Has anyone here tried NoFap? Did it make a noticeable improvement in your life?

Has anyone here tried NoFap? Did it make a noticeable improvement in your life?

Masturbation is a natural pleasure mechanism. Surely it can't be that bad, right?

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NoFap is a psy op, the radials are trying to prevent you from experiencing the invigoration or relaxation that can be achieved through masturbation. Any shame you feel for fapping is a social construct constructers constructed hundreds of years prior to today

Huge improvement, but very hard to stick with.

>works in the porn industry
You're not supposed to be relaxed when your country is being subverted. You're supposed to defend it.

You perv

Incorrect. A man's work is over when it ought to be over lest it steals it' own fruits to sustain

any pre sexual-revolution behaviorist will tell you that masturbation is a setback

but authoritarian behavioralism is not the mode of our culture, publicly, at any rate.

as a cultist, i find porn to be a completely mind-controlling, affective-crisis inducing, tool for conforming behavior among certain cohorts, be it the dem "masturbation is 'natural'" section, or the wannabe repressionism of the stereotype of the conservative.

the true definition of the alt. right had this correct; that masturbation is a defect and a crisis, and holding the leftist post-humanism, the only role for sex is creating new subjectivities.

>Did it make a noticeable improvement in your life?
I masturbate once a week, never watch pornography. I've done extended nofap but I'm convinced that this is the best.
If you're confused with all of the different jewing and shilling going on, just do what I do, and jerk off once per week to slutty chicks. Ez and the benefits actually exist. I'm yet to see any real evidence that month+ is good, but I encourage you to try going for as long as you can at least once, and always join in for nofap november.

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also. Is it just porn that's bad or masturbation in general

Once a week is all you need

Or bidaily, or daily, or twice daily, or four times, whatever the flesh desires honestly

I see the benefits but you don't have to stop fapping, just stop watching porn and use your imagination.
I've gone a few days without fapping and sex with my waifu has been much better, significantly more violent

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masturbations lost it's fun, no doubt about it

Nice little useless platitude there, fuckface

its great for a few months before you turn into a thirsty cuck with zero standarts

it's a deconstruction of a platitude sir illiterate and insensibly malcontent

Did it for the first 6 months of 2018. No effects aside from re-sensitization. I felt nothing before orgasm, which was also lackluster, before. I masturbate less now, too. Maybe once every four days, down from several times a day. I think it only works well for low test individuals.

Cope harder tranny(with no genitals)

NoFap is for porn addicts trying to quit cold turkey. Masturbation is natural but not to the extent that a lot of single men do it now with such easy access to porn. It's literally just a bunch of horny dudes who grew up watching pornhub without restriction for years trying to quit.

If masturbation isn't a habit that you partake in more than like, what, idk, 5 times a week, don't bother with no fap. Abstaining entirely from fapping will just result in lots of wet dreams.

Basically don't jerk off too often and don't watch too much porn or else you'll lack motivation and you'll get porn induced ED. Try using your imagination sometimes.

It made a noticeable improvement because I spend more time doing more productive stuff and I don't feel like being an autist around women anymore. Instead of a hard stop you need to slowly ease yourself out of it just like a drug. So fap today, then in 2 days fap again, then in 3 days fap again. It's a little challenging if your dopamine receptors were fucked up like mine but it definitely worked. You eventually just forget about fapping.

Reminder than anyone arguing for or against this is an incel. Nonpermavirgins do not fret over such nonsense. If my wife gives me a handjob am I suddenly being subverted by Jews?

Yes. Sexual intimacy should be for procreation and procreation only. Let me guess, your wife had already had multiple cocks before you married her?

>n-n-no, she was a virgin
Whatever you say lmao.

Can I still have sex during nofap?

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If this shit is so great why are cumbrain/coomer memes spouted by underage retards on every board?
I always see this meme spammed by some fuckwit posting without capitalization and punctuation or just a bunch of unintelligible garbage in caps.
If you call them out they screech random and unrelated insults until they catch a ban.
Honestly this is a placebo for proper diet and exercise at best, but thirsty dyels will latch onto the easiest solution every time.

So in other words you are an incel

You should avoid pornography like the plague. It is one of the most damaging jewish mind viruses that you can possibly inflict yourself with. Quitting that alone will let you feel 200x better. As for nofap I’m almost a through year and I do not intend to ever do it again. It makes you feel like more motivated and less disgusted with yourself. I would recommend giving it a shot.

Yes I have. I find im less aggressive and assertive if I don't cum. The people who say women pay more attention to you because they can detect how much semen you've saved up are retards. I get sluts either way

Nofap is retarded, only builds sexual frustration with no way to release it, makes you prone to violence (unless you get your balls emptied on a regular basis, which case whether or not you masturbate is completely irrelevant). No porn on the other hand is actually something worth considering, even though i couldnt be fucked to try

There's a concensus and a wealth of scientific studies: self-gratification is extremely healthy. The only logical and super obvious conclusion is that so called "no-fap" is very bad for your health. I recommend to fap right now.

this poster is a jew, ignore him

If you fap too much you don't really get as aroused and you become physically desensitized until you take a break, /jp/ calls it "death grip syndrome". Stop for a day or so and you go back to normal. Your body regulates itself quite well.
Stop fapping altogether and eventually you get wet dreams. Once again, the body works constantly to maintain an equilibrium. This shit is practically automatic but christfags and redditors can find a way to fuck anything up while being an annoying faggot about it.

/thread pretty much

>be me
>jerk off pretty much daily, sometimes twice daily
>have wife for last 11 years
>fuck wife 2-3x/week
>only getting better
>knocked her up had a healthy kid
>run successful IT consulting business
>my own boss
>making over 100k/year
>always improving
>farm as a hobby
>got a pilots licence

You're not a failure because you're jacking off, you're just lazy, stupid, or mentally ill.

I never fapped once in my entire life. Either I get laid or nocturnal emissions take care of it.

> yeah bro just stop fapping and all your problems will go away and you will get superpowers and shit

The majority of people fap because they dont have a partner, because they dont want one or because they cannot find the right one.

Stopping masturbation indefinitely wont make you attain those goals. Granted if you are obsessed then yes it will help to stop for a few weeks.


I remember fapping before a date and after the date. Still had enough stamina to plow that pussy and women were still attracted to me.

> muh superpowers

>A fucking leaf telling people to do

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I just fap twice a week and only to 2D. No since getting cuckholded by real women

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That's called volcel, faggot.

I don't know about nofap, but you absolutely should not watch porn. Not only are you funding kikes degrading women and encouraging racemixing, but you're also damaging your own ability to enjoy normal sexual stimuli by desensitizing yourself to it.

Its just placebo bullshit.

But if you it gets you there, that's great.

Abstaining from porn (preferably permanently) is invariably a good thing anyways.

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> watching porn prevents you from enjoying real sex

i have done it for a little more than 1.5 years now

fapping is a complete meme, the urge to do it is an addiction, after about a year and 2 months the urge to fap completely went away for me.

it did not however improve life all that much, except that i have a lot more time now, fapping also gave me hangover like feelings everytime i did it

Better hair, better skin, no more tired, no shitty mud, lifting, starting to have dates, feeling clean. Girls can feel when your not a coombrain

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did you get ?

better hair
better skin
better gains
grew taller
longer cock
a lot more attention from women ?

do you have empirical data to back up such claims ?

I love this meme. He thinks everything goes in the round hole because Pornhub.
He can't make Pornhub work.

It cleared up an around of my schedule each day, if anything else.

an hour*

Yes. My self. Or do you want a Vice article? Beating the meat everyday is madness.

lol fuck off dude.

until there is scientific proof that fapping gives you all those superpowers then it means nothing.

its a fucking placebo effect started by reddit.

>reddit spacing
>muh plebbit

you have to go back

This is the problem with this conversation. Both sides are utterly retarded and neither one has any scientific evidence to back any of their claims up.
>this guy was literally talking about not fapping you retard

nofap cured my hairloss and my depression.
Don’t fap, bros.

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>longer cock
It will actually shrink slightly if you're not using it

The joke is that pornhub made him intelligent enough to square the circle

I mean not fapping retardo

show flag jew

why wouldn't you fap though?!?!?

What happens after day 8?

My hair is less greasy now and i dont have zits anymore

i didnt lift before stopping, i started lifting regularly after i quit so i dont know the difference,as for height my growing period stopped when i i was 16, so it wont make a difference.

Fapping is exactly like having sex.

According to nofappers if you fap or have sex you wont have energy to do anything else. That single idea is bonkers as it would mean that humans couldn't have accomplished anything important besides reproduction.

The kikes want us to be relaxed, it’s exactly why they push for weed legislation. Masturbation has always been seen as degenerate by Christianity for good reason.

The point of nofap is to go fuck chicks instead. You incels just stop fapping and instead masturbate your ego by talking about how you don't jack off. You're just degenerates, not self improvers.

The fuck is it with all the judeochrist fags on pol?

blood testosterone levels increase during masturbation and return to baseline post orgasm. there is absolutely no evidence that masturbation decreases serum test levels. Masturbation itself is not an issue as long as it's not done in excess. Porn however is a different topic..

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Unironically the best way to stop fapping is to masturbate even more. Eventually your dopamine receptors will become so unresponsive that you won't receive pleasure from cooming.

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It helps emotionally, but if you begin thinking about it then it begins to hurt down there. Then it pushes against your pants, then it pushes into your mind. Then suddenly you need to do it again or otherwise it gets much worse than if you simply fight it.

>cooming to my hand is the same as banging a chick

t. coombrain

not what I said user

also didn't address anything else I posted

Ever wonder who is pushing the concept of excessive exertion

Of course masturbating isn't bad. Masturbation =/= porn. Porn is what ruins your head.


Oh so this is what people mean when they talk about sex robots

your cock doesn't know the difference.

The result is the same, you expel energy and sperm out of your cock.

If you dont fap because you feel low energy afterwards then you will feel low energy too after sex.

Nofap is cope. Just live your life ffs