and put fucking wooden doors there maybe the doors Were hold off for scrap
>ah yes random made up number
it's been them trying to push the same shit for 40+ years before they went for it again
its fucking horseshit.

>wanting specific information makes one retarded.
You're funny.

Alls I'm sayin' Tone, is that for the biggest mass whackin' eva, there's sure a lot of survivors.

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>Wooden doors
>Glass windows
>Literally no devices that pump gas in the SHOWER ROOMS and MORGUES that they claim are gas chambers
Ask yourself this. Why does Zyklon B (a chemical used for delousing (there was a typhus epidemic)) kill Jews but not Mexicans? Why was Anne Franks dairy written with a ballpoint pen when they didn't even exist yet? The holocaust is the greatest lie ever told. The stories about gas chambers are just as ridiculous as the claims about turning people into soap and lampshades and killing them with masturbation machines.

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>Nazi fuck retards
It's retardes! You morone.

>wooden doors could probably hold in gas in the gas chamber
They wouldn't even hold the people in the gas chamber. Pic related is Auschwitz

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It's French, BIGOT!

You're not wrong. I do loathe the French, dog blower.

This isn’t the argument being made and you know it.
If you’re just retarded I’ll dumb it down for you: It’s that the gas would come out the other side and would harm/kill the Nazis doing the gassing especially if being done frequently.
Your weak argument only helps holocaust deniers look more credible.

In the book I’m reading “doctors of death” I read a passage where it stated the chamber attendants who cleared the bodies had to wear masks because the pockets of poison trapped amongst the bodies was lethal.
Makes you wonder..

Someone explain this then

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Literally born on the floor of the gas chamber. Luckily, he was small enough to crawl out of the death camp and lived in the woods until the end of the war.

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Almost all doors have gaskets sealing the frame/door. Get in oven kike

It's where they deloused the clothes.

The wooden doors meme is literally retarded. When you go through basic training they gas you with the fucking double doors WIDE OPEN and you still gag your asshole out before they let you walk out. The wooden doors meme is just a bunch of faggots thinking they have any idea about the world outside of their disgusting fap dens.

Stupid Nazis fucked up.

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It's a shower room. Look at the ceiling.


It boils at 78F dumbass

Easy boomer, they close the doors, you open it and walk out these days.

It's also interesting to note that upon visiting the Grand Canyon, it's claimed to be 6 million years old.

It's science fact all scientists agree 6 million Jews will die from global warming.

10 million gays died and everyone knows this

>I assume it means wooden doors on concentration camp gas chambers doors and that the gas would leak escape thru of something?
You got it.

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But, will the global warming make them into lampshades?

Who even claims that every single Jewish victim in the Holocaust was killed by Zyklon B in Auschwitz? No one.

Yes, many of them died from typhus and starvation in Nazi concentration camps. You might say, "Oh that's the fault of the Allies because they bombed the German supply chain to shit!" but if you round people up out of their homes and put them in camps, it doesn't matter whether you don't or can't feed them. It's still your fault.

And many of them died by firing squad.

And many of them died in gas chambers. Not 6 million, not 4 million; close to 1 million.

... but gas still leaks from my butthole.

>6 million
>no wait 4 million
>1 million pls goy believe me
>ok goy 400 thousand
>please say that some actually got killed in the hall of costs
man usually you try moving goal posts while pretending to keep the high ground, now you're just caving on your entire stance and still not offering a single shred of proof that the mythical event occurred.

Does anyone have thaf tweet with AL from home improvement doing the wooden doors meme?? Please I need to find it again

Fuck Jannies fuck mods fuck moot fuck cripple Chan fuck brownies fuck the pope

What caving?

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This entire video is worth a watch, but if you skip to about 10 minute mark and watch for about 20 minutes, you'll get a good presentation.

>Can someone please explain the “wooden doors” meme to me? Seriously asking I’m here to get information not judge.
Yes, after the war parts of the camps were modified / rebuilt, the wooden door in question was installed after the war, it was not the original door to the gas chamber, it's very easy to find this information if you look for it & stop relying on pol memes.

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>check filtered post for shits
>exceedingly jewish

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The problem with a metal door vs a wooden is that you can kick down the wooden door. The rooms were filled to the rim with people who were capable of bum rushing that door down regardless of how weak of a state they're in.

463 people per day by gas chamber is impressive, you have one hour to gas 19 people and that is round the clock if you space that over 6 years. Now imagine, if you reduced that number to maybe 4 or 5 years, the amount of people per hour round the clock non-stop would be even higher. What is the explanation for this?

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Nazis know for over engineering used wooden doors for the faux shower rooms instead of a airtight metal doors.

was who I meant to reply to, but you can chime in if you have an answer

Part of the counting was done by the Soviet Union. Interestingly, all the camps in British and American territory were descovered to be labor camps. All the camps in Soviet held territory were found to be death camps. By the Soviets. Also, 6 million is the exact number of Jews necessary to die for Israel to be re-established. Totally a coincidence.

the leaf gets it
either rubber sealants or the broom looking things

the various things I've seen the faggots claim.
>multiple bodies doesn't take longer to burn, so shove 5 bodies in there at a time
>the ovens ran at a faster speed [insert too long of a time still]
>there were 50+ crematoriums per camp
>now we're lowering the number of people killed to 1 million but also its in 1 year so its totally plausible(tm)
last time I had bothered to crunch the numbers, the germans must have had technology varying somewhere from 14-40x as efficient as modern tech (assuming 8 crematoriums) or 1.37-4x as efficient (assuming 50 crematoriums)
the continued assumptions were no transportation cost, fuel is ignored, nothing ever breaks down running at well beyond capacity, and the ash never builds up in the slightest.

t. same guy you had initially replied to but isp is aids

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Okay. 6 million Jews, and 4 million "undesirables." Yet 90% killed at the most notorious death camp were Jews. So what about the other five million? Or are we dropping that?

>Soviets built fake chimneys to sell "death camp" meme
>Removed steel doors and replaced them with wooden doors, because, reasons

>That's not a very high standard desu

Why do you even bother defending this?
Everyone already knows that it isn't the authentic gas chambers.
Even people who believe in Holochristianity acknowledge this.
They just insist that it's a "historically accurate replica that was supposedly 'restored'".
Here is a Jewish source for you, Shem.

PS: There is no physical evidence for the gas chambers.

There is actually no physical evidence for the existence of the gas chambers themselves.
The whole thing was put together by the fucking commies so that they can reinforce the false religion of Holochristianity.

Realistically they probably worked 8 - 18 hours a day, I don't imagine them working around the clock like that. It is almost a cartoon like evil that only exists in books or movies. On top of that, you're fghting a full frontal fucking war on 2 or 3 fronts. That is really impressive, this machine of hate and death. We can't seem to replicate it now, but I don't know what I am talking about.

> Can someone please explain the “wooden doors” meme to me?
Holocaust deniers think the gas chambers had to be airtight for people to die to poison gas..

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Fuck the kike mods. The Holocaust didn’t happen. If they ban you,it proves that this place is 100% controlled by kikes.

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maybe not flimsy doors you can kick open, eh?

>If they ban you,it proves that this place is 100% controlled by kikes
Yeah, for a couple of years now. They just had to buy it.

The jannies of Jow Forums are literal tranny niggers.

Or to maybe not expose others to it. Generally you only want poison gas to be inhaled by those you want to die.